filevault – Hardware-independent recovery key similar to Bitlocker?

I read a lot about FileVault and APFS in the last hours, but it still does confuse me. I learnt about 2 types of recovery keys for FileVault, personal recovery key and institutional recovery key. According to what I read the personal one does only work on the same device (if the Mac is broken, access will be impossible) and the institutional one does require an MDM, a PKI and needs to be configured before the volume is encrypted.

Isn’t there any device-independent recovery key that I can export from an unlocked volume an (und use for unlocking on any device)? I know this from Windows Bitlocker and it is very handy, because in many situation you do not have to mess around with protectors/cryptousers, TPM/T2-chips and similar device-specific things. Basically export the AES-key of the drive or something fully equivalent.

I read about a “secure token” but I did not really understand it, maybe that is what I am thinking about?

posts – Similar plugin to Next/Prev WPBakery built-in needed for Elementor Pro website

On the site of a client they use the WP Theme Impreza + WPbakery to achieve Next/Prev navigation arrows, and when you hover over them you can see the image of the next project with title. The Next/prev arrows are sticky and on sides of the screen (no margin) as shown on this website:

Kleine badkamer, grote ruimtebeleving.

The problem is their new website is built with Elementor Pro and it does not have this function. The post navigation widget doesn’t allow you to add an image etc. but my client wants exactly the same navigation arrows on their new site. I have looked for different types of plugins to achieve this look, but without succes.

I can do custom CSS coding but not Javascript, unless I can copy/paste it. How would you go about this? Your help would be SO much appreciated!

magento2 – Magneto2: Your site contains scripts with similar behavior to typical malware code (217)

I am getting this issue after Site Scan on marketplace.

Your site contains scripts with similar behavior to typical malware code (217).
Suspected malicious code detected in these resources:
Please ensure all scripts are legitimate.
If you think this is a false positive - please let us know at:

I am really stuck with this issue.

Is anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Suggestion – Similar Topics Add On for XF 2 | Forum Promotion

I’m not at all concerned about duplicate topics. It’s not my job to care if a similar topic has already been posted. This responsibility falls under a moderator typically. I’m not going to work harder than I have too by using a search button to provide free content to someone else’s forum. Likewise, if content is automatically merged, I’m probably going to stop providing said free content to that forum anyways. Some things are better with some human judgement involved and I feel this is one of them.

Does Google have access to the mac/cpu serial numbers and similar to that?

Recently I logged in my gmail account on chrome browser and checked the devices linked to my gmail account.surprisingly in the linked devices and in the recent logins it shown my laptop hostname. I just confused seeing that and then I tried logging gmail on Firefox and it doesn’t showed the hostname in the recent logins. So clearly google is able to access the laptop hostname through chrome. Is Chrome browser giving every detail like MAC address ,cpu serial numbers of the PC to google?

na.numerical analysis – Approximating a subclass of $L^2(mathbb{R})$ by Schwartz functions within similar subclass

It is well-known that real valued Schwartz functions on $mathbb{R}_+$ $mathcal{S}(mathbb{R}_+)$ are dense in the set of square integrable functions on $mathbb{R}_+$ $L^2(mathbb{R}_+)$. We can further restrict this result to positive functions: any positive $L^2$ function on $mathbb{R}_+$ can be approximated by a positive Schwartz function on $mathbb{R}_+$.

Now $L^2(mathbb{R}_+)$ functions can be expanded on the orthonormal basis of Laguerre functions ${mathscr{L}_n}_{n in mathbb{N}}$ where $mathscr{L}_n : x in mathbb{R}_+ mapsto L_n(x) e^{frac{-x}2}$ with $L_n$ is the n$^{text{th}}$ Laguerre polynomial. So for $f in L^2(mathbb{R}_+) $ there exists a square integrable sequence ${ f_n } in ell^2$ such that:
f = sum_n f_n mathscr{L}_n.

And likewise we can expand a Schwartz function with a rapidly decreasing sequence.

My question is the following: can I approximate a positive $L^2$ function on $mathbb{R}_+$ with non negative coefficients ${ f_n }$ by a positive Schwartz function on $mathbb{R}_+$ with again non negative coefficients?

My fear is that if one of the coefficient $f_k$ is zero then the corresponding sequence of Schwartz functions converging to $f$ may have the k$^{text{th}}$ converging to $f_k$ from below and thus being negative. So the additional constraint asking for non negative coefficients may be too much (though it would be true if I were asking for positive coefficients).

Hiring – Build a Website similar to – | Proxies-free

Want to develop website for daily TV Serial Episodes updates, TV Channel details, Genres, Schedule for whole week automatically updated on website. Every episode link to be updated automatically.

Reference website :
Need self working automated website same as – WordPress auto tv series site.

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Budget – $300