Networking – Single download effectively disables Internet access for everyone else

I have dual link DSL internet, something around 24mb / 1mb. The problem I have is that no matter what I seem to be doing, every time a device on my network downloads something with near maximum bandwidth, it effectively does the rest of the network until the download is complete, rather than that What I would expect is a coincidence that my DSL router does some kind of load balancing. I connected a Nighthawk RAX120 WiFi router from the DSL modem, and even using the QoS function (and my previous TP-LINK AC7200-QoS didn't fix that either, so the Nighthawk doesn't seem to solve the problem) , Any suggestions?

Travel to the UK and Ireland with a single visa

I have to travel to both Dublin, Ireland and London, UK on short two day trips. Since both of them need a visa for my country, I started the Irish visa procedure and paid the fees. I later found that they have what is called a Common Travel Area, where you can travel from one to both with a single visa.

Now I'm confused about what to do. If I end up applying for both visas one after the other, the processing time means that it will take about 6 weeks before I get both visas. The Irish visa mentioned above covers four short-term visas, but not the visa that I applied for Short Stay-Other, My option seems to be to apply for a UK visa and then use it to travel to Ireland and just forget about the loss of Irish visa fees. Does it make sense?

If I don't understand the CTA guideline correctly, please clarify this. Thank you very much.

dnd 5e – What is the maximum number of Sunbeam lines possible in a single lap?

Infinite simulacra fire infinite rays with infinite prepared actions

You are a wizard who knows wish. simulacrum, and sunbeam, You give to set up simulacrum Then let your simulacrum work on you wish want a simulacrum from you. Have the new simulacrum done as well and continue until you have as many simulacrums as you want. Each simulacrum prepares a sunbeam spell to be released on your signal. They give the signal and any number of sun rays are fired.

(At some point there is not enough space for more simulacras within 6 light seconds, so the signal will reach some of them in the following rounds, but once you get to the point where relativity and speed of light are reached, delays are a problem, the shortcomings of the "Physics Engine" from D & D 5e are the least of your worries.)

Call a single logic app from several steps in a pipeline

I have created an ADF pipeline that contains several components. Execute a stored procedure and perform a data copy task. There are a total of 14 (7 pairs) and I want to raise an error that sends an email with the error message.

I created a logic app to send an email as described in this link

In the component "Web activity" -> Settings -> Text I have the following:

        "@{activity('Execute Package').error.message}",

The "Execute Package" is the name of the "Stored Procedure" or "Copy Data" activity.Enter image description here

The problem is that it only works for the "execute package" activity. Nowhere could I find that it could dynamically get where it came from.
Is there a way to have only a single web activity? I don't want to create 14 more things in my pipeline to handle a possible other error.
Calling SendCompletionEmail works perfectly with the logic app, since only one calls.

mysql – How do I get an array from a single column query? PHP

I wanted to know if it is possible to get an array of the results of a single column query because the functions fetch_assoc (), fetch_row () etc. They return from a row and not from a column.
For example I have the code:
$query = $con->query("SELECT pid FROM tabla WHERE tid = 2");
and i want to get an array of all pid where tid is 2 how do i get it?
Because it doesn't work with fetch ().

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Domain Driven Design – Should a Single Command Address Multiple Aggregates?

In CQRS and DDD, an aggregate is a transaction limit. That's why I always modeled commands so that each command only ever addressed a single aggregate. Technically speaking, it would of course be possible to write a command handler that addresses multiple aggregates, but which is not within a single transaction and is therefore inconsistent.

If you actually need to address multiple units, I usually work with a process manager. In addition, as far as I know, a process manager only ever reacts to domain events, it is not directly addressed by commands. So you have to decide which unit the starting point should be placed on.

I've seen some people solve this with so-called domain or application services that can also receive commands and then work on multiple aggregates – but in this case the transactional nature of the process is lost.

To give a simple example to better illustrate the scenario:

  • A user should join a group.
  • A user has a maximum number of groups.
  • A group has a maximum number of users.

Where should the command be placed that triggers the first connection process and how should it be called? user.join(group) feels right or wrong like group.welcome(user), I would probably choose the first one as this gets closer to the ubiquitous language, but still …

If I had something about the aggregates like the services above, I could do something like:

userManagement.addUserToGroup(user, group);

However, this addUserToGroup function would then have to call both commands, which in turn means that it must be ensured that both commands are processed – which is a little uninteresting if there are separate aggregates and aggregates as transaction limits.

What would be the right way to model this?

Unity – insert multiple vectors into a single method

For example I have this lerp where it takes a single vector3 array.

I was wondering if it is possible to insert multiple arrays in a single method. could someone tell me if it is possible to do this.
My intention is to do activity between multiple vectors within a single method because it is bad to duplicate my method for each array separately

    void Update () {
    this.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp (this.transform.position, posic (indexPosition), Time.deltaTime*speed);
    if (indexPosition == posic.Length - 1)

    if (indexPosition == 0)

Atmega2560 / 328P single cable driver

I wasn't particularly impressed with the Arduino Onewire library recently, as it relies on delay () (which blocks) for almost all timings (even the long 480us reset pulses, which correspond to about 7000 CPU cycles at 16MHz ). Sure, I thought I could do timers for pretty much anything.

So I wrote that

I had the DS18B20 temperature sensors in mind as an application and that's why the information about the way the bus works comes from where there doesn't seem to be a specific bus specification known from i2c or can.

What is your opinion on this? How could it be further improved? (However, I only implemented the functionality that I needed, so some is missing to make a full library out of it.) I have already summarized some of my thoughts on this and in a (2h long) video that can be found on youtube, explains what I'm doing.

I hope for a meaningful input.
As a sidenote:
I am aware that Arduino.SX exists but as this is a code review question it would not be on point there and also the guys over there were not at all helpful when I had to chase down a pesky bug during development.
So I figured this to be a hopefully more helpful crowd.

PS: that 3 lines of code restriction are stupid.