Single IP multiple servers

I'm trying to decide how to use an IP address with the same ports to handle traffic for multiple servers. I want to use my single IP address with multiple domains hosted on separate servers, and I did not have to do this before. I am sure that I can direct domains to another internal IP. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

Textures – Blender-Unity (+ Lightmaps): Can I (should I?) Have multiple UV maps for a single mesh?

I'm doing a game that I'm afraid will not work well due to many high-resolution textures. The irony is that most scene objects use the same materials, but I have to (I have to?) Unpack the entire mesh on a single map so the textures are displayed at about half their full resolution. I know that I can divide the mesh into different parts, but for some objects (like wall panels) there would be many instances of the same object, each consisting of several mesh components, and I'm wondering how that number will increase the objects in my scene hierarchy.

So I'm wondering what the best course of action is here and what options I have. Can I have multiple UV maps for a single mesh? If so, how would I guarantee that it works properly with lightmap baking? Is that really a better solution than cutting the mesh?

Here's an example I'm working on:
Enter image description here

Here is the reference material:
Enter image description here

I think it would be great to be able to create a UV card for each material group that maximizes the area I use to give as much detail as possible. I use many of the same basic textures, but I swap normal and AO maps for different materials. Is this a bad practice when replacing multiple materials with just one or two textures (ie Normal, Roughness, AO), or is this wise?

It's important that I maximize the area, as my textures are currently all 2KB and I want to scale them down to 1K.

Here is my scene so far. You can see it looks beautiful, but I really want to optimize:

Enter image description here

BONUS POINTS: You may notice in this scene that there are "holes" in which headlights should be. There are 16 headlights, but not all light up. They are all instances of the same light. Is this a hardware limitation or do I need to change a setting? My game does not run "crispy," but it takes a moment to process changes before tests are sometimes run.

Network – How can I force all traffic for a single app through VPN / Proxy + Open Source? aka App Firewall?

I'm looking for an app that is completely open source OR Integrated with MacOS because I want to use it for security / privacy reasons (to make sure that certain apps can not make arbitrary connections)

  • I looked at things like the built-in sandbox app sandbox-exec That seems promising, but it's very hard to find, and I have not seen an example enforcing networking over a proxy / port.

  • Also socketfilterfw that just seems to be controlling incoming Links.

  • pfctl seemed promising, but too low, I can not see how to reliably isolate an entire app.

VMs are too heavy for my use case.

I think some call this "App Firewall", but the built-in MacOS AppFirewall does not support this usage.

I've seen the question "Is it possible to make network / VPN / proxy settings per app", but the answers are 7 years old and include closed source software like ProxyCap.

Oracle – I need two types of expenses that will come from a single table

A table contains three columns A, B, C. These columns contain values ​​with a combination of NULL and non-NULL entries in all columns.

Case 1 – I want to output all records that do not have a single null value in any of the columns.

Case 2- I want the output of all records that have null values ​​in one of the columns, but in the query output these null columns should not be returned.

postgresql – How are string values ​​output in single quotes?

I'm trying to convert values ​​stored in a JSON to its string representation.

The #>> Operator works for this purpose for numbers, z.

SELECT '{"a":(1,2,3),"b":("4","5","6")}'::json#>>'{a,2}';


(1 row)

For string values, the text representation (6 (in the example below), there are no single quotes so you can not tell that the stored value was a string:

SELECT '{"a":(1,2,3),"b":("4","5","6")}'::json#>>'{b,2}';
(1 row)

Use a function or expression to output PostgreSQL '6' Instead of 6 in the second example above (and output 3 in the first example)?

(This is with PostgreSQL 12)

.net – single sign-on for Microsoft Identity Platform

We have the following setup:

  • Windows Desktop App – WinForms, .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Azure Web API, written for ASP.NET CORE 2.2

The desktop app communicates with the Web API.

We want to use for authentication just Windows single sign-on.
That is, the user should never You will be asked to enter a login or password.

Is this possible with Microsoft Identity Platform (MIP)? can a JWT token be retrieved from the MIP without user interaction?

Website Design – How best to display much information or data on a single webpage?

A quick look at Google shows this article: 14 beautiful content-rich websites for inspiration

It offers several principles that have been reworded here:

whitespace – Let the space for content (and the eyes of your visitors) breathe

Frames, frames and graphic layers – Segment the information into visual categories

Intuitive search method – Let your users jump directly to the required information

grid – Although this is not always necessary for understanding, adherence to a rigid, consistent structure helps to reduce processing overhead

Strong information hierarchy – Creating a consistent design language using content types (blurbs, excerpts, invoking actions)

Visual hierarchy – The relative importance of different content areas and elements can be visually implied in a variety of ways, from typographical treatments (headings, subtitles, quotation marks, etc.) to image sizes and saturation, placement, etc.

I would like to add one more important thing that is related to the hierarchical points.

User-oriented content decisions – Try to use user tests and analytics to determine as much as possible what content users really want / need and use that information to influence relevant decisions.

sharepoint online – Is there a way to display a single calendar in multiple subsites?

Is this a classic SharePoint calendar?

In this case, you can use the overlay option.

First, you need to create a regular calendar on the site you want to display. Then you must use the Overlay option and view the calendar from another site.

This allows you to view calendar views from other calendars in different calendars.

You can also view up to 8 different overlays in a calendar

Web Development – Can I run multiple custom-appearance Web sites from a single code base and database?

I want to create a main website, say www.myweb.example which has the main functionality like Admin Panels, DB's etc.

Then I would like to offer customers an adapted front-end (change of CSS and logo) to fit into their company. Also, I want the site address to be a subdomain of the main site or another URL. i.e. www.subsite.myweb.example or www.myweb1.example,

The front-end and main site must use the same database to be synchronized. The front-ends would display only data related to each client and would need to CRUD the database.

Can my requirements be met through a single site, or do I need to develop a front-end for each customer?