Azure Point 2 site RADIUS configuration is not working

I've looked at just about every article I can find. I'm trying to get NPS / Radius Server to authenticate against the Azure Point to Site VPN.

The NPS / Radius server is one of three VMS in our Azure subscription. The server is a 2019 datacenter box running ADDS, DNS, NPS / RADIUS. With an IP of

Main subnets of the virtual network:



SVR: (If all our cloud servers are running static IPs)

MerakiVMXSubnet: (This subnet is for VMX100 VPN Concentrator.) Traffic on this subnet flows smoothly to our on-prem Meraki.)


Note: DNS in the virtual network is set to and These are the two AD DNS servers in the SVR subnet.

Virtual network gateway

Address pool:

Tunnel Type: IKEv2 and SSTP (SSL)

Radius (Enabled) ServerIP:

SharedSecret: Same goes for NPS and Azure

I hope I'm missing something simple. I have also attached a screenshot of the Radius server configuration. I also confirmed that the account I want to access is authorized to connect.

Enter image description here

Can a (private) StackOverflow team within a SharePoint site be accessed?

Our company recently signed up for StackOverflow teams. One of the problems is sending internal users to another tool for use. Is it possible to host a SO Team search bar on a SharePoint site, similar to the integration of MS Teams? (see the screenshot) Enter image description here

Also, look for a way to publish a related list of questions that is similar to the Messages component. You are wondering if this can be achieved by a workaround (embedding a script) or if a connection needs to be made to accomplish this.

php – Show comment menu in dashboard only if the site contains a comment

I'd like to hide the Comments menu in the Dashboard until the site no longer has any comments. I tried to do this with the following code, but it does not work:

function remove_mainmenu_pages() {
        global $user_ID;
        if ( 1 < wp_count_comments( get_the_ID() )->approved ) {
                remove_menu_page( 'edit-comments.php' );
add_action( 'admin_menu', 'remove_mainmenu_pages' );

Thank you so much!

Guaranteed site rank on a keyword | Proxies-free

I want to know a proper and guaranteed way to place my DJ website among my competitors

Can someone explain what to do? What should I buy for it?

Actually, I do not have much knowledge about what I have heard about Web 2.0, Panda, and many similar things, but I really do not know what to buy and what exactly can increase my website rank.

Please help me

A holiday banner for the ballet site $ 40

I'm looking for Christmas banners for a ballet website. I would like it to contain a stock image that I will buy. For the contest you can use the image with watermark. If a design is selected from this competition, I will provide the final image.

That can be pretty easy. We want a sale announced on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

We want the image to be processed after sale and used "generally" for the rest of the Christmas holidays.

Image to use in banner:

Here are the details for the banner:

Banner size: 1880×600
Mobile: 800 x 1000

Promotion for Thanksgiving weekend 11-22 Thu 11-25, in which the customer will get one
Free color upgrade or free engraving on a Prodigy Barre with the promo code FREECOLOR or FREENAME

As a reference for those who submit a design, this is the product that is being promoted:…ouble-Bar-Freestanding-Ballet-Barre_p_48.html

This is the position of the banner:

It also MUST be mentioned somewhere the verb on the current homepage banner about the extended returns.

Some examples of what the advertising promotion banner can say:

The perfect Christmas present
Personalize your ballet bar
With color or engraving
Merry Christmas!

You can let your imagination run wild. We hope to find a picture that we like. We hope to have one selected by Friday. Ask questions that you may have. Thank you so much!

Convert Classic Page to Modern – Sharepoint Server 2019 on site

We have a local Sharepoint Server 2019. I have to convert classic pages into modern ones. The following code seems to work only for Sharepoint Online. How can I convert a local Sharepoint Server 2019 page to modern? Please advise.

ConvertTo-PnPClientSidePage -Identity page1.aspx -AddPageAcceptBanner

We recently installed SharePoint Server 2019 locally in our DEV environment. In Modern mode, only the "View Lists" page is displayed, all other pages by default in Classic mode.

_layouts / 15 / viewlsts.aspx? view = 13

We need to set an optimized view for our websites. All pages must be converted to the modern mode. Please advise.

Use DNS to redirect a domain to another site, but subdomains still work (Google Domains)

We use Google Domains and have a domain that we want to redirect to another domain, but we have subdomains that we want to keep. Using site redirects will cause the subdomains to fail.

How should we set up DNS records so that subdomains continue to work and redirect the primary domain to another site?

Thank you very much