sharepoint online – Reusability of content type and site column in the flat structure

I wrote this question about 6 months ago about the ability to reuse content types and site columns in site collections that are connected to a hub site in the flat-structure world. Migrate our local subsites to modern site collections. How will we manage the content types and site columns? I've compared the flat structure to the subsite approach, where in the subsite approach we can manage the site columns and content types on the root site and automatically reuse all site columns and content types within the subsites. So after 6 months, do we have any improvements, or are there approaches within Sharepoint Online that allow us to simplify the reusability of content types and site columns within the flat structure? Or is the same old case that we should use Power Shell to manage the same content types and site columns in the site collection in the flat tree?
Of course, I exclude the option of using content type hub sites to allow reusability of content types within hub sites, since the approach to content type hub sites is a very classic / old approach we use for the hub Page should not use. As if I have the decision to use the sub-site approaches or to use hub sites with content-type hubs, I will opt for the sub-sites approaches.
Many Thanks

Consolidated email updates (daily or weekly) for changes to the SharePoint Online site

I need to set up custom notifications (weekly newsletters or updates to websites that users can follow or access) in SharePoint Online.

For example, my current tenant has more than 17,000 users. Each user may be tracking some websites and have access to over 100 websites. Therefore, users expect a consolidated summary report (weekly updates or newsletters) with the details of the weekly changes in their email.

  • Weekly Updates / Newsletter from Sites / List / Library / Content- Which user follows

  • Weekly Updates / Site / List / Library / Content Newsletter – Where the user has access

  • Weekly Updates / Newsletter of the Sites / List / Library / Content – Which user has
    added / updated this week

Could you please tell me if anyone has encountered this requirement and whether all OOTB solutions are available to handle this.

Note: Alert me This option is not helpful in this case because it sends updates to each list. We need a consolidated weekly summary in a single email.

[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.3.2


[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.3.2

Redirection – To prevent a local database from starting the online Web site

Ok, I'm a designer and new to Drupal. Study for a few months and create pages for personal learning. I started working in a company that had a Drupal 7 website. I studied, learned and changed it.

This year, a design studio reworked our image and created a Drupal 8 site. They gave me full access and I downloaded a copy of the files and the database and went on to install them locally to test and change them.

I use Acquia DevDesktop and import the page with the new database. Then I went to phpMyAdmin and import the database. Then I load the page and immediately start the real online page.

I thought something was on file and extensively review it with the little knowledge I have. I have found nothing.

To check if the "redirect" was in the files, I reinstalled Drupal 8 and after setting it up as a new site I went to phpMyAdmin and imported the database. Without changing any file, I started the site and came back to the real online site. So I say the "redirect" is in the database.

I called the Design Studio and the person in charge of the site was a designer. He created the site online and did not manage it locally. He tried to help me, but could not pinpoint the reason for the local installation that led to the real online site. He also could not set up the site locally.

Does anyone know how to change this "redirect" so I can set up my site locally?

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Ninja Media Script – Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

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Ninja Media Script – Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

Development – Send emails to the list event recipient for site owners only

I have a simple event receiver that starts after saving the item, does something and sends an e-mail. There is a part of the code:

SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges (delegate ()
MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage ();
mailMessage.IsBodyHtml = true;
mailMessage.From = new MailAddress (settings.MailSender, settings.MailSenderTitle);
mailMessage.Subject = subject;
mailMessage.Body = stringBuilder.ToString ();
mailMessage.To.Add (to);
SmtpClient smptClient = new SmtpClient (settings.MailSMTP);
smptClient.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;
smptClient.Send (mailMessage);

It only works if the user has full access. I'm trying to change smptClient.Credentials to new NetworkCredential (ReadAppSettings.SP_SuperUser, ReadAppSettings.SP_SuperUserPassword, "domain"); but the same problem.
For example, if the user who does not have full control over himself makes changes to the list, the server sends an e-mail to him.
So I think that my problem lies in the code, so how do I force the code to send emails if the user does not have permission.