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Development – How do I get site collection and document libraries in SharePoint Online with MFA enabled?

I make a Winforms Program that allows users to connect to their own SharePoint Online environments to download and upload files from their document libraries. I am using the code below to get Site and List Objects. My current problem with this method is that a login window appears every time it is called (by GetWebLoginClientContext Method) and disappears because the user would have been logged in from the beginning. I need to use this method because it works with accounts that have multi-factor authentication enabled.

Is there any other way to log in to SPO with MFA enabled without having to see the popup every time it needs to be loaded? Sites and Lists ?

I've read about app-only authentication with client ID and client secret, but it only works with the SP site that creates the ID and secret.

    private void GetSitesAndLists(string siteUrl, out Dictionary teamSites, out List documentLibraries)
        using (ClientContext clientContext = _authManager.GetWebLoginClientContext(siteUrl))
            Web web = clientContext.Web;
            WebCollection site = web.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser(null);
            clientContext.Load(site, we => we.Include(w => w.Url, w => w.Title));
            teamSites = site.ToDictionary(w => w.Url, w => w.Title);
            teamSites = teamSites.OrderBy(kvp => kvp.Value).ToDictionary(k => k.Key, k => k.Value);
            ListCollection libraries = web.Lists;
            clientContext.Load(libraries, l => l.Include(li => li.DefaultViewUrl, li => li.BaseType, li => li.Title, li => li.BaseTemplate, li => li.Hidden));
            documentLibraries = libraries.Where(lib => lib.BaseType == BaseType.DocumentLibrary && lib.Hidden == false && lib.BaseTemplate == 101).ToList();                

Managed Property – SharePoint Online (Modern) – Create a tenant-wide category for messages that is suitable for all site collections

SharePoint Online (Modern) – Create a tenant-wide category for messages that is suitable for all site collections.

I want to implement a messaging solution on my intranet that uses categories as a filter.
I have this in a single collection, but I need this to work with the filters across collections in my tenant.

The problem I have is that when I select a news source that is not in my local collection, I can no longer filter by categories. I will explain …

Local collection that works (This site)

-I choose "This Page" as my news source and then scroll down to "Filters".
-I choose "Page Properties" and then the "Property Name" of my custom category "Message Destination" is available.

Cross-collection does not work (select sites)

-I choose the collection from which I want to retrieve messages.
-I choose "Managed property" as "Filter" (page properties are no longer available).

Here is the crux of my problem. How can I get News Target custom files to appear as a "managed property" in all site collections, just like I did with "Page properties" in a single collection?

Ideally, I would like a drop-down menu from my term store called "News Target" for news sites / articles in the page library, but at this point everything would be better than nothing. I tried to create tenant-level content types and couldn't get it to work.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can get more information on how to create a kind of "managed property" that can be used as a filter that I can apply to messages on the page library?

Run MS Flow on site in SharePoint 2016

The on-premesis data gateway does this, but it does require a few things:

  1. At least Flow P1 licensing
  2. The gateway must be part of the Active Directory forest.
  3. One or more gateways (you can have an active / active configuration) should be deployed on Windows servers. Let the gateway run under the account created by the gateway.
  4. When you create an action or trigger, add your credentials, but specify the gateway to use. Use the UPN or domain samAccountName format for all connections.

The gateway itself does not require open inbound ports, but does require outbound connectivity to connect to the cloud.

It should be noted that not all column types are supported with SharePoint Server 2016. For example, selection columns are not visible in flows. If you need data from a selection column, you need a standard SharePoint workflow to copy this data into a column text box for example.

Here are some official sources of information:

Install a local data gateway

Download the local data gateway

Python – How do I start Pyodide on my Gitub site website?

I have a GitHub site website where I want to run commands from SciPy. The user enters three values ​​(A, B, C), and a Python code finds the optimal non-trivial values: X, Y, Z, so that X^A+Y^B=Z^C holds.

Pyodide sounds like my best chance. However, I'm not sure how to get input from the user and how Pyodide can calculate the optimization process to get the values ​​of X, Y, Z.