sharepoint online – Adding newly create group to “Site Permissions” section ( XXX/_layouts/15/user.aspx )

After creating a SharePoint group, you need to assign the permissions to it at site (web) level.

Add a new action ‘Send HTTP request to SharePoint’ and configure the action to use endpoint as below:

/_api/web/roleassignments/addroleassignment(principalid=<GROUPID>, roledefid=1073741827)

roledefid is for Permission Levels which are as follows:

1073741829 – Full Control

073741827 – Contribute

1073741826 – Read

<GroupID> is the id of the group.

Reference: SharePoint Group Operations in Microsoft Flow

power automate – Adding newly create site to “Site Permissions” section ( XXX/_layouts/15/user.aspx )

Hope you are all doing well.

I managed to use Power Automate to create SP groups and add users to them using the HTTP request action.

The problem i have is the newly created groups are created at the “root” (in People and Groups section) level but not in the site in the “Site Permissions” section so user that i add to the group still do not have access to the site.

I created a flow that adds the group(s) to “site Pages” , “Site assets” and to the specific libraries but they don’t have access to the site itself since the groups are not in “Site Permissions”.

Does anyone know how to add a newly created group to “Site Permissions” ?

Thanks a lot in advance !!

woocommerce offtopic – I would like to know if there is a plugin or how to do it, so that a site on that multisite network on a specific date

I have a network of sites (multisite), where I rent a site (plans), I would like to know if there is a plugin or how to do it, so that a site on that multisite network on a specific date.

For example:

1 customer rented a website for 2 months.

I want who on the last day of these 2 months, the site goes down with a message (expiration, canceled, contact us to activate).

Can someone help me?

Can’t find cause of malware in WordPress site – adding html files with redirects

I’m helping a non-profit and they have had malware on their WordPress site. I installed Sucuri and it quickly finds some strangely named HTML files in the base directory. I removed those files. Because of the malware found, the non-profit was blacklisted on 3 different spam sites (mxlookup search). I had updated all of their plugins, WordPress software, themes. I had removed unused themes and removed other users. They finally got off of the blacklists, but then today Sucuri found another malware file.

The file is always in the base wordpress directory and named with random characters (e.g., QPez2ejsEdss.html) and the contents is this:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;http://SOME_STRANGE_WEBSITE/">

Where SOME_STRANGE_WEBSITE is clearly a bad website.

What tools can I use to find the dropper of the malware?

migration – Migrate Site collection across versions with different language packs

I have a task to recreate a SP2019 on-prem farm. Originally it was installed with Polish language, so both Central Adm and the site are in Polish. Now the idea is to have the English version installed, but separately install Polish language pack, so Central Adm will stay English but the main Site collection will be in Polish.

The question is about data migration: can I simply backup & restore this SPSite on this new farm installation, or will there be a version mismatch?

If this is off the table, what other possibility remains? Manual recreation? Is there some PS script which could help me with migrating data?

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Universal browser based Dark Mode (Dark Reader) vs. Individual separate black themes on each site

I’m pondering an idea about browser based, concentrated dark mode/dark theme service’s that operate pretty much like current superb add-on Dark Reader.

What makes me wonder why does the community that usually optimizes for not repeating work among developers, does take the burden of developing a dark theme for pretty much every popular web application.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to develop a set of standards when it comes to colour management, maybe even a .darktheme config file to override some of the basic settings, alongside a single browser based dark mode program for every browser that operates on the principle of current dark reader? I mean the reader is so good that I pretty much prefer it to custom made dark modes on most of the sites anyway.

What’s your insight on this matter?

My personal opinion is that it’s the inevitable future, but I haven’t found any signs that the process has started yet.

EDIT- before someone suggests sticking to the Dark Reader extension, It’s all good but compare a little a bit clunky extension developed by few enthusiasts to fully fledged browser options backed by hundreds of full-time developers.