8 – How do I debug/kint Simple XML Sitemap link array?

I am trying to find how I can debug/kint a variable/array from the Simple XML Sitemap?

I worked through the documentation here: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/simple-xml-sitemap/api-and-extending-the-module#s-api-hooks to find the hook I need.

My goal is to unset any links that have node/ to remove published, but un-aliased nodes of included content types.

The array key ('path') looks to be the unaliased URL and the below code removes all links except the home page. I am unsure how I can kint($link) in this function so I can see what other array keys are available to see what else I may use for comparison.

function HOOK_simple_sitemap_links_alter(array &$links, $sitemap_variant) {

  foreach ($links as $key => $link) {
    if (strpos($link('meta')('path'), 'node/') !== FALSE) {

Is there a way to kint() these sitemap arrays? Or maybe some documentation that shows the structure of these arrays?

Fast 404 throws page not found for sitemap

I am using fast_404 module. My site uses simple_sitemap module to generate sitemaps.
I have three sitemaps generated: sitemap.xml, /categories/sitemap.xml and /brands/sitemap.xml
The first sitemap is working as expected but the categories and brands sitemaps throws 404 error (fast_404 html page) when the fast_404 is enabled. Is there any way to prevent 404 on those two sitemap URLs?

xml sitemap – Can’t view my page map correctly?

I have installed the geolocation module to view the location maps that I have on my website
enter image description here

Also I checked the Google map API , and added google maps API key , after create the location content type and make sure that Manage form display to show me the geolocation google map api – geocoding and map
enter image description here

then I added the content that I want but I got this error (this page can’t load google map correctly)
enter image description here
is there something wrong with the steps that I followed?