sitemap – Tell bots they forget a site and index it from scratch

This is not possible. You'll need to map your old URLs to new ones with new redirects.

Old URLs are never forgotten by Google even after a decade. If you are migrating to a new CMS, you must implement page-level redirects

If there is no equivalent for a particular page, you can leave it 404 and Google will remove it from the index.

There is no instruction to do what you want, either in the search console or in robots.text.

Any free image sitemap generator?

I think that's what you need:

You can choose to include only ".jpg" or whatever you need. It uses a Java applet in your client to follow every link and spider of every document / page, and only saves the items you've selected in your sitemap.

It can create urls.txt for yahoo (old now) or sitemap.xml for google and bing. It can also save a nicely formatted .html file for browsers, if you so desire.

oh and it's free : p

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SEO – Do I need to submit a Sitemap to the Google Search Console (webmaster tools)?

If you would like Google to report on your Sitemap and notify you about the errors and index status of the pages in the Sitemap, click Yes. You will need to send them to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). One of the items listed in the Search Console Help document under "Why my sitemap is not listed" explains this:

Only sitemaps submitted with this report will be listed. Sitemaps submitted using or robots.txt will not be included in the report, although Google can find and use them.

However, you do not necessarily need to submit your Sitemap to GSC for Google for easy retrieval and use. You could add one Sitemap Directive in yours robots.txt File. For example:


This will also inform other search engines, not just Google. However, this alone may not be as immediate as submitting your sitemap to GSC because it depends on yours robots.txt File is being crawled. And as mentioned before, if you do not really submit to GSC, GSC will not recognize you and you will not benefit from Google's Sitemap reports.

Search engines are unlikely to retrieve the sitemap when it is simply uploaded to the document root directory. XML sitemap files can be called anything. So search engines do not necessarily know what to look for without being told. If you called it sitemap.xml Then you might expect search engines to pick them up, but I do not see requests for that sitemap.xml in my access logs (for sites that do not have an XML sitemap), this strongly suggests that this is not the case.

If your Sitemap changes, you'll need to retransmit it (or let Google know) that your Sitemap has changed. This can be done automatically pinging Google (a GET request) without manually resending the Sitemap. For more information, visit the Google Help Center to submit Sitemaps.