Search engines – Can I host a sitemap on another domain?

Out of curiosity, I developed a small app that analyzes and generates sitemaps for a specific domain.

Can I tell search engines to search for the sitemap of a particular domain in my app using a dynamic URL? H., you can use cross-domain sitemaps.xml without confirming that you are the owner of the target domain?

For example :

What method is used in SEO to improve Google's ranking?

What method is used in SEO to improve Google's ranking?

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  1. thumbs up What method is used in SEO to improve Google's ranking?

    Digital Marketing: SEO is a disastrous platform that makes your website visible on the SERP page. SEO gives you the opportunity to grow your business in the online world.
    SEO basically uses these two methods:
    1. On-page SEO means optimization on your own website.
    2. Off-page-off-page SEO means optimization via external websites that are linked to your website.

    Basic important on-page SEO techniques

    1st page title & meta description
    2. Internal Links & External Links
    3.URL structure
    4.Pictures & Videos
    6.H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
    8.XML sitemap
    9. Google Webmaster Tools
    10.Broken link checker

    Off-page SEO techniques :
    1.Create good content
    2. Social Media Engagement
    3. Image Submission
    5.InfoGraphic template
    6.Link Building
    7,404 errors
    8.Profil links

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Google Search Console Sitemap can not be retrieved

I'm trying to call my wife's website on Google Search, but I'm having some issues. Your site is a Squarespace site that automatically creates the sitemap. I've submitted this via the Google Search Console, but it has a "Can not retrieve" status. I tried to do a sitemap live inspection, which does not work because it has the NOINDEX tag. Is there a trick to make Squarespace Sitemaps work with Google?

Your website was previously hosted by GoDaddy, the domain is still temporary and has been regularly viewed on Google's first page.

Google Search Console – SiteMap Cross-Site Submission

I'm trying to move a set of sitemap files from my site to a separate site that contains only static elements. However, I can not understand the cross-site posts mentioned here

My sitemap contains many URLs, so I have about 10 pages. To prove ownership, do I need my robots.txt to embed every single page of SiteMap.xml? Or can it only contain the index page? Is the robots.txt ownership checklist even a thing or is Google simply treating the ownership as confirmed on the Google search console? The documentation seems unclear.

Another thing I do not understand concerns the folder and subdomain rules mentioned on Will these rules be revoked on a cross-site delivery because the folder / subdomain is no longer relevant? For example, when my sitemaps are running and this sitemap has URLs for is this still valid or does the sitemap have to live at follow the folder conventions?

Google just gives me a generic error "URL not allowed" without much explanation.

What I have now is. For example,,, My sitemap files are now as follows.

I then with an entry.


The Google search console says XML Sitemap can not be retrieved. However, the sitemap passes the test and is visible in the browser

I've submitted a few Sitemaps in the Search Console, but they have been in the status of "cant fetch" for over weeks.

When I go to the URL, I can see the sitemap, and if I go to the old search console and test the sitemap, they will all pass without errors. I assume that Google can see it OK.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this validated?

Here is a link to one of my sitemaps:

seo – Sitemap "Could not retrieve" in Google Search Console

The search console may not be able to retrieve your sitemap because it's under "www"domain" while the console is looking for a sitemap under the "non-www." domain examined.

Try specifying a 301 redirect for one of the domains and the domain version you prefer, or get Googlewww"Domain by creating a new property under this domain and not under"not www."

Beginners – Generate a daily sitemap and update using a URL string

Code review

I wrote method generate sitemapwhich is part of a big class, update Stocks, It creates a daily sitemap and can refresh it several times a day.

generate sitemap has an input string and is called within a for loop, much like:

{Pseudocode} for i = 1 to 8000;
Input received[i]; // for example: & # 39; aapl-apple-technology-nasdaq-us-8f4c & # 39;
UpdateStocks :: generateSitemap (input[i]);
{/ pseudocode} endfor;

Would you be so nice and repeat it to me and help me make it faster, easier or more efficient?

generate sitemap

        / **
* @return to return a large string in a txt file containing all the URLs for a daily sitemap
* /
public static function generateSitemap ($ lurl) {
$ dir = __ DIR__. self :: DIR_FRONT_PUBLIC_HTML;

// url
$ sm = sprintf (& # 39;% s% s% s & # 39;
self :: PROTOCOL.self :: DOMAIN.self :: SLASH.self :: DIR_URL_KEYWORD_1.self :: SLASH.self :: DIR_URL_KEYWORD_2.self :: SLASH,
$ lurl,
self :: NEW_LINE
$ dt = new  DateTime (& # 39; now & # 39;);
$ dt = $ dt-> format (& # 39; Y-m-d & # 39;); // today
$ fn = $ you. self :: SITEMAP_PREFIX. $ dt self :: EXTENSION_TXT; // sitemap filename in public_html

// if the daily sitemap already exists
if (file_exists ($ fn)) {
$ arr = preg_split (& # 39; /  n / & # 39 ;, trim (file_get_contents ($ fn))); // array of links
$ i = 0; // Counter
foreach ($ arr as $ k => $ lk) {
if ($ arr[$k]== null) {unset ($ arr[$k])}
if (trim ($ lk) === trim ($ sm)) {// link already exists
$ i ++;
if ($ i> 0) {$ arr[$k]= null;} // Link already exists several times
if ($ k == sizeof ($ arr) -1) {
$ k ++;
$ arr[$k]= $ sm;
$ arr = implode (self :: NEW_LINE, $ arr);
$ fh = fopen ($ fn, & bgr; wb & # 39;);
fwrite ($ fh, $ arr);
fclose ($ fh);
$ fh = fopen ($ fn, & bgr; wb & # 39;);
fwrite ($ fh, $ sm);
fclose ($ fh);

Example of inputs

aa-Alcoa-based materials-nyse-us-159a
aadr-advisor shares-dorsey-wright-adr-nyse-us-d842
aal-airline industrials-nasdaq-us-29eb
aaoi-applied optoelectronics technology nasdaq-us-1dee
aap-advance-auto-parts-wi-consumer cyclical-nyse-us-1f60
aau-almaden-minerals-basic materials-nyse-us-1c57
AAWW-atlas-air world-industrials-nasdaq-us-69f3
aaxj-iShares MSCI-all-country Asia-ex-japan-nasdaq-us-c6c4
from-alliance amber-units-financial-services-nyse-us-DEB1
abcb-ameris Bancorp-financial-services-nasdaq-us-DF98
abg asbury-automotive-consumer-cyclic-nyse-us-db5f
abil-capacity technology-nasdaq-us-91a6
abio-Arca biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-098e
abr-arbor real estate real estate-nyse-us-68b1
abr-a-arbor real estate real estate-nyse-us-8c1d
abt-abbott laboratories-healthcare-nyse-us-c7fd
AC associated capital-financial services-nyse-us-FCA3

Part of sitemap-2019-03-15.txt:[0]/ url[1]/ a-agilent-technologies-healthcare-nyse-us-39d4[0]/ url[1]/ aa-alcoa-base-materials-nyse-us-159a[0]/ url[1]/ aaau-perth-mint-physical-gold-nyse-us-8ed9[0]/ url[1]/aba-altaba-financial-services-nasdaq-us-26f5[0]/ url[1]/ aac-healthcare-nyse-us-e92a[0]/ url[1]/ aadr-advisorshares-dorsey-wright-adr-nyse-us-d842[0]/ url[1]/ aal-airline-industrials-nasdaq-us-29eb[0]/ url[1]/ aamc-altisource-asset-management-com-financial-services-nyse-us-b46a[0]/ url[1]/ aan-aarons-industrials-nyse-us-d00e[0]/ url[1]/ aaoi-applied optoelectronics nasdaq-us-1dee[0]/ url[1]/ aaon-basic-materials-nasdaq-us-238e[0]/ url[1]/ aap-advance-auto-parts-wi-consumer-cyclical-nyse-us-1f60[0]/ url[1]/ aapl-apple-technology-nasdaq-us-8f4c[0]/ url[1]/ aat-assets-real-estate-nyse-us-3598[0]/ url[1]/ aau-almaden-minerals-bases-nyse-us-1c57[0]/ url[1]/ aaww-atlas-air-world-industrial-nasdaq-us-69f3[0]/ url[1]/ aaxj-ishares-msci-all-country-asia-ex-japan-nasdaq-us-c6c4[0]/ url[1]/ aaxn-axon-enterprise-industrial-nasdaq-us-0eef[0]/ url[1]/ ab-alliance amber-units-financial-services-nyse-us-deb1[0]/ url[1]/ abac-renmin-tianli-consumer-defensive-nasdaq-us-8701[0]/ url[1]/ abb-industrial-nyse-us-a407[0]/ url[1]/ abbv-abbvie-healthcare-nyse-us-9aea[0]/ url[1]/ abc-amerisourcebergen-healthcare-nyse-us-bd9d[0]/ url[1]/ abcb-ameris-bancorp-financial-services-nasdaq-us-df98[0]/ url[1]/ abdc-alcentra-capital-financial-services-nasdaq-us-96dd[0]/ url[1]/ abeo-abeona-therapeutics-healthcare-nasdaq-us-aa0f[0]/ url[1]/ abeow-market-us-d84d[0]/ url[1]/ abev-ambev-1-consumer-defensive-nyse-us-a9b4[0]/ url[1]/ abg-asbury-automotive-consumer-cyclic-nyse-us-db5f[0]/ url[1]/ abil-capability-technology-nasdaq-us-91a6[0]/ url[1]/ abio-arca-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-098e[0]/ url[1]/ abm-abm-industries-industrials-nyse-us-bcbc[0]/ url[1]/ abmd-abiomed-healthcare-nasdaq-us-2818[0]/ url[1]/ abr-arbor-real estate-property-nyse-us-68b1[0]/ url[1]/ abr-a-arbor-real estate-real estate-nyse-us-8c1d[0]/ url[1]/ abr-b-arbor-real estate-real estate-nyse-us-97f2[0]/ url[1]/ abr-c-arbor-real estate-real estate-nyse-us-ee81[0]/ url[1]/ abt-abbott-laboratories-healthcare-nyse-us-c7fd[0]/ url[1]/ abtx-allegiance-bancshares-financial-services-nasdaq-us-6913[0]/ url[1]/ abus-arbutus-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-c23f[0]/ url[1]/ ac associated-capital-financial-services-nyse-us-fca3[0]/ url[1]/ aca-arcosa-industrials-nyse-us-b429

Issue with sitemap

hi Guys

My Sitemap was not recently indexed by Google. When I try to get my sitemap, I get the following error:

"& # 39; noindex & # 39; has noted i … Read the rest of

What is Sitemap? | Proxies-free

Talk in & # 39; White Hat SEO & # 39; started by Aradya, March 13, 2019 at 12:54 pm,


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    What is Sitemap? What is the difference when adding a sitemap to a website? If it's a must on a website, what kind of Sitemap do we need to use?

    Mobile App Development Hyderabad | Android Apps Development Pune

    March 13, 2019 at 12:54 pm

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