Indexing – How often should we update a Sitemap in a day?

How often should we update a Sitemap in one day?

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Webcrawler – Should we include coupon pages in the sitemap because they have a higher expiration rate?

Is it a good practice to keep coupons / coupon pages in a sitemap? because they have a faster expiration rate.


We update our sitemap every 24 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to save the coupon pages in the sitemap. Because if they expire but are not updated in the sitemap, will this be a problem?

Adding these will affect the crawl budget due to the page running in 404.

What criteria should be used for priority and frequency of change in a Sitemap?

By what criteria can we set the priority and frequency of change in the sitemap.

For example, if the website is a voucher / service website.

  • The home page must have priority 1. Updated daily
  • Category pages must have priority 1. Updated daily
  • Coupon pages must have priority. Updated weekly

Are the above settings correct?

SEO – Should I provide a custom sitemap for Baidu that contains only Chinese-language URLs?

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Indexing – Should paginated sites be included in the sitemap?

My site contains ads for boats, boat engines, boat rentals, etc. (

There are ads on several pages. I have finished the pagination (not on the link above):

On some pages (sorting etc.) I have also added a canonical relationship.

Now I want to add pages to the sitemap generator, and I'm not sure if I should add all the URLs, for example:


Or should I just add

Indexing – Can we safely add pages to our Sitemap that Google has already indexed?

you absolutely should Add any pages already indexed to the sitemap, otherwise your sitemap will be incomplete. That's not negative, only positive.

A sitemap should Always contains the full list of URLs you want to see in the search, Period. Whether the URLs are already indexed in search engines, is irrelevant.

Do not forget that Google is the biggest player, but not the one just Player. Many small search engines and other web crawlers benefit from a complete and accurate sitemap.