Some URLs listed in this sitemap have a high response time.


My Google webmaster displays this warning for a
Warning – "Some URLs listed in this sitemap have a high response time, which may indicate a problem with your server or the content of the page."
Any solution for that? Or do I have to contact the help desk?

Posted Sitemap on Google. You said it was not right?

I use the topics Fluid Storage and Fluid WP. After completing my shop and submitting it to google, I submitted the URL to the sitemap (which was automatically generated in fluid design) without putting xml or php at the end.

I tried again, but Google did not allow it. strange. I am here at the end of my knowledge rope.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks, -FN

seo – Is it harmful to have irrelevant xmlns attributes in a sitemap url element?

For example, if a site contains absolutely no videos and is not a news site, it will have a negative (or positive) impact on a Sitemap URL element like this:

[all site page URLS here]

Enter code here

Is there any authoritative source that could help bring some light in that direction?