seo – change picture name or create a picture sitemap? Or both?

The Environment is a classifieds site offering products with descriptions, titles and photos. With the exception of images, all data is stored in a MySQL database.

Although there are friendly titles of classifieds and it is relatively easy to link to them, all images are saved with randomly generated names (something like d6as897d6ad67a5s7da8d56sa7d.jpg).

The question is, for SEO, PAGE RANKING and SERP, which is the best and why?

  • Change the image names from random characters to classified titles.
  • Create image sitemap;
  • Both.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? And why not choose the other options? Are there any other alternatives that I have not mentioned here?

SEO – How can I index Sitemap of my website?

I would like to optimize the sitelink on my website via the search console / webmaster

I want to search on google that certain menus appear. For example, menus, a, menu b and menu c

I'm looking for some references. To be able to set using the search console, only a sitemap.xml is required, which is searched first

So I accessed this I enter my domain and click on the start button. After the process is complete, I downloaded the Sitemap file

my question is if i upload the xml file directly to my hosting? or do I have to edit it first to determine which menus to display when entering keywords in Google?


My xml as follows:



There are 2000 lines of code, but here are just a few

SEO – Google can not retrieve a large sitemap with 50,000 URLs and is not rendered by browsers

My sitemap contains 50,000 URLs / 7.8 MB and the following URL syntax:, maquiagem,   2019-10-03T17:12:01-03:00 

The problems are:

• The search console reports that the sitemap could not be read.

• Sitemap loading takes 1 hour and Chrome stops working.

Enter image description here

• In Firefox, the sitemap was downloaded in 1483 ms and fully loaded after 5 minutes.

Things that I have done without success:

• Disable GZip compression.

• Delete my .htaccess file;

• Create a test sitemap with 1 KB URLs and the same syntax, and send it to Search Console. However, the sitemap with 50 KB URLs still displays "" that no sitemap can be retrieved.

Enter image description here

• An attempt was made to directly check the URL, but an error occurred and you are asked to try again later while the 1KB URLs worked.

• An attempt was made to validate the sitemap on five different websites (YANDEX, ETC), and all worked without error / warning

Any light?

Office 365 – How does the main menu of a modern SharePoint site become a dynamic sitemap?

I'm creating a modern SharePoint site as a documentation site for our end users. We want to create a basic hierarchy of folders and pages, and possibly pages with child pages.

    📄Creating a Lead
    📄Creating a Proposal
        📄Adjusting Prices
    📄Resetting Your Password

These are not just Word documents or other files in a directory, but modern SharePoint pages. My questions about building and maintaining this hierarchy are:

  1. How do I create nested pages, regardless of whether they are subordinate to a folder / section or another page? We do not want a flat list of pages.
  2. How do I display this hierarchy in the form of a sitemap in the main menu navigation? dynamic without having to manually create this hierarchy and edit it each time a new page is created?

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XML Sitemap Best Practice for Multilingual Websites – Should I list my URLs in any language or is it sufficient to use rel = "alternate" + hreflang?

I am working on the sitemaps of a multilingual website and have doubts about the best way to refer to each language version of a page.

For a bit of background, the site points to around 20,000 places with community commentary and descriptions. The website is available in 5 languages ​​(; …)

Currently, my sitemap only refers to English pages and in the sitemap on every page I have specified for any language (as well as English) as recommended by Google.

In the Google search console, about 75% of the pages with valid coverage are described as "indexed, not submitted to the sitemap", so I think the alternative link with the "hreflang" attribute is not enough to display the page for " to "Google" to index it.

Do I have to list and use the pages in all 5 languages ​​in my sitemap? at every link?