Frequency of sitemap change – daily versus weekly

Google Sitemaps have a Refresh Frequency parameter (Change Frequency) that tells GoogleBot how often a web page is updated. For example, a blog homepage can be updated as often as "daily", while the individual blog entry entries are updated "never". The correct setting of the update frequency of the links in a Google sitemap is of crucial importance for search engine optimization (SEO).

Make sure that you keep your update frequency for individual posts (which do not change significantly) at "Never" or at most "Year". Based on our experience, I recommend setting this to "NEVER" for large websites (blogs, forums) with hundreds of thousands of posts (pages) that change rarely or never.

custom – Magento 2.3.4 plugin sitemap does not work

I had a plugin that worked on version 2.2.2 but it doesn't work on 2.3.4. It seems so collectSitemapItems() Method doesn't even fire in native Magento when I do print_r('Die');die;

public function collectSitemapItems()
        print_r('Not firing');die;
        /** @var $helper MagentoSitemapHelperData */

But it is printed under protected methods _initSitemapItems()

     * Initialize sitemap
     * @return void
    protected function _initSitemapItems()
     print_r('Working Here');die; 

My plugin has afterCollectSitemapItems() Method:

public function afterCollectSitemapItems(
        Sitemap $subject
        print_r('Not firing here either');die;

My plugin di.xml:


Any ideas why this doesn't work anymore?

What is a sitemap? Do you really need it? This short introduction should help you make the decision! | Proxies-free

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Regardless of whether you don't have much (or no) background information about web improvement, you are probably familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). This is a broad term for an enormous number of procedures that you can use to improve the ranking of your website in web search engines. A large number of the SEO strategies that you will learn to focus on are keywords. However, there are various tasks that are similarly basic.

For example, the best thing you can do to build your natural traffic is to create a sitemap. Perhaps you imagine what a sitemap is? Is it easier for web indexes to understand and list your content? Fortunately, you don't need any background information to create one for your website.

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8 – How do I export XML sitemap configuration settings completely?

I installed the XML sitemap on some websites, but due to SEO concerns, I am now tasked with activating the module on all of the websites we support. I have an update hook ready, but there is a problem importing the configurations.

When I export the xmlsitemap.settings.yml file, I only get the following:

minimum_lifetime: 0
xsl: 1
prefetch_aliases: 1
chunk_size: auto
batch_limit: 100
path: xmlsitemap
frontpage_priority: !!float 1
frontpage_changefreq: 86400
lastmod_format: 'Y-m-dTH:iZ'
gz: false
clean_url: 0
disable_cron_regeneration: false
i18n_selection_mode: simple

I've set up rules for media and content, but as you can see, only the homepage is taken over. The goal is to apply all of these settings to all the websites I deal with.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks a lot!

Does the link to your sitemap help with search engine optimization?

Ok, of course I know how important it is to have a sitemap and link to it from your own website. That is not my question at all. No, my question is much more complex and fascinating.

But first…

A little background story to my question

I did a competitive analysis for a customer and found that one of their competitors created links to their sitemap.xml file. This prompted me to ask a few questions …

A link to your sitemap would ensure that Google crawls your entire website … maybe …?

Still, wouldn't your robots.tx file or submitting the XML sitemap in Google Search Console do the same thing faster and easier?

Does the external link structure to your sitemap really have any value?

Since this is the first time I've come across it and I don't remember ever reading anything about it anywhere (and I've read a lot of SEO blogs!), I thought I would write a short post and ask, whether someone is there has also been found.

I also hope that someone can give an insight into whether this brings real added value and whether this type of link creation is an advantage.

Thanks a lot!