Fast 404 throws page not found for sitemap

I am using fast_404 module. My site uses simple_sitemap module to generate sitemaps.
I have three sitemaps generated: sitemap.xml, /categories/sitemap.xml and /brands/sitemap.xml
The first sitemap is working as expected but the categories and brands sitemaps throws 404 error (fast_404 html page) when the fast_404 is enabled. Is there any way to prevent 404 on those two sitemap URLs?

xml sitemap – Can’t view my page map correctly?

I have installed the geolocation module to view the location maps that I have on my website
enter image description here

Also I checked the Google map API , and added google maps API key , after create the location content type and make sure that Manage form display to show me the geolocation google map api – geocoding and map
enter image description here

then I added the content that I want but I got this error (this page can’t load google map correctly)
enter image description here
is there something wrong with the steps that I followed?

Frequency of sitemap change – daily versus weekly

Google Sitemaps have a Refresh Frequency parameter (Change Frequency) that tells GoogleBot how often a web page is updated. For example, a blog homepage can be updated as often as "daily", while the individual blog entry entries are updated "never". The correct setting of the update frequency of the links in a Google sitemap is of crucial importance for search engine optimization (SEO).

Make sure that you keep your update frequency for individual posts (which do not change significantly) at "Never" or at most "Year". Based on our experience, I recommend setting this to "NEVER" for large websites (blogs, forums) with hundreds of thousands of posts (pages) that change rarely or never.

custom – Magento 2.3.4 plugin sitemap does not work

I had a plugin that worked on version 2.2.2 but it doesn't work on 2.3.4. It seems so collectSitemapItems() Method doesn't even fire in native Magento when I do print_r('Die');die;

public function collectSitemapItems()
        print_r('Not firing');die;
        /** @var $helper MagentoSitemapHelperData */

But it is printed under protected methods _initSitemapItems()

     * Initialize sitemap
     * @return void
    protected function _initSitemapItems()
     print_r('Working Here');die; 

My plugin has afterCollectSitemapItems() Method:

public function afterCollectSitemapItems(
        Sitemap $subject
        print_r('Not firing here either');die;

My plugin di.xml:


Any ideas why this doesn't work anymore?

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