7 – What is the best solution to generate sitemap for multiple sites using Domain Access module?

We were using Domain Access module for multisiting.
For generating sitemap.xml file for we have applied a module. It has a manual that we have already applied.

Currently wesite shows on /admin/config/search/xmlsitemap that sitemaps are created.

enter image description here
But while visiting domainname/sitemap.xml we are getting 404 error. Any workaround needed to sitamaps to be shown?

Any suggestions and help appreciated. Thanks.

mobile application – What are the best tools for creating a Sitemap?

I am working on a mobile app and I have drawn a sitemap for it on paper. However, I want to to create a digital version of the sitemap. I have used Adobe Illustrator previously to create diagrams like this; however I have found that creating such diagrams on Illustrator is very time-consuming. I am looking for a faster way to create sitemaps.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on any good free online tools for creating sitemaps? Any insights are appreciated.

8 – How do I debug/kint Simple XML Sitemap link array?

I am trying to find how I can debug/kint a variable/array from the Simple XML Sitemap?

I worked through the documentation here: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/simple-xml-sitemap/api-and-extending-the-module#s-api-hooks to find the hook I need.

My goal is to unset any links that have node/ to remove published, but un-aliased nodes of included content types.

The array key ('path') looks to be the unaliased URL and the below code removes all links except the home page. I am unsure how I can kint($link) in this function so I can see what other array keys are available to see what else I may use for comparison.

function HOOK_simple_sitemap_links_alter(array &$links, $sitemap_variant) {

  foreach ($links as $key => $link) {
    if (strpos($link('meta')('path'), 'node/') !== FALSE) {

Is there a way to kint() these sitemap arrays? Or maybe some documentation that shows the structure of these arrays?

Fast 404 throws page not found for sitemap

I am using fast_404 module. My site uses simple_sitemap module to generate sitemaps.
I have three sitemaps generated: sitemap.xml, /categories/sitemap.xml and /brands/sitemap.xml
The first sitemap is working as expected but the categories and brands sitemaps throws 404 error (fast_404 html page) when the fast_404 is enabled. Is there any way to prevent 404 on those two sitemap URLs?

xml sitemap – Can’t view my page map correctly?

I have installed the geolocation module to view the location maps that I have on my website
enter image description here

Also I checked the Google map API , and added google maps API key , after create the location content type and make sure that Manage form display to show me the geolocation google map api – geocoding and map
enter image description here

then I added the content that I want but I got this error (this page can’t load google map correctly)
enter image description here
is there something wrong with the steps that I followed?