untagged – What can we do about fake sites that fake our website?

There is a malicious agent who creates rough fake versions of my employer's website. The actual page is this and the copy is this. Even if they made a really bad copy, there are still people who fall for it. And nothing prevents them from creating different and better versions.

What we are currently doing is:

Can we do something to reduce the risk?

Content for Adults – What Problems Do I Have When Creating a Legal Porn Observation Page Receiving Videos From Sites Like xHamster?

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How do I filter a long list of sites from Google Search?

I have a list of sites that I want to permanently exclude from Google's search results. This is a large family of sites that plagiarize questions and answers from the StackExchange network (some of which are machine translated) qaru.site, I created a search engine in Chromium with a URL like this one https://google.com/search?q=%s+-site:site1+-site:site2+-...+-site:siteN, with around 30 sites on the black list. After I blacklisted another page, Google of course began to complain:

"site: qano.site" (and all subsequent words) was ignored because queries are limited to 32 words.

So some of these blacklisted domains are not really on the blacklist.

I've tried using Chromium extensions to filter search results, but they generally work at a higher level. It filters only the results page, so I often have an almost empty page, instead of displaying the pages with more relevant results, as they do -site:domain.com Token in the search query.

How can I permanently set up a revocation list for a potentially large number of websites? I'd rather not have to sign up for Google.

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How do I manage SEO for sites with dynamic pages driven by search queries?

I have a website that is basically a search engine. So when a user types something, a dynamic page is created, and when the user closes it, it is not a page anymore. For example, the link to my pages is as follows:


So, how should I manage SEO for my site so that search engines can find all those dynamic pages that someone opened at some point and did not return an error (404 etc.).