embedded – Sharepoint Embedding online sites into external sites

Is there a way to embed sharepoint sites on an external site? I know it's not possible to use an iframe because the x-frame options refuse, but there has to be a way to embed just one site or section into an external site.

I've seen some services claiming to embed Sharepoint sites, but how do they do that?
Is there a programmatic way? Are there APIs from Microsoft? I can not find documentation at all.
I want to create a SharePoint site without the Sharepoint header, sidebar, and footer, and only embed the main content of the Sharepoint site into another site.

sharepoint online – Generate a thousand team sites from a spreadsheet and map them to a hub site

As part of testing some features in my local SharePoint Online tenant, I'd like to deploy more than 2,000 modern team sites (not assigned to a group) based on a list of names in a table (this is easily possible) to CSV, txt, JSON be converted (whatever facilitates this task).

I want to go through the list of site names, create the site, and associate it with an existing hub site that I've created after building the site.

First, is that even possible, and if so, could someone point me in the right direction as to how I could achieve this?

Many thanks

Limitation of page templates by blog_id in networks with multiple sites

TL: DR; Is it possible to restrict page templates to a specific site within a multi-site network? (With something like get_current_blog_id for example)

More details

I'm creating multiple sites that share the same base partials, but in different variations of the page templates. For Site A & Site B's home page, both components are A-D, but Site A is ABCD and Site B is CBA D. All of my actual markup goes to the component parts, and the page templates are usually just a list of includes (using Roots Sage theme for transferring data).

This is the basic requirement, but it is + -30 components and + -50 templates on 7 websites.

I have all my templates in a subdirectory in my topic folder (eg template homepage A, template homepage B). However, this means that a user who works in CMS for Site A will get a list of 50 templates, not just those specific to Site A, possibly only 12.

Is there a way to integrate with the WordPress templates system and add / remove folders based on the current blog ID? Open to all other suggestions.

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