I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching for $3

I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching

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Why do American universities and companies hate white people and choose to hire less qualified people just because of their skin color?

“Why do American universities and companies hate white people and choose to hire less qualified people just because of their skin color?”

Because simple equal Rights, Opportunities and Freedoms at the INDIVIDUAL level are no longer good enough for their measure of “equality” now.  Now they expect that all women as a GROUP, get equality against all men as a group.  That all minority races as a GROUP get an equal outcome against all Whites as a group.  

Of course, reverting to group over individual dynamics this way means that White men’s right to an equal opportunity is often disregarded in order to privilege other groups to an equal outcome.  This is how Liberal universities and a lot of the corporate culture operates today.


Boy Scouts 1e – Can a 3rd level Aegis do "Improved Damage" to Astral Skin?



Unless otherwise stated, an adjustment cannot be selected more than once.

You cannot make 2 × adjustments unless specified in the adjustment description. Very little Adjustments say that. For example,


The Aegid's land speed is increased by 5 feet. This adjustment can be selected up to five times. Its effects stack up.

(Emphasis Mine)

Do you see where it says "This adjustment can be selected up to five times"? That means you can have 2 × speed (or 1 × or 3 × or 4 × or 5 ×, but not 6 ×).

When an adjustment is made Not Say "This adjustment can be selected (more than once)", then you can only do it once.

Improved damage says nothing about being taken multiple times. You can only take improved damage once.

Second, on the subject of muscles,

(Brawn) can be selected a second time from level 5.

You are not 5th level. You are 3rd level. Therefore this statement does not apply. Since this is not the case and the other statements about repeated muscle intake also do not apply, there is no longer any statement that says you can take it multiple times. So you can't. In stage 3, you can only take improved damage once.

Third, not all adjustments cost the same. Even if you could take more damage or build muscle multiple times, you couldn't afford it – they cost 2 adjustment points each time, so 1 × Darkvision, 2 × Improved Damage, 2 × Muscle Power costs 9 adjustment points. You only have five.

You can add 1 × Darkvision, 1 × Improved Damage and 1 × Muscle Mass to your Astral Skin. This costs all 5 of your adjustment points. These are in addition to the 2 × speed, 1 × quick and 1 × dodge that can already be found on the astral skin.

Your final astral skin would then give you

  • darkvision 60 feet (adaptation of darkvision)
  • +1 damage with light weapons, +2 damage with one-handed weapons and +3 damage with two-handed weapons (improved damage)
  • +2 strength (muscle mass)
  • + 10 feet of movement (2 × speed)
  • +2 dexterity (nimble)
  • Dodging

dnd 5e – What different skin colors can tie ties officially have?

I am interested in knowing how different the skin of a tie can be, with an official background. With official support I mean there are many fan pictures of ties of all kinds of colors, but I'm mainly interested in official art for every edition of D&D, and even better, those skin tones that are explicit in the text.

As I said in my previous question, ties (at least in 5e) usually have either "human skin", red skin, or anywhere in between.

From the description of the 5th Tiefling Player Race, section Infernal Bloodline (PHB, p. 42):

Your skin tones cover them full range of human coloring, but also include different shades of red.

Examples of other colors (all non-5e references come from this answer):

  • Blue skin: in 2e, The Planewalker manual, p. 80, blue skin is an option. In 3e, Race from Faerun, Pp. 125-126, blue skin is attributed to the legacy of the night grasshopper. In 5e, Sword Coast Adventurer & # 39; s Guide, p. 118 mentions this in the sidebar Tiefling Variants ("red or dark blue skin").
  • Green skin: in 2e, The Planewalker manual, p. 80, green skin is an option.
  • Purple Skin: In 5e, the main art for the tie-fling player race is purple (thanks @Guybrush McKenzie), although it's on the same page of the PHB as the first quote above and it's more reddish-purple (as opposed to a more bluish-purple ) can it be argued that it counts as a "shade of red"?
  • Honorable mention of the ivory white tie, although there are questions and answers that come to the conclusion that it is considered a "human skin tone", so this may not count here: Can a tie have permanent ivory white skin?

Are there other skin tones that are either shown in official art or, even better, mentioned in an official text? I do not think of novels, but only of rule books and traditions. Ideally, I would also like images to be backed up by text (therefore, in every text there are mentions of the purple tie, for which I have only one image to conclude that it is possible?), Where such text is available.

It would be great if the answers according to my previous question could include lore for any skin color, but since this had an entire question only for blue skin, I will consider it more "beautiful" than a difficult requirement for answers to do this is not taken too broadly (but it would save me to ask: "What is the tradition behind green?", "What is the tradition behind purple?" etc.).

I will professionally do any Photoshop editing or retouching for $ 1

I will do any Photoshop editing or retouching professionally

Hello everybody,

I'm xTaha and I'm working on Seoclerk as Photoshop Pro. You are at the right place if you want high quality work without wasting your time.
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Polish – How do I use the Brilliance SF skin care cream? | Proxies-free

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