Swiper slider delay

Hello! Set the delay between transitions in the Swiper slider.
The task is, after pressing the button forward, backward or scroll with the mouse, the film, for example, wait 3000ms and then change.

This is required for the animation to play.

Here's the slider: https://codepen.io/anakin-skywalker94/pen/qGvEwq

To thank!

Problem with Multi Item Slider in Bootstrap and Angular

I have a carousel with three objects at the same time. When I click on the next or previous button, three more new items are displayed, and so on. The problem I have now is that I bind between .ts and .html to get the value of the variable Z, which I change every time I click "Next" or "Back" this variable Z as an index I use a vector in which I have stored the images that I show in the slider. So I'm referring to z, z + 1, and z + 2 for the first 3 pictures, and then to z + 3, z + 4, and z + 5 for the next 3 pictures, if you click the previous button. The big problem I see is that when I click on the next button, the variable Z is obviously changed and everything turns out to be a mess, xq the values ​​are mixed. How could that improve? I know that this slider has too much repetitive code, but try some frameworks because bootstrap can not and does not work. Here I leave the code I have:

<! -
-> <! -
Waiting for data ...->

Here I increase the values ​​of the variable Z, the increase or decrease of 5 to 5, since this is the number of positions where I have to move in the vector of the photos to be able to rotate the carousel.

                previousInmueble () {
(this.z<=0)? this.z=680: this.z=this.z-5;

      (this.z>= 680)? this.z = 0: this.z = this.z + 5;

jquery – problem with menu slider

jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) {

"use strict";

var siteMenuClone = function () {

$ (& # 39; j-clone-nav & # 39;). each (function () {
var $ this = $ (this);
$ this.clone (). attr (# class; # 39; site-nav-wrap #). appendTo (& quot; site-mobile-menu-body & # 39;);

setTimeout (function () {

var counter = 0;
$ (& # 39;. Site-mobile-menu .has-children & # 39;). each (function () {
var $ this = $ (this);

$ this.prepend (& # 39;

Is there a way to create this slider in bootstrap?

I use Angular and Bootstrap and they asked me to make this slider:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I check the documentation of Bootstrap and the only thing that is similar is the carousel, but I think it does not work for me, this is a slider for small pictures. Any idea how I could react? should i do it from scratch? Bootstrap has no component for it? Thanks in advance. greetings