SQL Server with small database size and large log file size

I have multiple databases because the size of some log files increases more than normal, although very little data is added to a few tables of about 50 to 100 lines per month.

For example, during the review, I found that the database has a database size of 79 MB and a log file size of 833 MB, and that the log file size increased by almost 100 MB over a week, whereas only about 100 to 150 records were added to one of the records using the contact form with web form, which have only 5-6 fields.

Similar problem occurs in database 1. In this case, the database size is 16 MB, and the log file is now about 554 MB in size. database 1 is a test database and in the last 1 years no data has been added to this table.

We tried to downsize the database, which did not make a big difference …

I am not sure what to do next and why the database log file is so big. Even if we make a backup .bak File These files are also great as log files example Database 10 The .bak file is also about 800 MB in size.

The production server is SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition

Enter image description here

Recovery model for database 10 is Simple and for all other databases Full

This could be the reason for large log files

Algorithms – What is the probability of comparing the small and the largest element in the array when randomly selecting the pivot element?

Consider the recursive quick sort With random pivoting every time a random panning element is evenly selected. When this randomized algorithm is applied to an array with n different element, what is that probability that the smallest and the greatest Element will be compared during the execution of the algorithm.

legal – We are on WHV, my friend was in a small collision, we leave the house in 2 weeks. What happens if we do not pay the insurance fine?

Some countries work together if you have violated the law. So if you leave the country, you may not be able to avoid it and only make it worse. You may also have problems if you ever wanted to return to Australia. You can also share the black mark against you with other countries, and you must indicate whether Australia forbids you to do so.

Some of them could happen and none could happen. But you should pay for it. First, it is the right thing to do, and secondly, you never know what you want to do in the future, which could be affected by the unintended consequences / problems that you yourself might cause by skipping the country. And as the world becomes more connected, the risk you take increases.

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a stroke lunette?

[Politics] Open question: Why do Trump supporters have to carry a gun in public, I'm just wearing a small flashlight with a bounce?

installation – Alternative to environment modules (Lua / Lmod) for small Linux infrastructures

I am the new system administrator of a lab with ~ 20-25 computers on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04-18.04). The actual software management system is a computer that is used as a Lua / Lmod module server.
If someone wants to use a program, it loads the module and has access to it. I wanted to know if this is the most appropriate solution for this type of infrastructure. Is there a different / better way?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

google search console – The following errors are displayed Text too small to read, clickable elements too close together, content wider than the screen

I'm getting the following bugs in the GSC in Mobile Usability.
1. To read too small text
2. Clickable elements too close together
3. Content wider than screen

I received the same error last month (for another page) and it was fixed automatically. Was there a similar problem before?

GPS – Is there a way to track the location only during a small predefined time window?

You can use a combination of Macrodroid and GPS Logger for Android to automate the logging process.

  • If you are still using Macrodroid, click Add Macro.

  • On the Trigger tab, select Date / Time Trigger. Set the day and time to run the macro and stop the app. OK click.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Applications section, select Launch Application and then GPS Logger. Select Exclude from last apps.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Macrodroid Specific section, select Wait Before Next Action and set it to 2-3 seconds.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Applications section, select User Interface Interaction. Enter the appropriate permission. Go back and select Interaction with the UI. Select Identify in App. Open the GPS Logger, click the Macrodroid UI notifications in the status bar, and then click the Stop Logging button of the GPS Logger.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Device Actions section, select Backpress.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Applications section, select Stop Background Process, then select GPS Log.

  • On the Restrictions tab, in the Device Status section, select Application is running and grant the appropriate permission. Return to the macro, select "Application is running" and "Active in background"

  • Save the macro and give it a name. It will look like the picture below.

  • The first macro launches the app on the selected days and at the selected time, while the second macro stops them by pressing the Stop Logging button and then stops them from running in the background on the selected days and at the selected time. Make sure that Stop Logging is selected in step 5 of the second macro and does not start logging. If Start Logging is selected when Stop Logging is selected, select Start logging instead of Logging.

    [ Politics ] Question: Why did the Republicans voluntarily abolish our freedoms after 9/11, but are not ready to make a small sacrifice to stop the shootings?

    [Politics] Open Question: Why did the Republicans voluntarily abolish our freedoms after September 11, but are not ready to make a small sacrifice to stop the shootings?

    Tips and tricks for photo editing on a small screen

    It's not clear what you mean by "mobile phone editing." What are you starting with? What do you end up with? So what you do is not destructive, so you can easily load the image in its current state and reprocess it with slightly different parameters (like Raw processing with Rawtherapee). If so, there is at least no permanent damage and you can pick up where you left off.

    Why should you do "Mobile Editing" instead of waiting for the picture details to be found out?