Algorithms – "Wrong Answer" for extremely small, simple problem

ATM: Problem code: HS08TEST from
Pooja wants to withdraw X $ US from an ATM. The ATM only accepts the transaction if X is a multiple of 5 and Pooja's balance has enough cash to complete the withdrawal transaction (including bank charges). For each successful payout, the bank will charge $ 0.50US. Calculate the balance of Pooja after a transaction attempt.
Positive integer 0 <X <= 2000 – the amount of money Pooja wants to withdraw.
Non-negative number 0 <= Y <= 2000 with two-digit precision – Pooja's initial account balance.
Post the balance after the transaction attempt as a two-digit number. If there is not enough money in the account to complete the transaction, spend the current account balance.
Example – Successful Transaction
30 120.00
Example – Wrong Payout Amount (not a multiple of 5)
42 120.00

My solution in C ++ is:

using namespace std;
int main ()
float bal;
int w;
cin >> w >> bal;
if (w + .5> bal || w% 5! = 0)

cPanel price increase, how will this affect freelancers and small businesses?

A few weeks ago cpanel announced that the prices per server correspond to an account model. An $ 11 per cPanel license for each server and 1,000 sites now requires $ 122 to be paid. That's a price increase of about 1000%! How will it affect new freelancers and small businesses? It is a monopoly in the hosting industry. What are the alternatives or the creation of a self-control panel?

I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

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  1. I am new here and am happy! Many Thanks

    Hello, I am a designer, small business owner and photographer currently living in the United States. My interests range from technology to innovation. I am also interested in digital search engine marketing and web development as required today. I hope I can share ideas here and also gain more ideas. Many Thanks

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Image Quality – Since larger pixels increase depth of field and sensitivity, why do not we have large sensors with a small number of pixels?

The disadvantage is that with a fixed sensor area, fewer pixels are available as the pixel size increases. Thus, the image resolution suffers. That's hardly what photographers want. In addition, DoF depends only on pixel size because you can not distinguish details within a pixel, but you can distinguish details between two adjacent pixels. So you can just zoom in and say that you have a deep DoF. An extreme would be to reduce the picture to 640 x 480. What a huge DoF would you have then. And what bad image quality would you have!

In practice, the sensor surface is fixed, as photographers invest several thousand dollars in lenses that support only a specific sensor area. A larger sensor footprint would require eliminating these investments and investing even more money in larger sensor lenses. The semiconductor manufacturing process also has a lower yield for larger sensor areas. A smaller sensor area would mean that the lenses have an unnecessarily large image circle and therefore too much glass, are too heavy and too expensive for the work. Optimal lenses for small sensors are smaller and have a smaller image circle. In addition, the effective focal length (not the physical focal length) changes and therefore the use of the lenses would change: what a normal full-image lens would be would be a short telephoto on a crop camera.

If you enlarge the sensor, you will need another lens. In fact, larger sensors may have one due to the different lenses lower Depth of field. It is well-known that if you have a cut camera and a full-frame camera to achieve a shallow depth of field, you should select the full-screen camera (the exact details, however, depend on which lenses you are comparing).

So, maybe a little involuntarily, if you want a deep DoF, use a smartphone and a lens designed for a smartphone sensor (sold tightly with the smartphone). I think you will find that the smartphone camera with its small pixel size and small sensor size has a deep DoF.

Should product and / or project areas be considered for small internal development work?

tl; dr: I work in a small company with a development team of 5 to 10 employees. Lately, we have been asked to submit "scope documents" for all our work before we perform the actual work, without the amount of work required to be considered.

I am worried that I often spend more time writing Scope documents about small improvements than I actually do.

Before I explain my question better, I would like to set some basic views on the situation.

I understand that creating these documents can be considered a training exercise as the team grows and the current members take on leadership roles. I am not against it and I think it is a valuable training experience. I just feel that the documents are not always necessary, which can be a waste of time. As a small company, we feel that we are already under time and resource pressure.

I understand that product and / or project scope is essential when you are looking for a completely new product. I can also see the importance of documents for maintaining order in a structured and distributed development team (many team members + project leaders). When dealing with third-party customers who wish to commission our development work, of course, the scope is mandatory.

I understand the need to ensure that a developer fully understands the request before going to work, but I have to wonder if these small improvements, even if misunderstood, may take more time than writing, Review and revise and sign the appropriate Scope documents.

For the above understanding, excuse the length of this post, but to describe my problems:

My questions arise in situations where our development team makes relatively small improvements to our own internal software. Minor improvements, such as adding a single new button to a web UI that performs a simple operation, or adding a new action handler (basically 1 function) to a backend system.

These little improvements can indirectly Earn revenue as they increase the value of our product, but we do not directly sell these new improvements independently. This leaves little room for scope in terms of cost and return.

All that remains is a scope that lists the expected outcome of why we do it and the expected hourly work stoppage (which is often highly valued). These documents are sometimes moved around with discussions about small issues that have often been applied to the improvement after it has been completed anyway. The documents will be revised to reflect the decisions made in this process.

I can not help but feel that we are wasting a lot of valuable developer time writing these documents, with the slight improvement at the same time needed for writing the original document to go through a first iteration of development , Then the time spent checking the document could be used to validate the code, and instead of revising the code revision and completion document – the end result in this situation is (for me) an improvement, which almost goes as long as the scope / documentation phase has lasted.

My main questions are:
(As part of a small development team)

Are we doing the right scoping / planning and development?

Are there rules of thumb that we should follow in relation to these processes?

Is there a red flag in one of the upper sections indicating that I should adapt my position to the situation?

Is there a way to improve the situation and make everyone happy?

All insight would be very grateful.

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