Transactions – Why does binance send a small amount into another utxo while sending it to a cold purse?

I think the address 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s belongs to Binance

If you look at this transaction, for example,
They seem to send customer money to this address, but every time they do so they also send a small amount to a new address.
Here it is 3QZQ7S8v9mWWAUaSf8R4D4nzsGEMXnMjvw and after they have sent this utxo into their main wallet (like this tx

For what? why do not you send in a single utxo that belongs to your main address?

Many Thanks

Java – Small CCG Project Review

Hello, I am creating a small CCG application similar to this Yugioh project linked below. I've written my own rules for the game in a text that I can link to when needed.


Wonderful project, right? One small difference I want to design is that the spell effects, if possible, are all one class

I feel that my project needs a code review, because after a short break I am back in programming and working on my own.

Here is a picture of my project in Eclipse Explorer:

Enter image description here

The project is progressing well, but I would like to have a bit of input in two parts:

Language is Java.

1: Is that okay or should I only initialize content when I need to create it?

import javax.swing.JFrame;

public game extends JFrame {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
public static TitlePanel tp;
public static DuelSettingsAIPanel dsaip;
public static DuelAIPanel daip;
public static EditDeckPanel edp;

public game () {

// initialize content
tp = new TitlePanel (this);
dsaip = new DuelSettingsAIPanel (this);
edp = new EditDeckPanel (this);
daip = new DuelAIPanel (this);

setBounds (0,0,1024,768);
setResizable (false);
setLocationRelativeTo (null);
setDefaultCloseOperation (JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);
setContentPane (tp);
setVisible (true);

public static void main (String[] arguments)
new game();

2: Why does requestFocus () cause cardToAdd not to be displayed if not called? The only other way to see it is to hover over the component while the application is running.

private void dealHands ()
HandCard cardToAdd = new HandCard (new card (0));
DuelAIPanel.playerHandScrollPane.add (cardToAdd);
cardToAdd.requestFocus (); /// why is that necessary?

Feel free to talk to me on Discord.
As a side note, I also use the Window Builder Plug-in for Eclipse.
Many Thanks!

Poliwager Forums – Small, Funny Pokémon Community! | Forum Promotion

Transactions – What happens in a small blockchain network?

My main question here is, is this understanding correct or have I misunderstood something? If this question is better for Reddit, I apologize in advance and go there. Many Thanks.


Technically, I was able to download the Bitcoin source code and run my own Altcoin (call it Pokercoin) on a network of 5 computers (for me and my 4 geeky friends who wanted to play poker without chips).

If I understood that correctly, we would each run pokercoin source code / qt on our laptops, and no other computers would be required to keep the thing running (or we might need to do something else to make sure the network is working, because of that otherwise, is there no other way for the network to perform all IP-level tasks, or do nodes do this and execute something other than the Bitcoin source code?).

When I make a payment, each of the other 4 computers gets a copy of that transaction and they all add it to a block of 1 transaction, which is appended to our very short block chain after 10 minutes (since my computer is hypothetically able to to be solved) in 10 minutes).

If two of us make a transaction (the new block to be added has two transactions), but the other three computers have written their own block, which in fact is different from my computer and my friend's computer, then that would be 51 Percent attack the previous hit block to be appended (or only added after another block has been added as this is now the longest chain).

We all also get new pokercoin to be miners in our own system (or maybe it's only those who use other code that become miners).

After all, none of us thinks he has any money, because we know that "how much we own" is actually just the network that goes through each transaction to calculate our sums (and this happens every time a new one is added) block is done).

We also do not argue about block sizes, because we are five.

Extracting small parts of words (quadgrammes) from text with r

I want to extract small parts of words (quadgrams) from the text. Example:

Hello World

Results in:

_hel, hell, ello, llo_, lo_w ...

This is my previous basic attempt:

Text <- "Hello World"

Number_characters <- ncharacters (text)
quad_gram_list <- ""[-1]

for (i in 1: number_of_characters) {

The End <- i + 3
    if (end > Number of characters) {
end <- number_of_characters

temp <- substring (text, i, end)

if (nchar (temp) == 4) {
quad_gram_list <- append (quad_gram_list, temp)

Suggestions for improvement would be very grateful. Many Thanks!

Jobs – 80BMF – APP DOWNLOAD + SMALL TASK | Proxies-free

Hello BMF users,

I have a small task for you, you have to download the app Qriket
Qriket is an app that allows you to earn money for free by viewing ads and making offers.

Please follow these short steps

1 -> Go to this link
And download the app "Qriket"

2-> Create an account and enter "COP0FV" as the reference code.
Note: You will not be paid if you do not enter my referral code.

3-> Go to the main screen and click on "More Information" (see picture below). Now you have to see a quick ad. Do this 10 times until you receive a notification that you have earned $ 1.00.

4-> Now you're done, send me a screenshot with the Qriket referral page (click on the 3 bars on the top left of the main page to see your name) in a PN or reply to this thread.


Which is the best way to promote a small business?

Discussion in & # 39; Internet Marketing & # 39; started by Phill1235, May 8, 2019 at 11:47 pm,

  1. Phill1235




    New member

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    Being a small business owner, not having any experience, but thinking about how to prepare my new business very effectively. Have heard many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram or many more websites on the web. Could you please give me some advice as to which one is best for promoting a business?
    Any advice will surely be appreciated.

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    May 8, 2019 at 11:47 pm

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A database for a small business

You will be able to go a long way only with a tech-savvy person who can follow the instructions.

Essentially, you want a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) and there are plenty of them. Find one that looks ok, install it, play around and be ready to start over if it's not good.

Probably the only thing that could be "interesting" is the link to Google Drive, but I would expect to be able to add that pretty easily via a plugin or setting. Saving documents in Drive, Dropbox, etc. is hardly new.

What was there first … the chicken or the egg?

Do you choose your CRM and then find someone who can customize it? or do you find someone you trust and go with the CRM with which they have experience?

Are you getting someone to meet you who knows the intricacies of Canadian business? or go abroad where you get more for your money?

There is no real answer to that, and you may continue to talk in the discussion with your new technical person if you can prove that you have done some homework and know what you are doing and what is not on some of the known systems. For example, you really like zoho, but it's not self-hosted, or you do not like the UI on another, but how easy is it to add custom data.

How long it will take?

You do not know this until you have selected and identified your CRM does not do.

If it is just configured, it may take several hours. If it's a big job, it could take weeks.

You may have a grocery list of requirements and opt for "quick successes" to get started and invest in customizations if you're already up and running and proven that it's the right CRM for your business.

Oh, and the FWIW Doctors Records are also kept in the cloud.

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