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Web design services for small businesses

Our website architecture administrations are not one size fits all – there are no clippings, at least not from the best organizations. A decent web architecture office will help you find the best type of website for your business. What is important is that your website is excellent, insightful, and lead-centered. You also need to keep updating it to take into account the customer's needs. Most web architectures only have a future of 2-5 years.

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magento2 – Price calculator for small wine e-shop with several stores in different countries


My friend runs some small wineries in Italy and owns 3-4 small warehouses in different European countries. He wants his online customers (wine buyers) to decide from which warehouse they want to get the wine by comparing the shipping prices.

If the customer is in the same country as the warehouse, integration with local delivery services and online payment systems is highly recommended.

I am currently inclined to Magento 2.3 + PWA Studio.


Is it possible to achieve the functionality of such a price calculator without creating a custom module?

similar source words small sequence difference

I created a wallet weeks ago and apparently restored the seed on my other 2 devices. I recently noticed that I accidentally logged into a different wallet with identical starting words but a different word sequence. Unfortunately, when I noticed the discrepancy, I couldn't say which seeds I produced and what I came across. Should I give up both purses for security reasons? or is there a way to secure both. Note I have financed one, the other is empty.

pde – Why we only define controls for small regions

Let us assume the defined wave equation $ Omega $with the controller $ f $ defined on $ omega subset Omega $, as follows:
begin {cases}
u_ {tt} -u_ {xx} = f.1 { omega} , , , , x in omega , t in (0, T) \
u = 0 , , , , x in part Omega, , t in (0, T) \
u (0, x) = u_0 (x), , , u & # 39; (0, x) = u ^ 1 (x) , , , , x in Omega, , t in (0, T)
end {cases}

My question is why are we looking at control $ f $ only on a small region of $ Omega $and not all $ Omega? $

dslr – My viewfinder is too small – what can I do about it?

The Canon website contains the viewfinder specifications:

kind Penta mirror at eye level

reporting Vertical / horizontal approx.

enlargement Approximately 0.87x (-1m with
50mm lens in infinity)

Eye point Approximately 19mm (from eyepiece)
Lens center)

diopter correction
-3.0 to +1.0 diopters

focusing screen Fixed, precision

mirror Quick-return half mirror
(Transmission: reflectance of
40:60, no mirror shutdown at EF600mm
1: 4L IS USM or shorter lenses)

viewfinder information AF information
(AF points, focus confirmation light),
Exposure information (shutter speed,
Aperture, AE lock, exposure level, ISO
Speed, exposure warning), flash
Information (ready to flash, high-speed
Synchronization, FE storage, flash exposure
Compensation), monochrome recording,
White balance correction maximum
Burst, SD memory card information

Depth of Field Preview Activated with
Depth of field preview button

I think the most important parts of your question are the reporting and the focus.

The viewfinder of this camera is only designed to cover 95% of the area, i.e. you will not see the whole frame. You have to remember that. They also specify 19 mm as the eye point, so you should keep your eye within 19 mm of the eyepiece lens for optimal viewing.

As for cameras with a good viewfinder … To get 100% coverage you usually have to get on the professional line. However, if you look at the specifications, you can see which type of viewfinder is being used.

Ideally, you would like a pentaprism at eye level with 100% coverage and 1.0x magnification.

If you want to learn more about all components of the viewfinder, you can find a good reference at luminous-landscape (the examples are a bit outdated, but the concepts are correct).

Javascript – Lots of small files compared to smaller files: effects on package size and creation time

I am a relentless supporter of small files. I prefer one function export per file, functions with all-in-one view and the division of UI components as sensible as possible (which is why I love React).

From the point of view of code maintenance and clarity (IMO), this has many advantages. However, I have never judged how this can affect the overall size of the bundle and the compile time. I have always assumed that the use of small files makes a small or even negligible difference in package size and speed. However, I would like some data to back up or refute this assumption without having to massively redesign an existing app for comparison purposes.

How do many small and small files affect package size and compile time?

Web hosting – what is the cheapest way to host a small amount of data in different geographic locations?

I am building a client application to test connection speed and need to host a small amount of data in different geographic locations so that users can use the closest server to run the test. What would be the cheapest way to host this data for testing?

I have not found a (cheap) service that I can use to provide the hosted data, so I assume that I would have to host it myself.

Thank you very much

Windows 10 – Size of File Explorer icons for View> Medium Icons and View> Small Icons

On Windows 10. There are a few folders with shortcuts on the desktop that I use regularly. However, the symbols don't look good.

In Windows Explorer the View > Small icons results in icons 16×16 too small. The View > Medium icons However, option gives 64×64 symbols that are path too big and pretty ugly and pixelated.

Ideally, that View > Medium icons Option would use 32×32 symbols. Can you configure that?

India – Small oil stains on the bio data page of my passport. Is it "damaged"?

I'm going to India next month and have ordered a new passport. In the short time I had it, I somehow managed to get 4 oil stains (explained as oil by the fact that the paper has become a bit more transparent as it is exposed to oil). I am very concerned that this is enough damage to refuse my entry. If necessary, I have time to get a new passport, although I obviously don't want to. I have attached some pictures below that show the four blobs on the other side of the biodata page, as well as some photos of the biodata (cropped for privacy reasons) that show that they are visible on the important biodata page itself.

Simply put, based on the images below, should I get a replacement passport before I travel to India in 4 weeks? Thanks for your help.

The four oil brands on the other side of the biodata page:
The four oil brands on the other side of the biodata page. Enter image description here

Three of the oil spills on the biodata page:

3 of the oil spills on the biodata side

The other spot can be seen on the passport photo itself, if a little to the side of my portrait.

Another blob on my passport photo