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Smartmine is a platform providing with computing power sharing services to users around the world. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. You can enjoy the service with just one-click.
To mine competitively today, you need to invest significant resources, time and effort into your setup. Our team has built the most efficient mining systems to do the job for you. This way you can fully focus on keeping track of the markets and remain competitive with your mining rewards.
We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and we love being part of this growing community. Our Team is committed to providing transparent, reliable, convenient and first-class computer powering sharing services to users around the world.

All new users get 100 MH/s dogecoin mining contract for free

The project provides 6 type of mining contracts
Min investment amount is only 250 dogecoins
Plan 1:
Price: 25 DOGE – 120 days
Plan 2:
Price: 74 DOGE – 120 days
Plan 3:
Price: 145 DOGE – 120 days
Plan 4:
Price: 440 DOGE – 120 days
Plan 5:
Price: 1050 DOGE – 120 days
Plan 6:
Price: 2000 DOGE – 120 days

The number of contracts is not limited, provided that they are available for sale

Cryptocurrency accepted for deposit:

Main Features:
24/7 live support via FB and E-mail;
Instant deposits to your balance;
fastpayments withing 24 hours;
Free sign up test bonus;
Up to 10% referral commission;
Real time mining income;
First profit within 10 minutes
Low minimum withdrawal amount (100 DOGE)

Referral Program:
From 5 up to 10% || You can always increase the level of your referral reward by inviting more active users to the project.

My deposit:
2021-06-11 06:17:10

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SmartMine –

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Online Date 2019-05-11

Investment plans: 10% daily for 84 days (main return)

minimum spending $ 10 or 0.0008 BTC or 0.012 LTC

recommendation Commission Three levels: 7% – 2% – 1%

Withdrawal Method Immediate

Custom script

DDoS protection from Ovh Sas

about us:

Cryptocurrency prices are being manipulated for the benefit of exchanges and mining equipment manufacturers. Our A.I. Software uses the Quantum Neural Network to uncover these manipulations and create profitable solutions for us and our investors. These solutions include arbitrage, forex trading, digital exchange and finding the right coin at the right time using 3ed party mining facilities. All these operations require a lot of money. Here the investment program takes place. We invite investors who want to participate and get a passive income. When you join our platform, you will receive a profit from your deposit immediately after your transaction. SamrtMine offers our investment partners the opportunity to feel the excitement that the crypto currency world is making in profits rather than the stress that comes with it.

Plans details:

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IANA ID: 1068
Whois server:

Registrar status clientTransferProhibited
Dates 409 days old
Created on 30.03.2018
Expires on 2020-03-30
Updated on 11.04.2019

Nameserver DNS1.GINGERWALL.COM (has 47 domains)
DNS2.GINGERWALL.COM (has 47 domains)
DNS3.GINGERWALL.COM (has 47 domains)

Technical contact WhoisGuard Protected
WhoisGuard, Inc.
PO Box 0823-03411,
Panama, Panama, PA

(p) (f)
The IP address is hosted on a dedicated server

IP Location France – Hauts-de-France – Roubaix – Ovh Sas

Smartmine – 50 G / s Power Mining (No investment

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FREE 50 GH / s Power Mining

As you already understood, SMARTMINE is a cloud mining project. The most important way to make money here is to reduce the cryptocurrency. All you have to do is buy a contract and the mining process will start automatically.

To purchase a contract, go to the Mining section. You will find 6 contract types here. Each contract has its own price and a certain capacity (GH / s). The more contracts you buy, the higher your overall speed. If you buy more expensive contracts, you increase your income.

The speed of mining depends directly on the number of contracts purchased and the capacity used (GH / s). The more expensive the contract, the lower the cost of 1 GH / s. So, buying a more expensive contract saves you money and ultimately results in more profit. For example, it would be more profitable to buy a contract with a claimed capacity of 150 GH / s than three contracts with a capacity of 50 GH / s. As you can see, the overall rate is the same, but the price is different.

How can I earn BTC in your project ?:

It's easy, you just have to register an account and buy a mining contract (GH / s). Do not forget the bonus contract you receive after registration. The bonus contract will be automatically activated after successful registration and you can test our platform without your own investment.

Roi and Invest:

150 GH / s contract
Cost: 0.00147 BTC
Average income: 0.00216 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

300 GH / s contract
Cost: 0.0029 BTC
Average income: 0.00432 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

1 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.0088 BTC
Average income: 0.0144 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

2.5 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.021 BTC
Average income: 0.036 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

5 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.04 BTC
Average income: 0.072 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

Retract Limit: 0.001 BTC (100,000 satoshi)

Minimal maximum. Deposit Limit: 0.0005 BTC (50,000 satoshi)