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Source: How to save a HEIC image as JPEG on iPhone

Apple has built-in functions for camera formats for taking pictures and videos in HD quality (HEIC) and sequence pictures. However, you can use HEIC instead of JPEG files, and your videos will automatically get HEVC instead of H264.

The advantage of these new functions is that you can convert your photos into lower quality for little space in high quality. You can save more pictures and videos on your iPhone device. These features were introduced in 2015 and may be better from an earlier format like GIF. GIFs are more useful to present animated videos and photos on mobile phones today for an update on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

HEIC and HEVC files are still not generally supported on all devices. If you want to take HEIC photos with your iPhone, you want to send them to friends or family who are using Windows computers.

Here are some methods for exporting your HEIC and HEVC files to JPEG files and H264 files. If you continuously send pictures to relatives and friends who are not using recently launched or current devices, you can export your photos to JPEG format. You get the same image quality in a small space. How to save Apple iPhone and Apple iPad images exported from HEIC file format to JPEG.

1. Click Settings.

2. Press on camera.

3. Hit formats.

4. Change the camera format from the default setting to "Compatible". This is a highly efficient setting that allows you to automatically save images in JPEG format and videos in H264 file format.

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Why a social media business coach? – Social media marketing (SMM)

Think about the time when you started doing sports. They didn't even know the rules of the game, let alone the professional tips. And look at you now. You are a winner! Apart from your talent, your efforts, your hard work and your commitment, what is the reason for your specialist knowledge? Well, it's your trainer, isn't it? Just like a soccer or basketball game or anything else, a business is a game that has to be played according to the rules, and with a few tricks and tips you can claim the winning place. And just like with any other game, make sure you have a coach at your side to get the best results. In addition to a business coach, you also need the help of a personal social media coach,

In the world where your social media presence can make your business fail, you need to make sure your social media game is up to date. And you can do that with the help of a trainer. New forms of business have also emerged that revolve around the Internet and social media, for example network marketing. And to make sure you can make enough money from this business, hire someone who can tell you all the inside secrets. Even if you are looking for one Network Marketing Personal Coaching You shouldn't trust anyone on the Internet. The internet is becoming a place for all kinds of self-proclaimed marketing gurus and trainers, but you can't just trust everyone. For the best results, contact Coach Fryer.

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Coach Fryer, d. H. Brian is a Social media network marketing Coach who can help you achieve all of your business goals on social media.

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What strategy will help you to be successful as a social media marketer? – Social media marketing (SMM)

7 guidelines that should apply to social media marketing. Vartika Kashyap. …

Contribute a lot of time. There is no alternative way to progress – no matter what area you are talking about. …

Robot controller. …

Don't try to be OMNIPRESENT. …

Create group of people. …

Make inquiries, offer answers. …

Recent developments and influencers. …

Go visually.

How should a company measure the success of social media marketing? – Social media marketing (SMM)

Level 1: Determine your social goals. Before you rate individual tweets, photos, and Facebook comments on your image, you should first consider your goals with web-based life. …

Phase 2: Create metrics to measure these goals. …

Level 3: Measure. …

Level 4: Monitor and report. …

Level 5: Adjust and repeat.

Protect Your Microsoft Document Password – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is always important to keep your Microsoft documents password protected as they may contain valuable information or official data that can be hacked for abuse. To keep your data safe and secure, you must build a defensive fortification against those who try to violate your data.

Whether you have a Mac operating system or a Windows operating system, it's important to keep your documents safe.

Put simply, you need a password to protect your documents as you protect apps on your smartphone. In this article, you will learn how to block random access to your Microsoft Office on both Windows and Mac OS.

It is equally important to understand that the documents in OneDrive can not be password protected. Let's start the process immediately to protect your documents.

How can I password protect Microsoft Docs on Windows?

There are certain steps that must be followed to keep your documents secure and password protected. These steps are as follows:

1. The first step is to click on the Microsoft Word document and open it.
2. Now you have to click on the option labeled "File".
3. Then you have to click on the tab "Info".
4. If no prompt appears on the screen, you must specifically click the Info tab.
5. Once this step is completed, you must click on the "Protect Document" option.
6. Now all you have to do is click on the option "Encrypt with password" to continue.
7. After that, you must enter the password you want to keep.
8. After entering the password, all you need to do is click on the "OK" option.
9. At the end, you must enter the password again and then click on the "OK" button to confirm the entry.

Note: – You do not need to enter the password to delete a Microsoft document.

How can I password protect Microsoft Docs on a Mac?

To secure your Microsoft documents with a password lock, you only need to do the following: –

1. Double-click the Microsoft Word document on your desktop.
2. You just have to click on the "Review" option.
3. After this option, you must click on the option marked "Protect Document" on your screen.
4. You must now enter the password that you want to keep for locking documents.
5. Click on the "Ok" option.
6. You must enter the password again and then click on the "Ok" option.
7. Congratulations !! Your Microsoft document is now password protected.


With Microsoft, you have permission to back up your documents with the passwords. This has helped many users to keep their data secure and inaccessible. Hopefully, the steps described in the article have helped users create a protective shield for their Microsoft documents. If there is still confusion with the steps described above, it is recommended that you visit the Microsoft Office Support page and ask your relevant questions.

Steve Smith, a creative person who uses his technical writing skills to make it easier for readers to understand the complexity of technical issues like Many popular e-magazines have published their articles. He also wrote about people's questions related to technology.


Most of us know that Bitdefender is an effective antivirus software. However, if you want to switch to another, you need to know the method of removal. Removal causes many problems. Therefore, read this blog carefully to avoid such problems.

The blog is suitable for users of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. This also applies to newer versions of the Mac operating system.


Social Media Marketing Company for Dermatologists – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing It's not just about Google, Instagram or Facebook Page. IIt's about educating the masses, answering their questions about dermatology, and sharing interesting news about your practice. content marketing has become a powerful tool for growing your online and offline business. The company offers Social media marketing company for dermatologists in Delhi, Noida, NCR.

How can social networking site help for SEO? – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now active for a day on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, etc., with positive search crawler signals that help to improve your website ranking and target the audience online.

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