iphone 11 pro imessage is not displayed when a certain person sends me an SMS

Okay, about an hour ago I accidentally changed the day on my phone to one day before and while it was still one day before, I texted someone. Now the thing is that I changed it back to normal and now I don't get message notifications every time the person sends me a text message, but they send my messages and they are messages to the person who does not display my read receipts, when I do this I'm wearing it. I restarted my phone many times and did research, but nothing worked. I really need help!

SMS – Signal Private Messenger Send many retry messages. How to quit?

I have been using Signal Private Messenger for several years. In a few cases, when I send a text message, Signal gets angry and keeps "Acknowledge" or "Deny". I choose the "Deny" button and the window always opens faster than I can press "Deny". I can't turn the signal off or reset.

I tried to turn off the phone completely and restart it (Android – Samsung Galaxy S7). I tried to reset the phone. I tried to close the Signal app (Signal does not let me close the app while the message boxes are on the screen and appearing so quickly that the phone does not recognize the lock function). When I turn the phone back on, the messages start again. I have received texts back from the recipient that have received more than 100 repeat messages, more are coming.

The only way I've found so far to stop them is to reset the phone and completely remove the Signal Private Messenger app to start over. This removes all previous message strings and people. Is there any other way to reset this app?

Email address that will be forwarded to my Google Voice SMS inbox

This question is intentionally repeated
Which SMS email address works for Google Voice?
But that is 8+ years old and the accepted answer is not correct.
I think it would be misleading to put a bounty on this question. Users will not understand the "story" of the post.

I have a Google Voice number XXX-XXX-XXXX.
How can I "create" an email address so that the email sent to it appears in my SMS inbox for XXX-XXX-XXXX?

For other companies, it was something like 10 years ago:

Web application for sending SMS emails


Will GV ever have an email-to-SMS gateway? from Googlevoice


How can I send an SMS to a whole list of contacts on Google Sheets using Zapier?

I have a Google Sheet (A) with a list of tasks. A Zap is triggered every time a new line is added to this sheet.

I have a Google Sheet (B) with a list of the user's contact details

I would like to send an SMS message via Twilio to every contact listed on Sheet B when a new line is added to Sheet A.

Is that possible? How can it be achieved?

Authentication – How does 2FA transmit information via SMS and authenticator? How can we be sure that the U2F will not be manipulated before we have received it?

I have a number and a phone that have rarely been used and ringing in the past 9 months. It has no contacts. I don't think I've signed up for anything in the past 9 months.

Recently, just at the beginning of the week when I started exploring VPC services, I signed up for 2FA with AWS, downloaded a Google authenticator and registered with Gsuite. Suddenly it got robocalls. If it's not just random and perfect timing, I wonder if it says anything about security and confidentiality.

I don't know much about security, but if the phone number used to register products and services intended as security measures is not encrypted or kept confidential, what does that mean?


How does 2FA transmit the information via SMS and authenticator? U2F is a hardware device we need to buy and how can we tell if it hasn't been tampered with before it ended on our hands?

If this is not the right SE to ask this question, please forward me to one. Thank you very much.

Cpanel 2 Factore SMS authencaiton addon

Cpanel 2 factore sms authencaiton addon | Web hosting conversation

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  1. Cpanel 2 Factore SMS authencaiton addon

    Hi there,
    I would like to know if you can add 2-factor SMS authentication to cpanel. Receive text messages, etc.

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How do I deactivate the toast notification after an SMS has been sent?

I have a Nokia 6.1 Plus on Android 10.

I'm having trouble activating my bank on Google Pay. An SMS will be sent during the activation process. Then this toast message regarding my SMS credit is displayed by the operator.


(Click to enlarge)

While this message is displayed, the system is getting out of the context of Google Pay. In return, Google Pay says so.


(Click to enlarge)

It irritates me that sending or receiving money is annoying.

Which country is Mailinator's one-way SMS and is there more?

Mailinator's one-way SMS seems to be a hidden feature. First you need to search for an email address and only then click on the Public SMS option. However, it always seems to be a fixed number.

Which country does this number belong to?

And what if you change it on the right and click "GO!" Click? Does it change to an email address or another number?

Public SMS
Change number

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