Is the social media size the true measure for a forum? | Forum Promotion

Forums like this are huge. But honestly, the sign of real power is a huge social medium that follows these days. I mean, you could have a tiny forum – with a huge amount of social media – and it would be a real giant – compared to a large forum with no traffic or potential traffic.


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Social Engineering – Protect yourself from OSINT?

Open Source Intelligence has been around for some time, though it has only recently gained attention. I do the following to keep myself under control.

Step 1: Hack yourself

Have you ever googled? Try to collect information about yourself using OSINT techniques. Start somewhere, perhaps with your most common username, to access this site and continue from there. Various tools are available for searching for usernames on the Internet. You can see where you signed in with this alias. It's often in places where you can not even remember to sign up. Read through the posts and see how much information is being spent about you.
In the meantime, create a profile of yourself based on the information found. You'll be surprised what you get for each post you write or respond to that has something unique to tell you. Sometimes you even find older usernames you used to connect. Branch from there, search for it now and write down your results. By now you have a good idea of ​​a person's likes, dislikes, interests, views, etc. In my opinion, it is now becoming dangerous to associate a person's online identity with their actual identity. In some cases this happens on purpose, in other cases unintentionally. You'll find a post that leads you to a username that leads you to a blog post that takes you to the user's LinkedIn profile. And now you have extensive information about this person.

There are many great tools to bring people together again. Google search filters are the best example to really narrow down the results. Your information is out there, it's just about finding it. Here are some other tools that can help.

Step 2: Recalibrate

Once you've gathered enough information about yourself, you'll need to weigh what everyone should know about what's available with limited access (friends on Facebook, LinkedIn connections, etc.) and what's up there but really it would not should be. Once you have this, you can track it down, find those sources, and clean them up. You can also make a close friend do the same with you to get a different perspective. Maybe she will find something else in you.

Step 3: Control

I make the impression that the internet is bad, it really is not. Some people like to share and interact with the community, post things, tweet their opinions, and share experiences. And that's fine as long as you know what you do and agree with. The Internet is absolutely, once it's up there and you forget it, it will be there forever. So when you post something, do not be surprised if someone you've never met knows a lot about you. Even if it is a private forum, you should assume that everyone is watching.

This whole thing is not a one-time effort. I always enjoy doing it because I do many things without noticing the effects. As time passes and your consciousness increases, you automatically have a filter in your head that puts red flags when you communicate something you should not be. Some call it paranoia, I call it necessary (within limits).

Conclusion: Get used to the fact that what you are about to communicate in the meantime is likely to be seen by many more people than you expect, and may tell you much more about yourself than you thought. Once you have this implicit filter in your mind, you can control how much someone can win with an OSINT-based attack. Sorry if this answer is largely unstructured. There is no right or wrong answer here. Read other answers, get some ideas and make your own model. Good luck!

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New Social Bookmarking List – October 2019

Hello everybody,

Even if we use social bookmarking today, everyone has a different perspective. Some use it for fast ping, while others use it as a source for backlinks.

Check out the list of the latest social bookmarking sites –

I will try to update many other resources as soon as possible, including Instant Business Profile, Guest Posting List, and Article Site List.


How To Highlight Your Product With Custom Labels – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is a known fact that we live in a time when everything changes over time. In the beginning, it was only the quality of the items that they were going to buy. But nowadays, things have changed radically over time. Now, people tend to have their goods in elegant and unique packaging. This sense of uniqueness can be created with the help of custom labels. These labels are available in a variety of color schemes and designs and can be applied to almost any type of merchandise to make them more acceptable to the customer.

Note the products:

The placement of a suitable label or label has become an integral part of almost all types of retail articles or products. Because different things are of different nature and nature. Therefore, product labels must be created taking into account the quality of the item or the ideas to which it is to be applied. For example, if the article belongs to the clothing industry, labels are hung with the help of colorful ribbons or beautiful strings.

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Similarly, the food industry has a tradition of attaching labels to the surface of containers by sticking. For this purpose, tacky printable films are used that can be easily applied to all types of covers, including cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. When suitable stickers are used for different types of products, customers are impressed at first glance her eyes even more important and prominent. Using inappropriate and unsuitable labels for this purpose will not have a positive impact on customers, and the image or reputation of the article would be compromised.

Enter the information:

In the field of science and technology, rapid progress has been made over time. This progress has revolutionized the packaging and printing industry to a great extent. But it has also influenced the daily lives of people. In the past they had plenty of time to analyze the details of the articles in detail. But now they are too busy to do that and are always looking for ways to capture the details quickly and efficiently. This possibility can be given to the customer by means of label printing.

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However, these labels must not simply be glued to the surface of the edging of the articles, but useful information must be printed that puts the customer immediately at the center. For example, if it is an edible thing, consumers would look for the ingredients list, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, and so on. When they get these crucial details through labels or stickers, they develop a sense of trust in the safety, purity and superior quality of the items and they will attract attention for the buyers. Likewise, if someone wants to buy clothes, then the type of fabric, the right way to wash it, its price, etc.

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can be written on the stickers to make it easier for the users. Therefore, it can be said that the tags work best if the information printed on them matches the type of products. It is easy to understand that the space available on the containers is limited and no additional information can be written to them. Therefore, the expression of the details must be specific and only the most essential part must be written to it. This will increase the value of the product to consumers.

Easy to read texts:

It is fairly certain that critical information needs to be written to the custom labels to make it easier for users. However, it is always recommended to provide this information in a pattern that can be easily read by the buyers. Otherwise, there would be frustration among the observers, which would severely affect brand growth and sales.

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Therefore, short and memorable lines must be preferred over long and complex sentences. It also differs from another aspect. It is well known that today's customers are offered a multitude of options through the creation of several new and emerging companies on the market. That's why it's so important to grab customers' attention and impress them at first glance. They would turn away from buying the item if they had any problems. If, on the other hand, they can easily obtain the information they are looking for, they are pleased and put the product in a higher order.

Clever color selection:

Using the latest and most advanced printing technologies, any type of color can be used when printing labels. Among many options, those themes or shades must be preferred that suit the type of items and the type of business.

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It is generally believed that the use of bright and colorful subjects is far more influential and useful for impressing customers than the use of dull, boring, simple and monochrome colors. However, the color selection must be done wisely and to the liking of the target audience in order to increase the value of the article in their eyes.

Strengthen Brand Awareness:

There is no denying that a wave of brand awareness affects almost all areas of society. The brand name is more important to the customer than the quality of the article.

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This name is an indication of the authenticity and originality of the products, and customers become more confident when they see the names of the manufacturers on the containers. You can do this by elegantly printing the stickers in bold and eye-catching font sizes. When the customer's favorite product is associated with a true organization, its value and value are enhanced and it becomes an outstanding product in the crowd.


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