❕NEWS – New Decentralized Social Media “Voice” Launched.. Can This Beat Facebook?? | Proxies-free

Voice is a new social media platform released by Block.one and is built on the EOS blockchain system. This is a beta version, but you can sign up and start using it immediately. Voice wants people to share their personal thoughts without having any fear of judgment and wants to compete mainly with Facebook. You will also get rewarded with voice tokens for posting quality content. What do you think about this? Can this be the next Facebook? I think it’s gonna take some time before that becomes a reality…




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Decentralized, open source, auto moderated social network project

been thinking for a while and i get the need to spread this idea on the net, hoping it will reach the right person. I myself know nothing about programing.

Decentralized, open source, nonprofit, auto democratically moderated, ad and algorithm free, censorship resilient and privacy safe social network project.

-p2p based (freenet?)

P2p is, as far as I know, the best solution for resilience and censorship protected

-non profit

As an open source, it will be owned by the earth community. In this case, no need for ads.

-open source

The open source community is required to maintain and add new features, even doing the code from scratch.

-Change in the code or added new features must be approved by a randomly selected sample of the moderators community by referendum

When the open source community gets along for proposing a new feature, it will be proposed to a randomly selected sample of the community as the form of a referendum. If the referendum result in a majority of approbation, it will be added in an update. If not, it will be discarded.

-To be part of the moderating community, a profile must be accepted by a randomly selected sample of the pre-existing moderators community by referendum. The goal here is mainly to protect young people from having to see unmoderated unclasified shocking content.

-Algorithm replaced by a randomly selected sample of the moderators community

This is the real revolutionary part. New subjects will be sent randomly to consenting users (that will be willing to moderate) for them to vote for which category it should be put in, and maybe give clues on the subject or political orientation (Examples: sex pics, no politic orientation// Politic content, far right propaganda// Hoax busting needed, private corporation “Monsanto” communication// People, Provided by CNN// Family pictures, no politic orientation// Food recipes, lifestyle ect ect….). After a number of concording votes (500/1000/5000?) it will appear on the specific category feed IN ORDER OF APPARENCE (no algorithms).

-Friends feature

An unlimited number of friends can be added by reciprocal acceptance. A special category feed will display subject posted by your friends IN ORDER OF APPARENCE (no algorithms) with sub category? (ex: people//politics//lifestyle ect ect…)

-Following features

An unlimited number of following can be added with no condition, if the user has accepted this feature. A special category feed will display subject posted by your followed account IN ORDER OF APPARENCE (no algorithms), with sub category? (ex: people//politics//lifestyle ect ect…)

-The moderation must try to avoid to much proportion of friends or followers when polling, to avoid subjectivity or bias in the results.

-The only censorship possible is to be classified in some obscure category (ex: scam//verified hoax//sex pics ect…) so this platform will have sensible content, but you will consult the category at your own risk and informed of the content as a user.

Have to be sorted:

-System to protect minors from certain categories

-System to determine if an account is fake or minor owned

-Limiting flood of fake moderator accounts that will statistically promote a certain type of content.

-Privacy protection

Thx for reading.

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