I don't have a password on my Mac, but when I try to uninstall software, I'm asked for a password that doesn't exist

I have a Mac setup to run music programs. It works well and because I hate having to enter passwords, I don't have any on it. No problems here and whenever I installed programs, I asked for the password. I just hit enter and no problem was installed. Now, however, I'm trying to uninstall a program and when I do, a terminal screen pops up asking for a password … I press Enter because there is no password on the computer and it says that wrong again is asked for the password and does this 3 times before it closes because I didn't enter the password. The problem is that there is no password. How can you skip this stupid loop into nowhere?

Mining software – problem connecting Slushs Pool to GUIMiner. I tried to connect many host addresses every time the target computer explicitly refused

I'm on Windows 10 with GUIminer, I want to mine mine on the slush pool, but every time I enter any host address, I saw that it didn't work on the slush pool. I entered the correct login for my miner and on GUIminer it says that the target computer has expressly rejected this. I also have Bitcoin Core and I haven't completed the download. Bitcoin core and GUIminer are in trouble on my external drive?

So what's the problem and how can I fix it please. Thanks a lot.

Design – How do we keep in touch with the latest software technology?

Background :
In my current job, I have to work on / build on a residual application that is highly scalable and fault-tolerant.
We have to find solutions to deal with situations like dealing with 5000 TPS in requests.
Also use the latest solutions for compression, serialization and Kafka problems.

My question is: is there a common medium in which I can read about industry-wide practices?
Rather like corporate problems and solutions.

Similar to Medium.com, where there are blogs.

How do I keep myself up to date with the industry?
In addition, to gain knowledge to switch towards software architecture roles.

Database – Best types of sample projects for software engineering applications

I am a product manager who goes into software development. Since there are a variety of different types of engineers (full stack, front end, back end, etc.), I wondered what the most effective sample projects in my resume would be. My goal is to create 2-3 sample projects that will maximize the number of jobs I qualify for. I'd like to hear recommendations on languages, frameworks, databases, and IDEs to use. Bottom up!

Delete – How do I remove a website and replace it with a new WordPress site without the original RVsitebuilder software?

My web hosting service Tsohost suddenly removed the RVsitebuilder app from its servers without notice. I created and maintained my website with RVsitebuilder. I am happy to re-create the site with WordPress, but I cannot see how to cleanly remove the existing website without RVsitebuilder. I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you so much !

Front camera – eye / gaze tracking software solution?

Hello and good morning!

I want to ask if anyone knows a software solution in Android tablets for eye or eye tracking. Specifically the solution I'm looking for:

– Must be integrated into Unity either natively (C #) or as a plugin (Java / Kotlin).
– Must work with the Android device's front-facing camera
– You can track the user's gaze on the tablet screen

Any working solution, even if it is not precise, is acceptable. Thanks for your time.

Photo editing – is there software that can automatically scan multiple images? (Windows 10)

I want to digitize my old family albums with a scanner and they contain a lot of photos. So far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then crop them manually in a simple editor like Paint 3d. This was quite time consuming because 4 scans follow each scan. Scanning each image individually could be even more time consuming.
I'm on Windows 10. Is there any software (other than Photoshop) or a simple plugin that does this job?