What is CRM? | Sales & Marketing Automation Capabilities of 15 Top CRM Software


Prior to the Internet, it was a lot simpler to monitor contacts and client data. Presently, in light of the fact that we can associate on such a huge level, it tends to be substantially harder to oversee contacts and client information. This is the place CRM applications become possibly the most important factor contributing to the resolution…

What is CRM? | Sales & Marketing Automation Capabilities of 15 Top CRM Software

Embedded software requirements engineering organization setup

Recently, in my organization (embedded software engineering, V-model), we started to analyze current gaps. One of the problems that we see is the very poor quality of software requirements as they are done by not always competent people. Those people do not always have a software engineering background, and the quality of their work products is usually poor/average. A lot of effort from software developers is needed to create software based on their requirements.

As I am part of a software development team, we started to think if we should put writing software requirements as one of the activities of software developers. We believe that a software developer knows to make requirements with better quality. Internally, we start to consider two approaches:

  1. create a dedicated team of software engineers only to write software requirements or
  2. expand the team, as each current software developer will also have to write software requirements.

Looking at both approaches, we see the pros and cons.

From my own experience as a software developer, I had to write requirements and then code. I think this approach gives more responsibility on the shoulder of the developer i see it more flexible and easier to learn for all team members.

Is it worth to create a dedicated requirements engineering team or split these activities into current software development team?

gnome – My user does not have administrative permission on Ubuntu Software Update

I use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and there was a problem that never happened before when using this distro. I can’t get administrative permission to install programs in the Ubuntu Store, nor in Programs and Updates. At the Ubuntu Store or Gnome Software, as soon as I send an application to install, information appears that I do not have permission to access. I realized that at the beginning there was information for me to login with my user. I typed in my username and password and nothing happened. After some other system updates, my user was no longer able to install anything through the store. In “Programs and Updates” I can’t change anything there. No information is shown that the change I made worked and when I return, the changes I made have not been modified. The message information can be viewed here https://imgur.com/PJz8a4q

In “Settings” I cannot unlock to manage my own user account or another one on the system. https://imgur.com/pevxTjO

I inform you that I can manage the system using sudo in Gnome Terminal and in any TTY without any problem that characterizes that the bug may be from the desktop environment.

security – Hide a bitcoin private key inside a software

Would it be possible to put the string of a bitcoin private key inside a software and make it appear only if a certain occur, like finishing the game in the case of a video game.

I was thinking about hashing this key and once the action occur revealing the key associated with the hash and using it to decode and display the bitcoin private key, but what would prevent the user from decompiling the binary software and finding those secret information ?

How to successfully outsource software development?

It is actually extremely difficult to successfully build software through a 3rd party. This is mainly due to costs, time constraints, and limited availability to communicate your vision. If you have the budget and you can find a local software development company that will probably be your better choice since you can attend meetings in person rather than via skype or phone. There is a huge challenge in communicating YOUR vision to someone whose main concern is their time/cost/resources to turn a profit. You almost never get exactly what you want and there’s always a barrier communicating to geeks…

If you aren’t looking for extensive software to be built you can checkout some of the freelance web sites like ODesk. There’s plenty of talented people on there but make sure you talk to them and interview them. Communication, understanding, and patience is key. You may have to pay more money but it will be less in the long run.

Personally I work on my own side projects. I have paid others to contribute and never got my money’s worth. I would advise finding someone young. I dislike “veteran” or “old school” mindset programmers. They have a tendency not to adapt and believe in turning a 3 week project in to a 6 month tedious monster by writing every lick of code. Think @deathshadow .


software schedules – Kubernetes Cron Job is expensive?

I have to implement a feature in an existing application, which requires calling an API every minute. My app’s microservices runs in Kubernetes environment.

To achieve this, my first thought is Kubernetes cron job. But thinking little deep it occurred to me that a Kubernetes cron job, every minute will pull an image from a container registry, spin up that image, check for many validation if job has failed and it requires re-run etc etc…just to call one API.

Is it an over-kill?

Is there a way in Kubernetes to run a scheduler (like Google Cloud Scheduler) which simply calls an API (which is configurable)?

Thanks in advance!!!

Looking for someone to help with a software research project

We are working on a project and we need someone to help us research the software/script that can help us getting it done. (I suppose this is more like a VA type work)

We already have a couple software in mind and we will be paying for it. Just need someone to actually research and run the software to make sure it does exactly what we need.

If you are interested, add me on skype at Walaboom and I will give you more details and we can discuss the pay rate.

Thank you~


validation – Requirement Verification – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

According to what I understand, Requirement validation involves going over the SRS to ensure the requirements is correct with respect to user needs.

1- Could you help clarify verifiable requirement (checked during validation)?
2- What is the difference between “requirement verification” and “requirement validation”?

An example to clarify the concepts would be great. Thanks