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IObit Software Updater is designed to simplify updating all applications on your computer. It can search for new versions and automatically install them without user input. It also lets you download and install popular applications for a variety of purposes.

Keep your installed software up to date
The application is primarily designed to help you download and install updates to your software. When you start it for the first time, it scans your PC for supported programs and checks for newer versions. When updates are found, they can be automatically downloaded and installed.

It should be noted that IObit Software Updater supports only common applications. So you can not count on all the installed programs being up to date. It would be great if more programs were supported, as the ability to update less mainstream software would be much more helpful.

Download and install the recommended applications
In addition to updating existing software, IObit Software Updater also helps you download and set up recommended programs that can help you in a variety of ways.

These applications are divided into different categories (browser, security, multimedia, etc.). You can select multiple products and install them all at the same time.

Create recovery points and restore your system as needed
When you install updates, the application can automatically create a restore point. If you have problems with the newer software versions, you can always use a previous recovery point.

In summary, IObit Software Updater is a useful tool for users who need a simpler way to keep their installed applications up-to-date and to install new software. However, currently only a limited number of products are supported, so an extended software database would be beneficial.

What's new:
+ 80% database extension to support the update / installation of additional programs.
+ New download algorithm for faster downloading.
+ Silence update / installation for almost 99% of programs is supported.
+ Optimized update algorithm for a higher update success rate of up to 98.7%.
+ 34 supported languages.
+ Minor bugs fixed.

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Malware – Can rootkits hide their Internet usage from third-party resource managers and third-party software in Windows 10? If so, how?

So let's say I have the latest version of Windows 10 and a DU meter to check network usage

Now I know that there is a linked list of processes in Windows that many rootkits tend to move away from in order to hide from the Task Manager. Third-party software does not show or use Internet usage

So I have two questions:

  1. What methods can be used to remove Internet usage from the third-party software and Resource Manager and display them in Windows 10? If a detailed explanation is possible, this would be very helpful

  2. Is there anyway I can be sure that if there is no upload in my DU meter and resource manager, this means that there is actually no upload?

Software Center – Krita outdated version in Ubuntu Disco Universe

Good night everyone,

I just installed Ubuntu 19.04 from scratch because I had problems with it. In the Ubuntu Software Center there are two ways to install Krita, one from the Snap Store and one from the Ubuntu Disco universe. Prior to reinstalling Ubuntu, I had Krita installed from the Disco Universe source, assuming this second source did not change during reinstallation. Now, after reinstalling, this second source has Krita 4.1 and not 4.2, which is the latest version, but before reinstalling, this second source had the latest Krita. Is there a way to update this Ubuntu Disco Universe Repository to have the latest version?

Thanks for your help.

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Software switching .. | Money Maker discussion

Hey, again I'm posting this for my mother!
I've already posted about my mom's grocery stores in Toronto. Currently I am looking for accounting software for your shop. She has been using QuickBooks for a few months and plans to switch to something more affordable that would be suitable for both Mac and Android.
My friend has proposed a company software solutions and document management company in Toronto. I reviewed their website and found that they have a long experience in the field. This is not urgent, but obligatory!
We do not want to switch to cheap software quickly but need robust and efficient enterprise software. If anyone in this forum has experience with the mentioned software, please comment on your suggestions.
Quickbooks Pro is a bit overpriced for a grocery store and costs about $ 300 for a single user. So we need less expensive, efficient software, the sounder.

mysql – How do I reset 2FA on the phpmyadmin software?

I used 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) to log in to the Admin section, but recently I've re-set up my phone, which has 2FA code due to some issues. I tried to read the phpmyadmin documentation, but it only shows the method for enabling 2FA. How do I possibly disable it without performing a clean install?

I use XAMPP to host the server currently

Penetration test – construction software for the Hackrf

I want to use SDR radios to pentest. I did some research and came across a device called Hackrf. The problem with this device was that it required the use of GNU radio and no python library was available for the hackrf. My questions are: How would I create my own version of GNU Radio? Can Python communicate with the Hackrf and where can I learn more about the concepts behind the Hackrf? As a side note, I use Kali Linux as my operating system.

Command line – How do I reset the repositories in Ubuntu 18.04 on the Other Software tab under Software and Updates?

I've gone through the steps to upgrade MySQL from version 5 to version 8. Without further thought, I inserted these commands into the terminal sudo apt-key adv --keyserver .... from Ubuntu 12 version have been added. Therefore, I manually removed them later from the Other Software tab under Software and Updates. Somehow it got better, but whenever I put in the command sude apt-get updateends with the error given below

N: For details about repository creation and user configuration, see the apt-secure help page (8).

Terminal, if "sudo apt-get update" was inserted

I am still unable to find a solution.
Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

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