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No time to maintain

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nothing extraordinary

c++ – Methodology for troubleshooting software conflicts between two unrelated softwares?

I’m trying to pin down an issue with one of our legacy software programs. This software gets stuck trying to create its main form if Webex Meetings has ever been opened since the last reboot. It doesn’t crash, it just gets stuck. I’ve tried running down the rabbit hole a bit with VC++ 6.0’s debugger, but didn’t learn much. It just gets stuck. These two programs serve entirely different functions, and I don’t know where to begin (aside from doing the inevitable rebuild of the legacy software). In this case, what train of though can I apply to try to fix this conflict? Is there some kind of tool that helps me understand the correlation?

What is tech behind “google meet” type softwares?

What is tech behind “google meet” type softwares?

Anybody has any idea what kind of background processing these “public video chat” type softwares do?

At client side they record audio and video, I understand that.
But then do they merge all audio into 1 file, from all 10-20 people in the meeting/chat, and this file is played at all outlets?

Am thinking that merging all audio into 1 file cannot be done live. That will require some processing time, even for small files of very small duration.
What is the fastest possible way to do this?


migration – Do non-PostgreSQL database softwares use roughly the same “structure” for communicating with them?

Basically, I have developed a PostgreSQL-based application which “in theory” could have its database software swapped out, but probably would cause a million headaches if I actually attempted to. I’m trying to determine if the other SQL database softwares (I frankly don’t care about non-SQL ones in the least, because they seem too different for me to bother with them in this life) have the following concepts:

  1. “hostname”
  2. “port”
  3. “username”
  4. “password”
  5. “handle database” (such as “postgres”, which must be used to connect when there is no other database or when certain operations are to be done to the actual database)
  6. “database name”

I guess I’m fairy sure already about all the points except for the 5th. The concept of a “handle database” seems like it might be PG-only. If such is the case, I’m not sure how I should handle that, but I’m awaiting your answers before I make a decision.

I have a good mind to just forget about ever supporting other database softwares, but the way my system is structured basically forces me to at least try to “genericize” the communication with the database with functions called “database_” rather than “PostgreSQL_”. (Even when the queries sent to these functions would only work on PG…)

laravel 7 – attempt to property & # 39; Product_image & # 39; of a non-object (view: F: softwares xampp htdocs MyProject resources views home.blade.php)

I am trying to display products in the home.blade.php view. It gives me the error "Trying to get property" Product_image "from non-object".
Here is my HomeController index method

public function index()
        $products = Product::pluck('name','id');
        return view('home',(
            'products' => $products,

and my home.blade.php is given below

@foreach ($products as $product)
Product_image) }}" width="200px">
{{ $product->name }}
Description: {{ $product->description }}
Price: {{ $product->price }}
Category: {{ $product->category->name }}
Sub-Category: {{ $product->subcategory->name }}

How do I solve this?