java – Which SOLID principle is violated in the following code?

Which SOLID principle is violated in the following code?

public class A {
void hello () {
// some code here

public class B extends A {
int i;
void hello () {
i ++;

I think that LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle) is being violated because of the subclass B can not be inserted into a variable of the type ON, I'm really not sure, and somehow I believe that none of the SOLID principles are being violated here.

Another thing that I thought about is that I is declared without an access modifier. Should that be a violation? If so, what breach?

solid – How to deal with reusable use cases?

Considering that we have a use case, e.g. For example, you can retrieve user information and we want it to be reused in a different location.

Screen A: Product owners decided to display only a few user information (images and name).

Screen B: Product owners decided to display much more user information.

Should we implement two separate use cases (interactors) or a single one?

What if product owners decide this? Screen B We should not display user information unless all data has been retrieved from the API. It will definitely have an impact Screen A and it will no longer be valid / SOLID.

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[WTS] Solid and decent with quality support.

This is a discussion about Solid and decent with quality support. within the Webmaster Marketplace Forums, part of the business category; KVC Hosting was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that is affordable to all. …


NovaFlow and Solid CAST 6.4r1 (x64)

File size: 135 MB

The innovative simulation tool for casting processes that makes you faster, easier and more precise. NovaFlow & Solid simulates the filling and solidification of shapes and more. This really gives you the opportunity to simulate the casting production you desire. We want you to find faster and more solutions …

NovaFlow and Solid CAST 6.4r1 (x64)

np hard – How to generate snowflakes of a solid area as a challenge to the FridgeIQ puzzle?

I was introduced by a friend with a phrase from FridgeIQ and she put an idea in my head.

FridgeIQ is a geometric puzzle consisting of 16 polygonal tiles, as shown in the horrible picture at the bottom of this post

The shapes of the tiles are based on a square grid with an occasional diagonal over one of the grid fields. The total area of ​​all tiles is 40 such raster units. Each tile is identified by a single letter.

There are a number of challenges in the box, each of which specifies a subset of the tiles and a shape to create. For example, one challenge is: "Construct a square with the tiles BDQSYJN". What I did in this picture and I have some leftover stones that were not part of this particular challenge.

In addition to the standard challenges, my friend has given me an additional set of target shapes that are finally the point of this question. I have attached another image that shows one of them in a dissolved state.

All these additional challenges use the complete set of tiles, so their total area is 40 units and they are all four times mirror-symmetric. Not all are as simple as those in the picture, some have a hole or holes, but they are all connected.

I will call these shapes "snowflakes" because they are somewhat similar to decorative snowflakes cut from folded paper to create the symmetries. Especially those with holes.

I was wondering: how many such forms with these constraints can actually be made from the given tiles?

Snowflakes in themselves, there are an infinite number of people. However, I believe that the set of connected surfaces of finite surface consisting only of triangles of half-units must be finite. Probably enormous, but finally. The solvable ones are a subset of them.

What would be a good algorithm to generate it? I do not expect that there is an efficient way and I do not believe that the universe has enough time to do it all. But I would like to find some new ones.

Bad photo of FridgeIQ tiles

Additional challenge solved

Here are some unfinished thoughts:

As a first step, I developed a simple recursive traceback solver that reproduced my manual solutions (and found many alternatives). Even if it were extremely inefficient, I could easily create snowflake shapes and use my solver to check them.

I thought it would be enough to create one-eighth of the shape, half a quadrant, with a total of 10 units. Symmetry takes care of the rest. Note that when considering individual tiles, the solution will only show the same symmetry if the complete shape is considered.

To create candidate forms, I could just insert 20 half-triangles in the half-quadrant. Hopefully systematic. However, most of these agreements are not compact enough and unsolvable. And without a good idea to single them out, their numbers are absolutely persistent.

Another approach would be to simply create tile combinations and check for symmetry. Again, the algorithm should favor symmetric layouts, or exploding combinatorics means I can never hope to find just a new layout.

Any ideas? Keywords for searching and / or references to literature are also welcome.

Many Thanks.