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Plot multiple solutions of a nonlinear equation

I have a nonlinear differential equation with two parameters c and R in the form of:

lhs[c, R]= 0, from where R> = 0 and

lhs = 2/3 u[x]^ 3 + 4/75 R u[x]^ 6 u & # 39;[x] + 2/3 * u[x]^ 3 u & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;[x] -c u[x] + c - 2/3;

subject to the far field boundary condition: $ u rightarrow1 $, as $ x rightarrow pm infty $

I want to draw the parameter c vs R and the function u[x] according to a certain curve of such a diagram with a given parameter c as below (here all u[x] shown for c = 5).

Enter image description here

There are also several solutions according to the number of bumps as below

Enter image description here

Plan A: I found a relevant numerical approach with a user-defined function here TrackRootPAL, In these problems, however, there are only algebraic equations with one parameter. Here I have two parameters in an ODE with boundary conditions at infinity.

Anyway, I tried TrackRootPAL As expected, in the above link, it does not work in this simple mechanical application because I did not know how to feed it far Boundary conditions and insert the information of the other parameter c… in addition to TrackRootPALHow do I index (or specify) the various curves that were obtained?

tr = TrackRootPAL[Lhs{u[Lhs{u[lhs{u[lhs{u[x]}, {R, 0, 20}, 1, {2}];
plot[Rate[u[Evaluate[u[Bewerten[u[Evaluate[u[x] /. tr], {R, 0, 20}]

Plan B:
By searching the web I found ParametricNDSolve may be an alternative to solve such a problem. I can not apply far Boundary condition again.

L = 40;
eqbc = {lhs == 0, bcAtfar = ...};
Sol = ParametricNDSolve[eqbc, u, {x, -L, L}, {R, c}]

As an MMA beginner, both methods are daunting and too difficult for me to achieve. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance.

Looping – Count the integer solutions to 1000a + 100b + 10c + d with 0

Enter image description here

I'm trying to compute the integer solutions for 1000a + 100b + 10c + d, where 0 <x, y <20. I can print the solutions by putting n = n + 1 through & gt; print (a, b, c, d) & # 39; and removing the & # 39; print (n) & # 39; bits.

However, when I try to count the solutions, there seems to be no output for this code. I can not figure out why. Any thoughts?

Realcrypto Investment Solutions –

I am not an administrator / owner of the project! !!!

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Online Date: 2019-6-20

Investment plans: 5% – 6% – 7% Daily for 40 calendar days + Return on investment

Minimum expenditures: $ 20

Recommendation Commission: 8th%

Withdrawal Method Immediate

Licensed script

DDoS protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet payment: Perfect money-payer Bitcoin

About us :


It's all in the brain. Two years ago, when a team of highly talented real estate companies ventured into the crypto industry, RealCrypto Investment Solutions emerged. A privately held secret company is now responsible for the current uptrend on the crypto markets. To take a more aggressive stance, we have now decided to go public.


Email Marketing Solutions | Web Hosting Talk

Hello everybody,
I have a customer for whom I want to "set up" an email automation campaign.
I've created a landing page and synced with Mailchimp, but after one day Mailchimp got blocked.

I just want to continue with the job. The plan is to show ads on the landing page, register the user, and then send them the PDF as described in the ad. They are then added to the database to automatically send emails. However, I have not set up this part yet or provided my payment information.

I'm just wondering if there's an easier way to do that. Maybe a few other vendor recommendations?

Many Thanks

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Networking – Jupyter notebook does not open – General solutions do not work

When I try to open my Jupyter notebook, the following error message appears again and again.

Can not bind to localhost if is used as the default IP
[Errno 49] The requested address can not be assigned

After the online search, the most common solution is to start the notebook with the following command:

jupyter notebook –ip =

However, if I try this, an error message will still be displayed

[Errno 49] The requested address can not be assigned

I think it's a kind of network configuration issue, but I'm not sure where to start looking for it. I checked mine etc / host File and it looks like it was never manipulated. Again, I'm not sure where to look otherwise, so any help is appreciated.

I have a MacBook Pro 2011 running 10.13.3.

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Equation Solution – RSolve gives negative solutions

I get a strange behavior with a certain equation. I asked Mathematica to do a repeat relationship, and to my surprise, it was actually possible because I doubted it was a closed solution

Provided[{h > 0, p > 0}, 
RSolve[{a[n + 1] == 1 / (1 + h * (1 / a[n] - 1)), a[0] == p}, a[n], n]]

Mathematica spending

$ a (n) = frac {p} {h ^ np – h ^ n – p} $

and because $ 0 <p <1 $ and $ h> 0 $That's always negative. If I leave $ h = $ 3.6 and $ p = 0.02 $ With

    table[0.02/(-(3.6^n) - 0.02 + (3.6^n) 0.02), {n, 0, 3, 1}]

Mathematica gives me

$ {- 0.02, -0.00563698, -0.00157223, -0.000437227,} $

But that's strange, because if I manually substituted the first term in the RSolve equation list, I would get it $ a (1) = 1 / (1 + 3.6 * 49) = + 0.00563698 $, In fact, all terms should always be positive.

Mathematica seems to give the right answers on the order, but with a negative sign. Any idea why this might be the case?

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