python – Cómo comparo los elementos de una lista cuyos elementos son tuplas?

tengo la siguiente lista,y quiero saber que tuplas son iguales,cómo las comparo?.
lista=((4, 5), (-0, 2), (4, 7), (1, -3), (3, -2), (4, 5),(3, 2), (5, 7), (-5, 7), (2, 2), (-4, 5), (0, -2),(-4, 7), (-1, 3), (-3, 2), (-4, -5), (-3, 2),(5, 7), (5, 7), (2, 2), (9, 9), (-8, -9)).
He probado con los indices y buleanos pero me dice que no hay ningun elemento igual,alguna idea??

Visa – son traveling on another passport in his parents' country without first being registered with a consulate

Can a child enter with a different passport for which ordinary citizens need a visa for the country of the parents if the child travels with their parents and has the corresponding passport but the child is not registered?

I will give an example for better understanding

A child who was born to Pakistani parents in the United States and has never been registered in a Pakistani consulate and does not have a Pakistani passport. The child has only one US passport.
Usually, US citizens need a visa to visit Pakistan.
In this case, if the child only has the US passport but is traveling with his Pakistani parents, can the child enter without a visa?

My son wishes for Pokemon at Christmas, but from what I've heard, it's unbiblical and teaches the false doctrine of evolution. Would it still be like this?

I'm watching pokemon. This story is about a boy named Ash, who comes from the pallet city. I'm not sure if I wrote correctly where he's from, but I think it's a good story.

I think pokemon teaches how to respect creatures and other people and make friends. Ash made a friend named Pikachu. Pikachu is like a big mouse that can power other people and creatures. Well, it's not real, but it looks interesting.

Ash is an adventurer and coach. I suppose his life is similar to how some real people live their lives, but it's just the Pokemon part that's not real. When you see it, you can see for yourself how Ash thinks, feels, and behaves towards other fictional humans and fictional creatures.

Ash has something called Poke Ball. A poke ball is like a ball that can open. A pokeball is what coaches like Ash have and use to keep their Pokemon, but from what I have seen so far. Pikachu is probably the only Pokémon who refuses to play his poke ball, and I think there is a reason for that.

He has other Pokémon in his Poke Balls. It looks to me like Pokémon resembling real creatures, but Pokémon are not real. For example: Butterfree is a Butterflies Pokemon and it looks like a real butterfly, but is much bigger than a real butterfly. A real butterfly can land on my hand, arm, or head, but if the thing lands on me, I'm not in a good mood.

I think seeing Pokemon is alright. If I had a child, I would prefer to stimulate his or her mind from an intellectual perspective.

T or F —- criticize Greta Thunberg and lose all internet privileges; but does the president's minor son grab and there is no impact?

and WHO just "attacked" his son?

His name was mentioned in a discussion about the difference between a president and a king.

I heard no one "attack" him ……. call, belittle or exclaim – personally – in any way, in any form.

It was not fucking wrong with the hint ……….. but she said it anyway because the Republicans were crying soooooooooo, because the guys were called just NAME.

Well, Trump has a son called Barron, or ????? It's not exactly a MYSTERY, is it?

And when Trump went to the World Series Game ………. yes, gee ……… you would THINK that he takes his *** SON *** to the ball game.

Instead, he took Matt Gaetz with him. Yes, father of the year, right there.

I'm sure his son did not want to go to the World Cup anyway, right?

I'm the father of a 15-year-old son and he recently started playing a shooting game. What should I do if I hear that video games trigger violence?

I have seen a lot in my free time and researched if video games are causing violence, and there is really no precise answer. Many people say that they cause violence, and many say that they do not cause violence. In my opinion, video games do not cause violence, because after all, it's just a game. And really, it depends mainly on the person playing the game (due to mental issues and other things) and the type of game they play. It all depends on how the player's mind works. If they want to see and repeat violence, take away the game or let them play less graphics / violence games (without blood and SFC) that are in their age group. As long as you watch over them from time to time to see what game they are playing and if their behavior has changed, you should completely remove the game from them and introduce it to a different genre. Like RPGs, side scrollers and even free roaming games like Minecraft. If they want a good fright (and can handle it), then introduce them to the horror genre of the games. So what you should do when you hear that video games are causing violence is that you should allow your child to try out the game and see how it reacts and whether your child has negative or positive effects as a result. hear in the game. If your child has a positive influence, let it play from time to time as you watch it. If your child has negative effects, allow him to play less violent video games or introduce him to a new genre. If this does not work, take the game completely away and give it back to him if he does it a bit older.

Does my son have a disease?

I believe that my 8 year old son can have the Liberal disease. It all started when his liberal homosexual cousin came to teach him how to smoke weeds and have sex with animals. Last night, my son came to me and asked me about the pay gap between men and women, of whom anyone who is obviously not a Libtard Cuck knows that he is wrong. Could my son have gotten the Liberal disease? I am worried that they are trying to convert him and that the virus has overcome his immune system !!!

Can I make sure my wife has a son and no daughter?

No, you can not make sure your wife has a son. There are several "methods" that you will undoubtedly get to know, and statistically speaking, a very small pressure (1 or 2 percentage points) on a son or a daughter can occur when you look at several thousand births with one method, but in one small family with 2 or 3 children or a large family with 6 or 7 children are the chances 50:50 each time.

If you really want to raise a son, adopt a boy.

And note that boys can also be hormonal. No one can guarantee that a particular child, boy or teenage girl will not become "hormonal".

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