BlackHatKings: proxy lists
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BlackHatKings: proxy lists
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7.0 nougat – Android 7.0: Can delete Android songs from internal memory without my permission?

I just noticed that many songs I had on my Leagoo T5c (Android Nougat) had disappeared. Namely, and among other things, the entire discography of Sheryl Crow in FLAC format, all 5GB of it (I still have about 10GB of free space, by the way).

Is Android known to delete songs arbitrarily or intentionally? Can the songs I've ripped from CDs (and unfortunately I do not have anymore) have an expiration date?

I remember listening to those songs a couple of months ago, and since then I have not done anything on the phone that could explain them missing, such as a factory restore or something similar.

Where can I find a "song mixer" that can mix parts from different songs together?

Hello, I have a friend who gets married, and he wants to play very "unique" music as he comes in and goes to the altar.

He wants a few seconds of the popular chorus of several songs mixed together into a 20 to 30 second long sound bite.

Does anyone know how this works? Or is there a service or something we can hire for it?

Many Thanks!

Process Generation – How to Produce Songs with Chicken Sounds?

I work in a game with chickens and would like chicken songs, much like Gonzo's chickens from "Muppets Show". But I find it hard to find a way.

I've found this cat keyboard video, it shows something similar to what I want, but I need chicken sounds instead of cat crying sounds.

Any tips? If there is no instrument, is there a way to do it through software? Maybe with a midi keyboard?

itunes – Can you play songs from apple music that have not been included in the library?

I use Itunes under macOS Sierra. I also have a subscription to apple music. When I click on History in Itunes, I can play the songs that have already been added to my library. However, un-added songs are gray in color, suggesting that they are not available. If you click on it or click on the three points of a particular object, no results are achieved. Am I missing something?

Enter the image description here

Looks like one of the stupidest design issues I've ever seen in Apple.

Memory – Will downloaded songs stay on my phone after the playlist has changed?

I've added a dozen playlists to my library on Apple Music that are managed by Apple or other organizations so they're updated. When I travel, I use Wi-Fi to download all the playlists before I go (because internet reception outside the city is bad). I use the Apple Music app on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

I have decent storage on my phone, and Apple Music currently uses 11GB. I would like to be careful, however, how much space is consumed. Are the songs I've previously downloaded from these playlists still stored on my phone in the previous version of the playlists or will they be deleted? If they are on my phone, where are they? I probably would not use the old songs, as I can mainly use these Apple playlists and "radio creations" to listen to songs. So I want to remove the old songs if they are not removed automatically.

As a clarification, I do not add titles from my library playlists. I just tap the download button at the top of the playlist.