Why are certain sensitive words in rap songs on YouTube censored?

YouTube does not have such a powerful filter which would be able to cross-check every spoken (sung) word in every possible dialect/accent/language and then censor out the audio track of such particular video. YouTube has only one filter which is able to manipulate audio track of uploaded video and this filter is directly related to the violation of ToS. It is triggered by approved DMCA submission or manually set based on reports/flags. Then, in either case, and based on the level of violation of copyright, the video will be deleted (worst scenario) or entire audio track will be muted out.

In other words: if the video you found has muted out parts (words) it’s not due to YouTube nor any YouTube filter. It’s as it is, because of publisher and publisher’s decision to upload it that way (in respect of small kids). Most of the time, uploaded video clips of tracks are just a copy of what it’s running on TV stations and in most cases, TV stations are forcing artists to mind at least PG-13 ratings when providing explicit video clips.

If the video is uploaded by a verified well-known artist it won’t get taken down by YouTube (YouTube can’t afford it and lose the traffic) even if there is a heavy verbal load. Artis has always the choice to upload 18+ or 18- version.

Unable to get songs onto my phone without breaking them

Here are the ways I tried.

  1. Connect both devices via USB. File transfer is enabled, I can see the filesystem of my phone on my PC. The copying process always stops midway, even when I tried to copy one song by one song.

  2. I took out the micro SD from my phone and put it in the PC which has an micro SD slot. Copying works?, but destination files are all broken and unplayable.

  3. I went to the place where I originally downloaded the songs onto my PC, which hosted them as an rar archive on Google Drive. I tried to download the archive directly to my phone, but the archive disappears from my phone’s filesystem after the download is done.

What is happening to my phone?

ios – Sync of iPhone copies all songs every time

Macbook Pro 16″ running the latest version of Catalina,
iPhone XS running iOS 14.1

I sync the phone and computer using a lightning cable, I don’t use iCloud.

Sync used to take five minutes, now takes over an hour.

I have about 20 GB of music on the Mac, I would like a copy of all of it on the phone.

Two months ago I had all the songs on my phone and when I synced the phone to the computer it took about five minutes, very few songs were updated.

Today when I sync my phone with my computer every single song is copied from the computer back to the phone in spite of the fact that all the songs were already on my phone when I plugged it in. These songs haven’t been updated and most haven’t been played between syncs. I want to say it started with iOS 14 but I am not certain.

This is new behavior. I haven’t changed any settings on the Mac or the iPhone.

This happens every time I sync my phone.

My questions:
What is causing this and how can I stop it?

itunes – All the filenames of the songs in a Music.app playlist

I wrote a shell script to get the filenames of songs having a certain text in the comment tag. But apparently the tag is encrypted or something—grep -l string file cannot find any, and omitting the -l on a known hit doesn’t find it.

I can make a playlist that has all the tracks that I want, but I guess the playlists are embedded in the library rather than being separate files.

Is there a way to get all the filenames of the tracks in a playlist? It needs to be scriptable, as the playlist will be changing as the comments change.


i work in finance and i have been working on a problem which i will state as easy as i can so that you can please advice me if i´m doing it correctly.

THE PROBLEM: Suppose a survey found that the lenght of a commercial music song (Li) is normally distributed with an average of 5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1 minute. now, i have been listening to music non-stop for one hour (sixty minutes) and i want to find the distribution of the number of songs played so far.

MY THOUGHT PROCESS: let (Lt) be the stop time (sixty minutes for this matter) and let (n) be the number of songs played so far (which is a random variable). So (Lt = n x Li) the number of songs times the lenght of a song is equal to the time passed so far.

I state that 1/n is normally distributed with mean 5/Lt and standard deviation 1/Lt, but as i want to find the distribution of (n), i transform the random variable y=1/n into n=1/y. my transformed variable process leads me to a new distribution which has the following form new random variable.

THE QUESTION: i would like you guys to comment on this as i have created some random variables and compare them with the equation i derived with pretty good matches and desired properties., but i am not completly sure i am doing this right.

thanks in advace

Your Workout Songs!

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Remember Michael Jackson—Share, Save His Songs And Albums

Michael Jackson had passed away. It is really a shock in the music world. But he will live forever in our hearts with his unique music style. The world is mourning for him. As a music fans, what we can do is to share, save his music, to lift his creating spirit, to beautify and enrich our world.

So this aricle includes the following two parts:

Part Ⅰ:The popular music collections of MJ

Part Ⅱ: My way of sharing, saving MJ’s music

Part Ⅰ:The popular music collections of MJ

MJ’s music from “ABC” to “Write-in choice”, all of them have witnessed MJ’s talents and passion for pop music. To know more about MJ, you can click here .

This is a collection of his music, “Baby Be Mine”, “Bad”, “Billie Jean”, “Black or White”, “Butterflies”, “Dancing Machine”, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, “Human Nature, “The Lady In My Life”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”, “Remember The Time”, “Rock With You”, “Thriller”, etc.Not all of them are the best, but all of them are worth our listening.


upload – Convert uploaded songs to shareable version in YouTube Music

Due to Google Play Music being sunset, I had to move all of my uploaded music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. One nice feature about YouTube Music is the ability to share playlists with others. However, I realized that shared playlists do not show uploaded music in them when shared with others. They only show to the creator of the playlist.

Is there a way to automatically convert uploaded songs to a public version of the song that is visible to others? All of my music is properly titled with the correct artists. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any sort of functionality like this built into YouTube Music. A third party solution is acceptable.