Memory – Will downloaded songs stay on my phone after the playlist has changed?

I've added a dozen playlists to my library on Apple Music that are managed by Apple or other organizations so they're updated. When I travel, I use Wi-Fi to download all the playlists before I go (because internet reception outside the city is bad). I use the Apple Music app on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

I have decent storage on my phone, and Apple Music currently uses 11GB. I would like to be careful, however, how much space is consumed. Are the songs I've previously downloaded from these playlists still stored on my phone in the previous version of the playlists or will they be deleted? If they are on my phone, where are they? I probably would not use the old songs, as I can mainly use these Apple playlists and "radio creations" to listen to songs. So I want to remove the old songs if they are not removed automatically.

As a clarification, I do not add titles from my library playlists. I just tap the download button at the top of the playlist.

VLC does not play all songs

I've copied a couple dozen MP3s to an iPhone via iTunes. I used VLC to play them, but VLC Not play the next song. How can I play all the music on the device with VLC without having to constantly remove the phone, turn on the screen and manually play the next song?

Soundcloud – Transfer songs between two or more playlists

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