home theater – Connect Sony DAV-HDX589W to powered subwoofer from Dayton Audio SUB1200

I have a Sony Surrounds System DAV-HDX589W from around 2008. I’d like to connect a Dayton Audio SUB1200 to it. Is this possible?

The Sony system has a sub out that has only 2 wires that goes to the subwoofer. The Dayton Audio has high level inputs (for left and right speakers: total of 4 wires) and an RCA port.

Please adivse.

Need help connecting a Pixel 3xl on Android 11 to a Sony ax5000

Wondering if anyone has any troubleshooting tips for my problem. I have a pixel 3 XL that is running up to date android auto and Android.

When attempting to connect my pixel 3xl to my Sony ax5000 head unit, my phone doesn’t seem to recognize that it is connected to an android auto cable. I’m fairly confident everything is fine with the head unit and cable, as my wife’s phone (a Samsung) and other devices are able to detect and connect to the device without problem using the same and other cables. Because nothing is ever prompted, I don’t have any more ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue. Do you have any suggestions?

I went to check the default USB configuration in the developer options and confirmed it is set to File Transfer / Android Auto. Are there other settings there (or anywhere else) I should check?


image quality – How can I automatically convert Sony RAW (ARW) to JPEGs as good as the camera creates itself?

I recently found myself in the same situation, took some RAW shots, not RAW + Jpeg, and now have a ton of photos that I need to improve in order to show anyone.

I’ve tried a small handful of programs so far- Imaging Edge, Fotor, FastStone Image Viewer.

Here’s what I’ve found-

Imaging Edge works very well. It’s made by Sony and going by the logic that “Sony knows Sony”, I trust that it knows how to work with it’s own camera’s images. And the results look pretty good. It’s also reasonably fast, 500 pictures took around 30-40 minutes.

FastStone Viewer was nearly as good. I used the “Quality = 100” setting, everything else default. It was as fast, or nearly as fast, as Imaging Edge. The quality was nearly indistinguishable. The jpeg file sizes were much larger, around double the size. FastStone has some other options that could be tweaked that might make more of a difference, but I didn’t play with them.

Fotor was not very good. It was VERY slow, taking about 24 hours to convert the photos (it’s hard to tell exactly how long, because my laptop kept sleeping after a few hours, and I’m not sure the processing was working in the background.) Also, the resulting photos were very ‘noisy’. Some looked ok at the regular size, but when I zoomed in on the photo, there were a LOT of extra color and pixels that distracted from the image. Would not recommend this one.

So, as Michael C says, try the Sony program and see what happens. Imaging Edge is actually three programs (viewer, editor and camera remote control). It’s the viewer that I used to batch-output my photos.

Hope that helps.

4.0 ice cream sandwich – Install android 5.x.x on sony xperia tipo (non-unlockable bootloader) using a fake ota update via a dns sinkhole

The sony xperia tipo is stuck on android 4.0.4 and it just so happens that my sony xperia tipo has a non-unlockable bootloader which means I am not able to flash any custom roms to the device. I was wondering if I could install a newer version of android using a fake ota update, when the device trys to check for an update instead of directing it to the legitimate update server the dns directs it to a local server which has a ota update stored on it. As far as I understand I could issue a full update package to the phone to completely rewrite the partitions on the device (https://source.android.com/devices/tech/ota/tools). But I would also need to know the sign keys for the tipo or else android won’t even try to install my fake update. Would a process like this be achieveable?

sony – Metal shaving from shutter box of A7iii?

I have had the same on my old a7 III before I sold it off.

The reason I sold it, was partly because of the feature envy to the a7r IV, partly due to more and more broken shutter issues were appearing in the facebook groups centered around that camera.

It seems that Sony saved a bit on that camera’s shutter. The shutter life is rated for appr. 200,000 releases. However the amount of shutter failures seemed quite odd to me. Some only had like 15K to 30K actuations before the shutter failed.

When I sold my camera, the shutter was working fine, but I saw the same abrasions that you had, which I do not have on my newer cam. You could try to contact Sony about it, but I am not very positive they would exchange the shutter (costs around $300) if there was no failure yet.

What likely will happen, is that the serration of the edge will get worse until the shutter will catch on one of these edges and then rip apart.

burst mode – Convince Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 to take many pictures after one shutter press?

A friend of mine does cosplay and wants to be able to take pictures of her costumes. She’s got a backdrop set up in her house, and is currently just using her smartphone but is not happy with the image quality. She had picked up a DSC-H300 (not HX300) but now we’re thinking this through a little more.

What she would like to be able to do, is to activate the camera (whether by hitting the shutter release on the camera itself, or some kind of remote), get into position, and then have the camera take multiple shots (at least 5) a few seconds apart, giving her time to move to a different pose for each shot. Holding some kind of remote (especially a wired remote) is not an option as it would be visible in the shot.

I’ve seen the phrase “burst mode” bandied about, but it seems like that almost always applies to images taken as quickly as possible, and almost always while the shutter is being manually held down.

We had been looking into various remotes (like this one) but we are starting to get the feeling that the H300 doesn’t support remote control. There’s an app on the Sony page that mentions “Smart Remote Control” but again, it’s feeling like the H300 doesn’t support it.

The H300 does something called “continuous shooting” which might do the trick, it’s hard to tell from the description in the user manual:

enter image description here

But maybe some combination of self-timer and continuous shooting will record 5 images at 0.8 images per second?


There is a comment on Amazon, supposed from Sony themselves, saying that the VPR1 doesn’t work with the DSC-H300:

enter image description here

image review – How to start a Sony A7iii directly in playback mode?

According to the ILCE-7M3 Help Guide, Viewing images on a TV using an HDMI cable, the camera should enter playback mode when turned on while connected to an active television via HDMI. However, the instructions mention the possibility that the camera might not enter playback mode directly.

Otherwise, the only method of entering playback mode mentioned in the manual is to press the playback button after the camera has been turned on.