scripting – Scripts execution time out and untraceable data source changes

I am a data analyst. Currently we are using app scripts to perform data related tasks like data cleaning, moving data between sheets, querying bigQuery and plx. however, recently we are noticing script time out issues due to huge volume of data as well as repeated copy pasted scripts. Also, there are too many scripts and it is becoming difficult to track whenever data source scripts are changing and need to update all the downstream scripts/sheets. what are some alternatives to google scripts and maintaining data platforms?

When to ever use source files in modern c++?

I started programming in C++ about 6 months ago and started off like many, structuring projects in a C like way. I split .cpp (source) and .hpp (header) files and used virtual classes for interfaces.

As I have learned more I’ve realised that the majority of C++ code I’ve seen is making very extensive use of templates. It seems that source files are rarely used, as they don’t play well with templates. Moreover I have read that code in header files (and thus templates) are more heavily optimizable by the compiler (I guess because they can be ‘seen’ from everywhere). It’s even to the extent that some projects I have seen have separate header files for the same templated code, splitting over definition and implementation.

My question is, disregarding compile times, is there ever a reason not to just exclusively use templates and header files for non-test code( I suppose also except for main.cpp)? Is this the commonly accepted modern c++ style?

custom post types – Finding the CPT archive template source

I’ve created a CPT named kindergarten by a plugin ;
I was able to see the archive page of this custom post type with its posts;
When I was using Elementor for changing the template of this post type, I don’t know what happened that I see a message that there is no posts for that; like this:
enter image description here

I’ve created a archive-kindergarten.php for test, But I don’t see any change.
How can I find what is the source for this CPT template?
How can I force WordPress to use elementor template as an archive template for this post type?
(I have to mention that posts work perfectly but archive page doesn’t )

Issue when importing the Android source code into Intellij-IDEA

I followed the standard process of importing android source code into IDEA.

Like this:

Why not navigate to but Message.class in jar?

Why not navigate to but Message.class in jar

Anyone knows how to fix it?

I have successfully built the source code.

8 – Migration from source YML: implode all values of each array element nested inside an parent array

We are trying to pull in some data from an outside source that serves JSON.

The structure of said json is like this:

        "desc":"some kind of desc.",
        "tags": [
                "displayName":"Tags 101"
    }, ...


We want to implode all tags.displayName values into one string. I’ll use the body field as an example.
In the UI, if you view the content, “body” would be:

Tag1|Tags 101|Dogs

In the “fields” section of my migration source yml file:

name: tagsCollection
label: "tagsCollection"
selector: tags

Then, in the process section of the YML file I’ve tried this:

    plugin: concat
    delimiter: "|"
     - stepsCollection

I’ve also looked into the iterator plugin. Nothing seems to click.

If I do this in the process section of the yml file:

body: stepsCollection

body will be “Array” in the UX. So it is aware that there is an array in that var.

What am I missing?? Many thanks

photo editing – What open source software for auto-alignment of photographs?

Alignment of multiple images taken from the same point

If you are not making a panorama, but just aligning an image stack for focus stacking, exposure fusion or HDR, then align_image_stack from Hugin project is one of the simple yet very useful tools. Hugin is a multiplatform collection of tools that is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

For example, if your have 3 files a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg, to align them you may run:

align_image_stack -a aligned_ a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg

which will produce three TIFF images, aligned_0000.tif, aligned_0001.tif and aligned_0002.tif, which will be well aligned. Now the images are ready to be, for instance, enfused:

enfuse aligned_*.tif

If you prefer the graphical interface, or you want to align only partially overlapping images (like in panoramas), then use Hugin itself, it is a very powerful and flexible software.

Alignment of stereo pairs

From your comments I see, that you want to create stereoscopic images. The keyword to search for is anaglyph, not align.

For this purpose I used Stereo Photo Maker, which is not open source, just a free Windows program. It runs well under wine too. But I almost never used its automatic alignment feature, because I prefer to align images manually, watching the composite 3D image. By aligning the images manually I can also choose what exactly is “in focus” (one cannot align everything in a stereo image).

SPM can also optimize color anaglyphs to reduce ghosting, a very useful feature.

There are some scripts and tutorials for Gimp (e.g. anaglypher, script-fu-make-anaglyph, this short tutorial). It is relatively easy to build a monochrome anaglyph through layer effects and by moving a layer manually, it is not always working well for color anaglyphs.

Finally, there is -stereo option of composite command of ImageMagick, but I didn’t use it.

Loan as source of fund for start up bussiness | Proxies-free

Among various ways of funding a bussines such as personal savings , money from family and friends , government aid etc.
Loan is another medium for funding a bussines.
Most times , entrepreneurs are motivated by the collateral they used in securing the loan thus they work hard to pay back the loan .
Other times it pressurizes them and makes them unable to take quick decisions that will grow the bussibecause they don’t want to lose the money .
Entrepreneurs who borrow loan most times fail simply because they failed to take the right call because they are afraid of losing the money whereas it motivates others to hard work.
Is loan a good source of funding for new bussines?

hard drive – Differential diagnosis: source of password error with external HD

I have a LaCie Rugged external HD that has had issues with the password for the disk-level encryption resulting from being formatted in macOS Recovery for use with Time Machine. On a number of occasions, when I needed to enter the password for various housekeeping purposes, on a given day the password would suddenly fail to be accepted, and I’d sometimes be able to unlock the disk normally if I went into the startup recovery mode -> Disk Utility to unlock and change the password, but on a few occasions I had to give up and reformat the disk to get it to work normally.

I have no idea why I persisted in using this disk, but nonetheless…

This has happened again, and since a few months went by between the last time I hooked up this drive and my most recent attempt, I have been second-guessing myself and wondering if I’d changed the password after taking sleeping medication/etc. some evening and forgotten it, but that would be extremely unlike me and in light of this drive’s history, the former explanation seems to fit better.

My current situation:

I have an entire Time Machine section on this drive as well as a user-managed folder for storing large or unused files/docs, and have been confronted by the shuddering password query box each time I try to access it whether during a normal desktop session or in recovery mode.

But, when I tried booting my mac to an alternate startup drive (holding Option key at power-on), then selected this drive, it accepted my known password, ran through a boot cycle, then ended up in recovery mode. If I had indeed potentially forgotten the password for an encrypted Time machine backup on an encrypted HD (and for which account FileVault had been enabled), then I would truly be out of options and have to give up or try to brute-force the password through a list of potential password strings, BUT can this be reason to think that there is instead some kind of problem with the disk or its firmware, and that my password is still valid?

Given this, how can I safely access the files on the LaCie? The successful startup boot to recovery mode was unorthodox and didn’t seem to work completely, since I still went to try to Restore From Time Machine, and it let me view the lists of backups by date, but when I selected one, it showed there was nothing visible in any of the folders… Of course, if the system was using that very HD as the startup disk, maybe it makes sense that it didn’t work.

I need recommendations and some differential diagnostics from those with a higher level of expertise – I am already beyond my competency and am just a capable dilletante attempting viable solutions as I learn of them. Please forgive my rambling and self-indulgent prose record of the circumstances, but I wanted to be thorough.

Thank you very much for taking the time/energy to review, rebuke (I’m sure), and remand.

autofocus – Can an infrared light source be used for focusing in the dark?

When I shoot pictures of badgers I recently found that the Nikon D500 + 200mm F/2.0 is a great combination. Badgers often come out very late when its quite dark but they cant see too well so you can get relatively close to their den. I used to shoot the 200-400mm F/4.0 but the 200mm F/2.0 gives me two stops more light which gives me almost an hour of extra time when the sun sets.

The only problem is: Focusing can get tough sometimes.

My question is: Could an infrared torch be used to assist the focusing of the camera? I guess that it wont work with mirrorless cameras like the Z7 (or in live view with the D500) since they should have an infrared filter and the focusing gets done at the sensor plane but the D500 has a dedicated autofocus sensor bay.

php – What is the best option between buying, building from scratch or implementing an open source ERP?

I was required to do a medium ERP with the inventory, Bill of Materials, and production modules. However, I do not know how long it would take me.

I am calculating three months for the analysis and lifting of requirements, and 3 months per module. It is a company that manufactures cardboard boxes.

However, I don’t know if it would actually be something feasible, or I’m also considering the option of an open source ERP that is in PHP.

What is your opinion?

Thank you very much in advance. Good day.