Internal Memory – Is it safe to delete logcat.txt files or the entire psysinfo folder to make more space on my Android phone?

I have an Android phone and the storage space on the SD card is running low …
(I do not understand how Android works – just a simple user.)
In the following directory: mnt> sdcard

There is a psysinfo folderthat is 3.02 GB …
And in this folder there are subfolders like log6, log5
and so on.
These subfolders contain a few logcat.txt files, three of which are about 1 GB in size.

Will my Android phone work properly if I just delete those files and free up some memory (3.02 GB)?
I look at the folders with & # 39; ES File Explorer & # 39; and think about deleting these files with the same app. This app says that the above folder and the logcat.txt files are the largest in my phone. My Android version is 4.1.2.

I searched online to find out what the [ …> psysinfo ] Folder in Android, but I could not find any information about it and then searched for logcat.txt files, but the information available seems to be for people like developers. I could not really understand it.


time machine – lost space after removing the bootcamp partition through the Bootcamp Wizard

please help
I lost 150 GB of space after deleting the partition through the Boot Camp Assistant. Disk Utility can not restore or partition it as a disk
I tried rebuilding through Timemachine, but the hard drive looked the same size and I'm afraid the restore will not get the disk space back

Here is a Diskliste

Disk Utility does not partition

Increased burglary attempts from the Iranian IP space after the incident with US drones.

Most crimes currently appear to be due to:

AS49596 – Fara Negar Pardaz Noor Khuzestan Co.JSP

One of the most offensive blocks ( was mentioned last month in this thread before the new malicious activity.…-from-aio-ipv4

The activity can be confirmed by third parties with abuseipdb.

topological graph theory – thickness of the space cover

A book embedment of a graph G consists of placing the vertices of G on a ridge and assigning edges of the graph to sides so that edges on the same side do not intersect. The page number is a measure of the quality of a book embed, which is the minimum number of pages in which the graph G can be embedded.

Is a graph $ G $ is a diagram overlapping chart $ B $.
Is there a relationship between their page number?

I think the covering diagram is more complicated than the basic diagram. So too $ pn (G) geq pn (B) $ generally hold?

mg.metric geometry – question about CBB / CAT space

To let $ kappa> 0 $, I have a place $ (X, d) $ and take 4 points $ w, x, y, z in X $, I then choose comparison points in model space $ (M_ kappa ^ 2, bar {d}) $ as follows:
Take the comparison triangle $ Delta xyz $ with equal side lengths (and points $ bar {x}, bar {y}, bar {z} $). I also take the comparison triangles
$ Delta xyw $. $ Delta yzw $. $ Delta xzw $ where I can choose the comparison points so that we have the points $ bar {x}, bar {y}, bar {z} $ from before and the possibly different points $ bar {w_1}, bar {w_2}, bar {w_3} $ according to each of the triangles. If that holds it now

  1. $ d (w, z) < bar {d} ( bar {w_1}, bar {z}) $.
  2. $ d (w, x) < bar {d} ( bar {w_2}, bar {x}) $ and
  3. $ d (w, y) < bar {d} ( bar {w_3}, bar {y}) $

Prevents the room $ X $ to be from CBB ($ kappa $)?

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Why we need the size of the page table should be a fraction of the virtual address space

The page table should have all the virtual page numbers that are in their logical address space. Why is that?

  1. Is it because we want to access page table Typing fast as with an array where the key is the virtual page number, d. H. the constant time?


  1. Is it the structure of the process? (I mean, our program uses the entire logical space 0 we have code and at the address Max We have a stack that is variable. Which means can refer to any address of the logical address space?

Efficient space for the kitchen – everything else

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Decisive for the final view of the room is also the material of the top layer of the island's worktop. There is absolutely no free space, so you should have an unused part of the wall shelf in the wall set. You can create a relaxed look by simply changing the color. A small extension with careful cabinet setting can make your kitchen functional without much effort. You can choose a simple spice rack that fits over the door to increase your storage space. Limit storage to the pantry area, where you can store bulky items that you do not use frequently, rather than counters.

Knowing how much you can use before you start buying a home-style theme can help you find a decent start to the most appropriate orientation. Another reason why so many people prefer underground tiles is that, although they are very cheap, they can still look great. Even if you have a cramped room, you can probably take advantage of it right away and turn it into a small kitchen of your choice.

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I bought 3 banners (ad space) in 3 forums for $ 170

Lately, I've been looking for new places to promote one of my sites, and I wanted to try and buy banner ads.

I'm blind to ads and banners myself, so I did not have high hopes, but I thought I would, because my product is SEO and I had the opportunity to buy ad space in 3 forums via SEO and online -Marketing.

On May 6, I ran ads (Banner 728×90) on all 3 sites.

I spent $ 170.10 for 3 ads. They are shown for one month with 10,000 impressions each. That's a total of 30,000 impressions.

The month is almost over. So far I have 28743 impressions and the results are … HARMFUL!
I could probably improve the banner design and everything, but for $ 170 and $ 30,000 impressions, the number of clicks is just ridiculous.

Here are the statistics:
[​IMG]"data-url ="

From 28.7K impressions I received only 52 clicks !!! Which is just 0.18% CTR.

The results of each site vary. The best CTR is 0.27% and the worst is 0.11%.

This was one of the worst investments I have ever made. But if I did not risk it, I would never know.

Maybe my banner ads look like shit (I do not think so), and maybe the clickthrough rate would have been better if I tested different designs.

However, I made a big mistake in not adding my own affiliate tag to track the sales. So I have no idea if I made sales with these 52 clicks. Next time, I will not make such a mistake.

If I had seen a similar case study before buying these ads, I would not have even bothered with it. I hope this helps some of you who have been thinking about buying ad space on websites.