microsoft office 365 – How are these spammers getting through?

So we’ve been a bit of an indirect target of spammers recently… my company has gotten a lot of complaints from customers that they are getting a lot of spam from our sales people. Normally (considering the nature of sales) I’d just smack the sales staff and move on… but this isn’t us!

Some spammer has been sending emails… to OUR customers… using OUR email addresses. doing a quick message trace and sure enough, these emails appear to be coming from our account. At first I thought it was a hacked account or two so I had everyone change their passwords and set 2fa… but the next day, a batch more emails went out. I ran an audit on the affected accounts and there were no failed logins and no attempts to reset passwords (we disabled password reset because of this).

Normally, I’d say this was just normal spoofing… but these emails are passing THROUGH our exchange online account, the message header even shows our dkim and dmarc. As far as I can tell, Microsoft honestly thinks they are coming from US!

I’ve added the x-originating-ip to the block list under threat-management. hopefully that will help, but it wont take long for the spammers to update their IP and if that happens while I’m off the clock… well our customers get another massive load of spammy spam… I’d add our IP’s to the allow list and block all others, but most of our sales staff are working from home with dynamic IPs so that’s not really possible right now. How do I fight this?

applications – Stop receiving text messages in my Samsung Note 8 that are sent from spammers email address

I have been getting unwanted text messages on my Samsung Note 8 coming from a spammers email account.

I have not found a way to block these text messages coming from email accounts. The feature that I use to block phone numbers is not available.

Any help will be appreciated.


spam – Zendesk Spammers – Information Security Stack Exchange

Iv’e been having an issue and was wondering if anyone has an idea. I use the zendesk chat widget on my website, and there has been someone with an unknown motive who is sending all kinds of obscene text. He uses a dynamic IP so blocking the IP won’t help. I suspect he is using a VPN or proxy or the like. Blocking the cookie doesn’t fully take care of the issue as he can just open a new browser window… Do you have an idea how to block him?

Spam – Who should prevent spammers from attacking Mailenable with external domain names?

We have a problem with our Mailenable, in which the MTA is activated in the MXSCAN software. Everything worked perfectly. Today, however, we found that we can only send emails but cannot receive them. We checked the logs in MxScan message logs when a stranger with an external IP and post office (null) and sender email (not from local domains) tries to send random emails every millisecond, and of course are blocked, we have blocked the IP for the incoming firewall rules as well, but still no impact that makes our mail activation so busy.Log screenshot

Spammers with Contact | Forum promotion

@Lammchen I wanted to recommend the OzzModz add-on for the Spaminator if you don't already have it. Although it is practically impossible to prevent anyone from using the contact form, in just a week of installing it it has prevented well over 100 bots from logging into my website. Not a single bot has signed up since I installed it, and I was hit hard before I had the add-on. There are loads of 5 star ratings. The add-on costs $ 24, but it's worth it in my opinion. Now I can focus on legitimate registrations instead of worrying about bots logging into my website.

I didn't try to redirect this thread because I assume you're talking about real people sending spam. I only had the need to suggest the add-on. As with normal spammers, there is nothing you can really do unless you can somehow get their IP address. Then you could see if they had a suitable account and block their IP address. If emails are sent to your administrator account and not to an external provider, it may be possible to get the IP address. Although you should have a look around.

Sort out spammers | Web Hosting Talk

What procedures / guidelines do you use (other data centers) to sort out spammers?

We already stop access when we see spam evidence and do not offer a refund. But it's pretty obvious that people just come back under new names.

I have half the wisdom of asking for a deposit in advance because spammers will be separated within a few days at most. But that would deter legitimate customers.

What is free with the 12th month or free with the 6th month? Spammer accounts would never last that long.

What about discounts for a WHT account that has been open for more than a year and we would have the user link their WHT or other forum account to their account with us when they signed up to receive this discount.

It cannot be a recurring discount because the utility company does not offer this. But I can take a small hit if I don't have to turn around and destroy the box a day later.

Phishing – How often do spammers, phishers, etc. change e-mail addresses?

Their only goal is to deliver the selected text block to the victim. Whether and how often they change a (fake) e-mail address is unclear, as individuals or marketing groups all work independently.

If an e-mail address is blacklisted, it is usually helpful to change an e-mail address, because in this case the message is not transmitted to the victim (spammers are stupid).