Pointer in c help – batch overflow in Spanish

int main()

int a = 5 b = 3;

return 0;

Declare two integer variables with the values ​​5 and 3, declare two pointers that store the memory address of these two variables. EYE Up to this point you can use the initial variables and later only exchange the values ​​of the variables with the pointers. Print the value of the variables with the pointers that point to them.

I will translate any text, article or short story from English into Spanish for $ 5

I will translate any text, article or short story from English into Spanish

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iText in PDF Java – batch overflow in Spanish

I want to align the title in the middle of the cell, but it doesn't recognize the instruction ALIGN_CENTER.

I imported the JAR itextpdf-5.5.3

import com.itextpdf.text.*;


        //Añadimos una tabla de 7 columnas. 
        PdfPTable tabla = new PdfPTable(7); 
        //Porcentaje al ancho de la tabla. 120%.
        //Porcentajes del ancho de cada columna.
        tabla.setWidths(new float() {10, 12, 18, 12, 20, 16, 22});

        //Añadimos los títulos a la tabla. 
        Paragraph columna1 = new Paragraph("DNI");
        columna1.setAlignment(Element.ALIGN_CENTER); //aquí

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SQL Server Bulk Update – batch overflow in Spanish

I have little time with SQL, especially SQL Server, and I need your advice to run a process.

The process consists of massively updating different data sets, whereby these data sets are updated with different values. To give you an idea, I have an ID and an email field. I would like to update this E-MAIL field for each data record and is therefore different for each data record.

So far, I can update my basic knowledge individually or massively, as long as the value to be updated is the same for all data records, but I am not quite sure how to do this in the case explained above.

I would be very happy to receive your advice.


I will translate forn engish into spanish and vice versa for $ 5

I will translate forn engish into spanish and vice versa

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netbeans – java.lang.nullpointerexception error – Stack overflow in Spanish

Let's see if they can help me because I can't find the mistake.
Introducing the for into the JSP no longer works. Before adding, this works for the page.
The NetBeans console tells me that the error is on line 30 (where is the getRequestDispatcher)?
First of all, I make it clear that I have all the right imports and check in a test project whether the query is successful.
As far as I know, the java.lang.nullpointerexception error means that I am missing an object. The problem is that I can't find what's empty. My theory is that the array is empty (basically because it's the only object I'm using), but the comics are added, so I don't know.

Servlet code:

protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
                        throws ServletException, IOException {

                        request.getRequestDispatcher("listacomics.jsp").forward(request, response);


                                        ConnectionManager connectionManager = new ConnectionManager();
                                         Connection con = connectionManager.getConnection();
                                            Statement stm;
                                            ResultSet rs;
                                            String sql;

                                            sql = "SELECT * FROM comic, categorias, autor, estados, users WHERE com_cat_id = cat_id AND com_est_id = est_id AND com_autor_id = autor_id AND com_user_id = user_id";

                                            stm = con.createStatement();
                                            rs = stm.executeQuery(sql);

                                            ArrayList listaComics = new ArrayList<>();

                                                Comic comic = new Comic();


                                                Categoria categoria = new Categoria();

                                                Autor autor = new Autor();

                                                Estado estado = new Estado();

                                                User usuario = new User();




                                            request.setAttribute("listaComics", listaComics); 


                                    }catch (SQLException ex) {
                                        System.out.println("Error al obtener el listado de comics");


JSP code

            <%@page import="java.util.ArrayList"%>
            <%@page import="com.mycompany.webcomics.entities.Comic"%>
            <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
            <%  ArrayList listaComic = (ArrayList) request.getAttribute("listaComic"); %>
                    JSP Page

Hello World!papa

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Filter DataGrid WPF C # – batch overflow in Spanish

I have a datagrid with the following code


I fill it in with:

DataSet logs = metodoquemedevuelveundataSet();
gridLogs.DataContext = logs.Tables(0).DefaultView;

methodto returnmetaSet returns a dataset by querying a bd oracle.
And I fill the data grid with this data.

I want to be able to filter through a text box. I've tried different filtering methods and can't get any ideas?

python – FileNotFoundError at – batch overflow in Spanish

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