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The problem is this. I have to make a game in which there are 2 players. The idea of ​​the game is that the first player presses one character, the second player the same character as player 1, and one more, player 1 presses the same sequence as player 2 more


Player 1 press the letter "a" Player 2 press the letters "a" and "m" Player 1 must follow the letter sequence and add "am" and "j"

lose the one who breaks the sequence …

In the position variable I keep the sequence minus the last character to be compared, if it corresponds to the previously entered.

Thank you for your suggestions, the program stays in a loop and asks for letters and does not compare the chains. Many Thanks

                            public static void main (String[] Arguments) {
Scanner keypad = new scanner (;

String name;
String name_2;
String sequence_1;
String sequence_2;
String counter_sequence = "";
boolean play_continue = true;
String position = "";

System.out.println ("name 1");
name = ();
System.out.println ("name 2");
name_2 = ();

System.out.println (name + "digite letter");
sequence_1 = ();
Sequence + = sequence_1;
System.out.println (name_2 + "Type letter 2");
sequence_2 = ();

for (int i = 1; i <secuencia_2.lenght (); i ++) {

position = sequence_2.substring (0, counter_sequence.lenght () - 1);
if (count_sequence_1.equals (position))
game_continue = true;
game_continue = false;

} while (continue_game = true);

cURL equivalent in nodejs – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I have this doubt, I'm just entering the topic NodeJS, I have these lines of code that are created in PHP and that call the service of Google Maps in my APIREST by curl, the detail is how Curl would do that job in nodejs ?

    apiKey = $ apiKey;

public function reverseGeocoding ($ lat, $ long) {

$ url = "".$lat.",".$long."&key=aqui the key";

$ ch = curl_init ();
curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_URL, $ url);
curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_POST, false);
curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
$ result = curl_exec ($ ch);
curl_close ($ ch);

return $ result;


Mongodb | Connection rejected – stack overflow in Spanish

I am in Linux, when the command "mongo" is executed, the following result is sent to me

MongoDB shell version v4.0.9
Connection with: mongodb: // 27017 /? gssapiServiceName = mongodb
2019-04-27T18: 58: 39.362-0500 E QUERY    [js] Error: Connection to server could not be established, connection attempt failed: SocketException: Error connecting to :: caused by :: connection refused:
connect@src/mongo/shell/mongo.js: 343: 13
@ (Connect): 2: 6
Exception: connection failed

Prevent the start of Mongo, what is owed and how can I solve it?

Australian Citizens – Will my Spanish Youth Mobility Visa automatically become a tourist visa when it expires? or do i need a new stamp?

So I come with my Youth Mobility Visa at the end of my stay in Spain. Now I've just married my partner and we have an appointment to get my residency card here, but it's after the expiration date of my visa. As an Australian, I get a 90-day tourist visa. Do I have to leave the country and get another entry stamp? or if my visa expired or I just go on the 90-day tourist visa?

Thanks for your help

seo – Worpress Site Language German / Domain / Nedd to gain visibility in (in spanish)

I do not work in IT. But my friend gave me the address of this page. I am a graphic designer.

I've been struggling with my WordPress homepage for a long time.

I currently live in Switzerland and my site is in English only. You can easily find my website on Google in all countries (Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, England, Peru, etc.). In Switzerland in the first result, in the other countries on the first results page. So far I agree.

But in Spanish results on the PC, the page unfortunately appears in the 12 or 13 results, on the second page of Google results. But in the mobile view appears on the first page of results.

What do I have to implement to make my website in Spain more visible (in Spanish)? Before I put hours and money into a solution, I would like to know which strategy or solution is the best.

The name of the site is my own name, and there are people who are called in Spain like me. How can I improve the results?

Now it is like this: Should I use I also own the domain.

I try to update the site as often as possible. Sometimes the site goes up for a few days and then down again.

I would be glad if I knew what I can do to have my website appear on the first page of Spanish and PC search results in Spain with Spanish language. I am looking for a long-term solution.

Legend in Matplotlib (mpatches.Patch) – Stack overflow in Spanish

I'm doing a graph with matplotlib, my graph is equipped with information from a df and I'm trying to put a legend based on information from another df, I'm coming up with an id without any problems, now my legend is a mpatches.Patch ( Putting the data) and forward a field with color as an element).
I did not find out how I could simplify that because the labels can only be repeated. Can it be less truculent? Go but I see it and I can not stop thinking "That's wrong"

                age = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & age; & # 39;) + str (int (data.Age[row])))
posit = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; position: & # 39; + data.Position[row])
numb = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; Jersey Number: & # 39;) + str (int (data.Jersey_Number)[row])))
height = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; height: & # 39; + data.Height)[row])
weight = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; weight: & # 39; + data.weight)[row])
body = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; Body Type: & # 39;) + data.Body_Type[row])
foot = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; preferred foot: & # 39; preferred foot: & # 39; + data.Preferred_Foot.)[row])
value = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; Value: & # 39; + data.Value)[row])
dare = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; wages: & # 39; + data.lage[row])
borrowed = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; borrowed from: & # 39; + data.Loaned_From[row])
joinde = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & # 39; Joined: & # 39; + data.Joined)[row])
contract = mpatches.Patch (color = color_annotate, label = & contract; contract: & 39;) + data.Contract_Valid[row])

ax.legend (handles =[age, posit, numb, height, weight, body, foot, value, wage, loaned, joinde, contract]bbox_to_anchor = (1,30, 1,08),
loc = & # 39; top left & 39 ;, borderaxespad = 0)

As you can see, I think of each of the mpatches.Patch and dsp I put them in the handles of the legend, but it's always the same to just change the label, to search with array and dictionaries inside the label, but I can Do not make her take and reduce everything repeated code