Network – Use the Windows command line to disable DNS registration for specific network adapters

On systems that have VMware Workstation installed, there are two virtual NICs that are (typically) identified by name VMware Network Adapter , I'm having trouble connecting remotely to the hosts because the default IP range for VMware VNets exists as VLANs on our corporate networks. When the host registers its network adapters with the DNS servers, the VMware network adapters are included.

If another client on the network tries to communicate with the host, it may be using the VMware IP range, which does not work.

So I want to develop a script (Windows CMD or PowerShell) that will disable the setting that configures the virtual network cards to register with DNS.

Note: If I completely change the IP address ranges of the virtual NICs, the problem can resolve itself. However, this is the case in a lab environment where VMware is provided unattended. Therefore, it seems easier to disable DNS registration than to change the IP ranges.

bitcoin core – How to get a specific output from the list of unused coins in a wallet to calculate the transaction size

I have a problem calculating the charges for dynamic transactions. The problem I face is to calculate the transaction size.
If I have an unissued amount in my wallet, it's too easy to calculate the transaction size. But if there are several unissued coins in the wallet, I think there is a coin selection algorithm that can be used to calculate the best unissued coins or combinations of unissued coins.
I have put together a document
Document that fully explains this problem.

I need an opinion on how I want to move. whether you develop your own coin selection algorithm or are there other possibilities?

automate – Plays a sound in the media player at a specific start time

I use an Android (Automate) app that can send broadcasts to other apps, but I do not know how to configure them to play a sound (with its path) at a start time with the media player.
The app offers the following options: recipient class, action, data URI, MIME type, category, extras, and flags.
Any idea to do that ??
Thank you so much!

xna – How do I change a specific set of rendered buttons from gray to green?

I am a self-taught programmer.

I ran a Button class like this:

Texture texture;
Color color;
Color differentColor;

SpriteFont font;
button1 = new Button(texture, font, ... , color);
button2 = new Button(texture, font, ... , color);
button20 = new Button(texture, font, ... , color);

This button appears 20 times at a number of specific locations on the screen.

I want a set of 10 buttons in each level not to light up in a random green.

Level 1: Button 1,3,6,7,10,12,13,14,15,16 lights green (must be in this sequence)

Level 2: Button 2,5,6,7,9,11,13,14,19,20 lights green (must be in this sequence)

Level 3: etc …

There are 15 levels in total.

How do I do that in an intelligent way?

What I think might work:

Color() color1;
Color() color2;
Color() color20;

Repeat the spawn button 20 times and assign each level:

color1 = {Color.Green, Color.Gray, Color.Green... }
color2 = {Color.Gray, Color.Green, Color.Gray... }

I will add more functions to the button over time.
Will I benefit from using the command design pattern here?

sharepoint online – A document is automatically printed when it is moved to a specific folder

This is not possible due to the standard functionality. You should either develop a custom workflow or an event receiver to handle this. With this coding approach we can implement this.

If you are looking for a third-party tool, you may decide to use a Harepoint printing solution:

Printing feature in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Specific thread limit settings for SER

Hope everyone has a good weekend, until now!
I was wondering … SER is smart in that it scales back too many threads to not freeze.
Would it be useful for users to set multiple thread limits?
I see that the reconsideration takes up very little resources, but scraping and posting is harder.
Would checking / retesting, checking e-mail, scraping, and posting messages with their own thread limit be good? Or a mess? lol

Retrieve specific data in Firestore / Firebase (Web / Javascript)

The Firebase / Firestore documentation explains how to read ALL data in a collection.

Enter image description here

However, I have not found a place to explain how to get a particular document from a data collection.

How can I get a specific document from a collection?

For example:
If there are two documents in the User Data collection, User1 and User2, and for each document, they are stored: Name, Last Name, Email Address.

If I only want from the user_data collection of the user2 document, I just bring the name. How would I do that?

Transactions – Can Collective Mining Tools Deny Recognition of a Mining Block Dismantled by a Specific Miner?

What you are describing is essentially a majority attack. A miner (or group of miners) with a majority of hash forces can censor arbitrary transactions and blocks that include them. This question contains more information about what an attacker can do.

Crucial: A majority of hashing power can generate blocks faster (on average) than the minority. Thus, if the majority decides not to build on a minority-found bloc, it can reliably overtake the minority by simply breaking down its own chain and ignoring blocks found by the minority.

In essence, the other mining pools call a "diversion" in which they do not recognize the block in which Satoshi has made a transaction. Would it be against the Bitcoin protocol?

I would not say that "against the Bitcoin Protocol"However, it would be against the financial incentives that keep the miners "honest" (ie not attacking the chain to censor transactions / blockages). Ultimately, the protocol states that the chain with the highest workload is valid, so this becomes a sensitive question as to how the social understanding of consensus rules actually looks.

What would happen to the other miners if they somehow get away with the hashing force? Would you accept the fork or just join in?

A Majority attacker can ignore all minority-created blocks, and if they do, the minority can really do nothing about it. The attack is carried out extremely expensive, but the financial incentive to attack would have to be unbelievably large to make up for the cost. So I think the mere censorship of a transaction by Satoshi would not be worth the cost of the attack.