why is free speech continually under attack when it comes to gender studies-related topics…?

In a previous answer to one of your questions, an answerer stated feminism relies on interpretivism but doesn’t hold up to positivism.  Essentially what that means is feminists have an agenda, but their interpretation doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.  Therefore they want to censor relevant facts.

For example, actual, objective studies of the gender wage gap prove factors other than discrimination to be the major reasons women earn less, but that doesn’t suit feminist agenda.

Feminists talk about male privilege, but if one actually looks at laws that provide sex based privileges, they almost all privilege females, not males.

Feminists claim cultural marxism is a myth, that it doesn’t and never has existed, yet a quick google search will reveal books written about cultural marxism and even journaled articles written by cultural marxists.

It’s that way with almost every single feminist issue.  Their agenda simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny so they try their best to hide the facts that allow people to see this.   Flooding the internet with false information and censorship are two ways they do this.   

Obama is giving a speech tonight bashing Trump instead of leading the fight against pandemics that he failed when he was president?

Obama was faced with H1N1. He reacted promptly and kept the mortality rate to some 12,000. Trump dithered, called COVID-19 a hoax designed to make him look bad (as if he needed help), lied, spewed happy talk, went golfing, and held political rallies. The death toll is over 80,000 and rising. Obama left a “playbook” for dealing with epidemics; Trump ignored it. Obama created a group to deal with epidemics. Trump got rid of it. Tell me again, who is the failure?

How do I deal with speech recognition and suggestions?

It has been a struggle for me for many years.
If I have 5 languages ​​on the website and "guess" the language based on visitor preferences or settings, not the URL, I get a URL like https://example.com/pages/about-us – and content that is in 5 different languages ​​are available. This is not correctly indexed and offered by Google search engines.

In the end, the Google guidelines helped me to solve rules and define how I set the user language.

Google recommends that each URL have unique and the same content:

Therefore, the language setting "should" should be displayed in a link and the link language should and must be used as the main priority (clicking on the link in Google search results must lead directly to the correct language without redirects).

All subsequent requests (DOM, static files, JSON, Ajax etc.) can ignore the language in the link and use the "saved" logic below:

  1. Read from URL
    • must have fallback. What if non-existent files like developer are accessed? main.css.map – without language code in URL? The session language is reset.
  2. Read from cookie, if previously set;
  3. Read from session, if specified;
  4. Try to recognize from the browser (using the correct codes and priority format https://stackoverflow.com/a/2316527/1720476);
  5. If nothing succeeds OR the recognized language is not available in the available languages. We set the default language.
  6. As a final step – storing (or caching) the language in a cookie or session for use in the next requests.

Google Cloud Platform – Is it possible to get the result of an operation Speech to Text Recognition based on its ID (Python)?

I am trying to get the response to a successfully executed long_running_recognize request (Speech_v1p1beta1) using its ID.
I know how to do this job from the console using the SDK

gcloud ml speech operations wait 

But I can't find a right way to do this with Python. All my attempts to solve the problem have so far been unsuccessful.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Text to speech – How do I add Narrator in Windows 10 third-party voices?

I'm looking for the best way to change the existing text-to-speech voice in Narrator to a third-party SAPI 5 voice I installed for text-to-speech programs.

Information about what I could find was very scarce. I tried to edit the registry with option 6 of the found manual. However, the value described in the manual could not be found. My only options seemed to be Braille and RunningState.

If it's not possible to change the voices in Windows Narrator directly, is there a workaround that I could use to achieve a similar effect? I need to use a third-party text-to-speech language pack for programs that use the system language pack.

Google Apps – application to convert speech to text but not in real time?

I have some audio files from classes at the faculty that I would like to have in the text. So I found a couple of apps that are voice-text apps. For example, GDOCs work well with my real-time speech. I mean, I'm talking now and it works. But I tried to start my audio file to create a text file with gdocs. I put the speaker of my phone on the microphone of my laptop. In this case, it doesn't work at all.

Do Google Docs differentiate between real-time language and audio file? What should I do? I will definitely try to turn on some kind of Google app, GDOCs or Gboard to try real-time speech to text conversion when the professor speaks. I am also not sure whether this will be possible in a large classroom where I do not go every step behind Professor, I sit and he moves.

But is there a solution for audio files? It's not English either, it's Serbian, so I need an app that supports Serbian. Gdocs has it.

dnd 5e – Can a character imitate the actor's speech that he heard before learning the feat?

The Actor feat (PHB, p. 165) says:

You can mimic another person's speech or another person's sounds
Creatures. You must have heard the person speak. or heard that
Creature makes the sound for at least 1 minute.

If a player learns this feat on the eighth level, can he imitate the language he heard on the first level (when he didn't have the feat)?

What about a speech 200 years ago when you were a little elf child?

RAW, I think it's allowed. And I don't think it breaks the game to allow it. But I am curious if I am missing any aspects. I would assume that the 200 year old speech must have been unforgettable at least in some way! 🙂

In the past 3 years, have the Democrats ruined their reputation through their actions, especially Pelosi, who tore up the SOTU speech?

When Donald Trump won the 2016 elections, the Democrats tried the following:

1] The 2016 election recount

2] Trump's inauguration protests

3] The Russian collision

4] The Stormy Daniels affair

5] The Ukrainian investigation

6] Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi tore up SOTU's speech on national television after Trump delivered his speech, showing her contempt for President Trump.

I am not a Republican and I did not vote for Trump. I identify myself as a conservative liberalist. I have never liked the Democrats and I have to say … their behavior has been so fragile, immature and downright youthful in the past 3 years. I've never seen a political party act like this in my life.

Have the Democrats just ruined their reputation?

Why do conservatives believe that freedom of speech does not apply to sitting quietly during the national anthem?

Show me a conservative who said that.

You want to sit still while you have the right. I have the right to say that you are a damned MORON who sits instead of when you are in a country where you are a multimillionaire only because of your ability to sing and dance.

Similarly, the players had the right to do this when they knelt. The fans had the right to view the behavior of these spoiled multimillionaire players.

The NFL also had the right to fire people kneeling during the national anthem. If I made a political statement while representing my company, I would be fired.

In addition, it is stupid for the NFL to allow that. The NFL has always made its money by betting on the patriotism of the fans.