nikon – Slow shutter speed in aperture mode

I am a new photographer. I took a Nikon D90 from my Votech that I tried all night last night. Then when I take a few photos today, I decide to reset with the exposure and AF buttons. After that, it takes a good second for the shutter to open again, which leads to terrible blurry photos. It's okay if I'm using AUTO, but if I'm using a different mode (aperture mode is my favorite) it's awfully slow. My exposure is set to 0, the white balance is automatic, the autofocus is AF-C, I am in single-image mode, the whole Shabang. It was photographed well before I reset it. What do I have to do to restore normal speed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot!

unity – SetTextureOffset in meters per second speed

I have this code snippet that fakes the tile displacement speed. Now I want to set the speed in meters per second. how to divide or multiply that I get a number that is meters per second:

public float scrollSpeed = 0.5f;

    Renderer rend;

    void Start()
        rend = GetComponent();

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        //rend.material.SetTextureOffset("_MainTex", new Vector2(offset, 0));
        //rend.material.SetTextureOffset("_NormalMap", new Vector2(offset, 0));

        float offset = Time.time * scrollSpeed * SpeedSliderController.globalSpeed;
        ChangeDetailTextureOffSet(rend.material, offset, 0f);

    public void ChangeDetailTextureOffSet(Material Mat, float scaleX, float scaleY)
        Mat.SetTextureOffset("_DetailAlbedoMap", new Vector2(scaleX, scaleY));

How do I move 2 meters per second?

Unit – How can I gradually increase the speed of my game?

A very simple way to control the speed of a Unity game is to change the value of Time.timeScale, The default value is 1 and higher values ​​mean higher speed. 2 means twice as fast, 0.5 means half as fast etc. However, keep in mind that this will speed up everything in your game. There are often different things that you don't want to speed up while playing.

Often you want to control the speed of certain game functions separately and sometimes not at all. In this case you have to find different solutions for different functions. You have published the script that is used to create objects. So I'm assuming that you want to increase the frequency of spawning objects. If that's your goal, then InvokeRepeating is the wrong tool because you cannot change the repetition frequency retrospectively. Use an update method instead. Here's a simple script that creates objects at regular intervals based on updates.

public class RepeatingSpawner : MonoBehaviour {

     public float spawnsPerSecond;
     public GameObject prefab;

     private float nextSpawn;

     void Start() {
         nextSpawn = Time.time;

     void Update() {
         while (nextSpawn < Time.time) {
             nextSpawn += 1.0f / spawnsPerSecond;
             Instantiate(prefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);

You can now control speed by changing the value of "Spawns Per Second". You could do this with an InvokeRepeating coroutine, but there are better ways to do it.

You will probably want to change more than just the speed of this spawner during the game. It is therefore a good idea to control all of these functions from a central location. You could create a script with a name like ProgressionController that points to everything in the game with a public variable that should change as the game progresses. An even more elegant way to do this could be to use a timeline asset. You can control the temporal change of values ​​using a visual curve editor.

I will optimize the speed of WordPress and improve the page speed for $ 10

I will optimize the speed of WordPress and improve the page speed

Why is WordPress speed optimization required?

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How to optimize your website:

WordPress speed optimization:

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pathfinder 1e – How do I deal with speed problems?

I am a player in a Pathfinder campaign at Discord with 3 other friends, 2 players (let's call them A and B) and the GM.

A bit of background

  • I am very close friends with the other players and the GM.
  • We have played IRL and Discord a few times, but not all of them. I played with A and GM in one campaign and with B and GM in another campaign and A and B played with GM in a third campaign.
  • We are all very good IRL friends besides role playing.
  • Player A plays a villain, Player B a Paladin Faust monk, I play a summoner and we are all a level 3 group.
  • Player A wants to ask questions and only plan things out of character. The other way around, player B is very discreet, but speaks in character if necessary. I often take initiatives inside and outside the character (talking to NPCs, strategy suggestions …) and I am aware of this, so I try to involve other players in it, but I think this is a fact that may be relevant.

The scene

Last night we were in an apparent boss fight. The scene was set up in our last session, a day earlier. The GM specifically told us that if we wanted to plan something big, he would provide us with the necessary non-operational things. magical objects around us. (For example, Barils made of explosive powder).
I exposed my plan (said Barils and a few other things related to BOOM), Player A suggested other plans, but they had problems that my plan didn't have, and Player B was silent despite my mentions.
Finally, everyone agreed to try my plan. The fight started … and after the surprise round, nothing went as expected when the BBEG won the initiative and cast a big stormy card control spell that extinguished all fire (no BOOM without fire) and threw me and B to the ground with no sight.
As a party wizard, I managed to teleport Player B out of the magic area, but I was in the middle of an icy hell with a 40 foot radius with no visibility. I was practically out of action and left A, B and my Eidolon out. I told A and B that they had to make decisions now because I was just rolling a piece of meat in a refrigerator.

The incident

Then 40 minutes of silence from player B, only interrupted by questions from player A and GM's answers. But without actions. The GM then made the statement that if they don't play now, the BBEG will go forward. And then player B got angry

After that

When our GM told us that Player B had stopped, we paused and tried to think about what had happened. In fact, players A and B were discussing what to do privately. The fact that the GM brought the game forward angered them. We came to the conclusion that the pace of the game might be too fast and B didn't have time to reveal her ideas.

The pace is important in the fight, but the fun for everyone at the table is more important.
So how can we deal with the situation on our level (player, GM, group …), which tools (on Discord) or tips (on social level) can we use?

Linux – How to maintain a good boot speed with multiple operating systems on one PC?

It would be very convenient if I could switch to Linux from time to time with my second operating system installed. But the last time I switched to GRUB, the super-fast system start was gone. Instead, every time I opened my laptop, I had to wait for the entire startup and then select the operating system from the Start menu – much, much longer. Is there a way to keep the same immediate boot loads and only switch to a different operating system when necessary? How do you reboot the system, press a key during reboot and have the start menu? Something like that.

PS I only have one SSD on my laptop.

The TCP speed has stabilized and is growing slowly

If I carry out several large file transfers via TCP (direction and upper protocol are irrelevant, it works similarly with HTTPS and FTPS, for example), the speed is divided into several parallel uploads / downloads (e.g. 2 transfers, each 5 MiB / s). However, if the last upload is retained, the speed of this last upload does not increase (in the example to 10 MiB / s), but remains at the level at which the bandwidth (in the example to 5 MiB / s) in several uploads / downloads has been split, and this only manually. By resetting the transfer, the data is transferred faster (approx. 10 MiB / s).

Is there a way to speed up the last transfer without interrupting it?

My gues is that it is caused by stabilized TCP windows.

Website speed | Web hosting talk

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Are there any simple methods I can use to improve the website's response time? We start and we don't want things to slow down as we should push the speed to the top first and I wanted to fix it as best as possible.

You need to look at the location, resource allocation, etc. and be familiar with how to optimize the website.

There are many things that really need to be considered.

Hostigger – GoodBye2019 – USA / NL / TR location | 3 cores, 10 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, 10 TB SW, 250 MBit / s network speed ($ 9.99 / month or $ 75 / year)

Hostigger is presented here with a special GoodBye 2019 offer that they absolutely wanted to know!

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GoodBye2019 VPS

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Network Information:

Istanbul (TR)

Test IPv4:

Test file:

Kansas City (USA)

Test IPv4:

Test file:

Amsterdam (NL)

Test IPv4:

Test file:

Hardware Specifications:


– 4x Intel Xeon E7-4870

– 1024 GB RAM

– 8X 2 TB SSD

– 10 Gbit / s uplink

Kansas City:

– 4x Intel Xeon E7-4870

– 512 GB RAM

– 8X 2 TB SSD

– 1 Gbit / s uplink


– 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2

– 256 GB RAM

– 8X 2 TB SSD

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and have fun! Happy New Year!