How to get customers without spending any money (B2B startups)

Here’s how we got 20 customers without spending any money (B2B)

selling to a friendly audience
this is probably my best advice. do not be afraid to plug your product to your network of friends. if you’re building a product that solves a need for that you personally have encountered, chances are – you know people in your network of friends with similar pain points.

Friendly audience tends to be less critical & much much easier to get your foot in the door with. At the earliest stages, you likely will have a product less polished than the alternatives – so how do you charge money for it? => sell to a friendly audience

warm introductions
we pulled all of the favors we could possible pull to get as many warm introductions as possible. this is the time to pull as many favors as possible. linkedin helps a lot, if you’re targeting within certain professions.

these are EXCELLENT for getting initial users

I’m talking about no more than 10-15 at a time. I’ve tried sending out mass 500 emails at a time, and weirdly, they seem to correlate heavily with quality and not at all with quantity. this is probably due to spam filters + people being a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Here what you should do:

  1. get the exact definition of your early adopter. Early adopter is someone who feels the pain SO BAD that they will use your product any day any second, simply because they have no viable alternatives. Note that this is different from your target customer. Go as far as to understand what their linkedins should look like. in our case, we said “not strong software engineers amongst the co-founders since they always have a preference to build instead of buying. this is super important – DO NOT email anyone who’s not a perfect fit, because that will likely contribute to your spam-like behavior. Aim for no more than 15 emails at a time after a full days of work, and at least 2-3 demos coming out of that.
  2. read about them and make a really careful proposition that’s really tailored to their service. avoid irrelevant compliments “congrats on the baby!”. instead, opt for tailoring your service for their specific case. in our case, our referral program plugin can be molded to fit really convoluted referral logic, so we talk about what sort of a specific referral program they could use.

let me know if this was at least somehow helpful. i’ll be trying to make more posts in the near future to share what i learnt from Y Combinator and my personal experience.


python – Problem spending funds from P2WSH address: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag

I’ve tried to find an answer here and on BTT but without luck so far.

I’m having issues creating a transaction to spend from a P2WSH address which I created and sent funds to.

I based my code off of this example:

My code can be found here:

P2WSH address with funds: tb1qhxy36055wje22qkxn4mtjl4k9vykcnq7avgtu3smnw6xpdxmw0qqjvywtn

I want to send funds to: tb1qffmyyg5v9atg3zzvlafzzu22ht6cexj7xt8sx4yl0f6c3zktzqrq8hempj

When broadcasting the transaction I get the following error:

  "code": -26,
  "message": "non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation)",

One thing to note is that, I’m making this transaction on SIGNET and I’ve modified the code in the python-bitcoinlib to support SIGNET. I intend to make a PR for after I figure out this problem.

If there’s any more information that I can provide in order to make it easier for anyone to help out, let me know what else would be useful. I’m just starting out with development on Bitcoin and will also document my process, finding and learnings.

Meme Monday: How Are You Spending Your Tax Return?

In the United States, taxes are due April 15, though a lot of people get theirs filed earlier in the year if they’re expecting a refund on overpayment.  How are you planning to spend your tax refund?

Might I suggest a nice VPS?  Or ten?


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

game design – What are good ways to keep the player spending in a single-player RPG?

I’m designing a game where I want the player to take the in-game money into consideration as opposed to majority where they just get rich pretty much all the time with nothing meaningful to spend it on. What are some good ways to keep them spending their money without making it feel like a tedious chore?

I’m already planning to have monsters nor quests not give gold.

And if preventing them from becoming extremely rich eventually is not possible, at least mitigate “easy” ways of generating infinite income. I want them to struggle with their money.

payment – How would I avoid spending my Bitcoins when I need to buy a house quickly?

The most improbable thing just happened: the house where I grew up, and was forced away from at a critical age, and which I’ve longed for ever since, just went up for sale. While they have completely ruined it internally and even to a large extent on the outside, I just so happen to really need a place to live, critically, for myself and two other family members.

With the Bitcoin price being this low, there’s no way that I could sell them for fiat to buy the house. Also, in my situation, it would take a very long time to do this (using Bisq). The house will soon be sold. We have no fiat means to speak of.

BlockFi and Hodl Hodl and Sovyryn are all nonsense. Neither works at all, at least not for me. So lending my coins to get interest in order to use that money to pay for the loan for the house also seems impossible. Plus my bank already doesn’t like me because they know I have Bitcoin. I even tried asking them if I could take a loan from them with my Bitcoin as security. They laughed and treated me in a very condescending manner.

My dream house, albeit in a virtually destroyed (completely changed) state, is slipping away from me again. Considering how much I have been thinking about it lately, it seemed almost like a sign from God that I’m meant to buy it now and then slowly restore it back to how it was back in the day, while living in it.

But in spite of having enough Bitcoin to theoretically buy most of it up-front, I have never felt poorer than I do right now. I can’t “extract” the value from my coins because everything is still way too “early”. I’m also scared to death to give up any control of my private keys, or to lose the BTC in one of the numerous ways you can lose them, be it by accident or through a scam of some sort.

What should I do in this very frustrating situation? I’m going to ask the broker if they accept Bitcoin, even though I cannot waste my coins, but I highly doubt that they will even reply. In spite of all the “bullish news”, most people in the real world still seem to be utterly oblivious to Bitcoin, frankly.

private key – Spending transaction output with only xpriv key

No, you need the private key that the address in question was derived from.

There is no mechanism for the wider network to determine that an address was derived from a private key, that was derived from a specific xpriv. The transaction signature must be created using the private key that is related to the address in question.

transactions – Confused about input and output spending limitations and consolidation

I am sure the answer to this is trivial to someone who already knows the answer, but not to me.

I recently wanted to spend some received bitcoin for the first time and discovered that the associated transaction fee was huge (more than I wanted to spend!), for two reasons:

  1. Fees are presently naturally high due to network congestion.
  2. The address has small amounts of bitcoin from many sources, which apparently is problematic.

I spent some time researching the problem and learned that all money in an address must be spent at once. I read about the analogies to not being able to split a coin. Hence the need for change addresses and such. I learned about “consolidation” and how to consolidate transactions during times of low fees.

Experimentally, I consolidated the 3 inputs of a different address into 1 new address, using a low fee. It took a few weeks for the transaction to confirm, but now has successfully made that money more spendable, because the consolidation reduces future fees. Okay, fair enough.

Now I want to do that to my main bitcoin address which has 22 received inputs. So I will consolidate them all with a (relatively) low fee, into 1 new address, which, when it finally confirms, I will finally be able to spend.

But entirely by accident I discovered something weird in Electrum:

  • If I right-click an address, there is a secret feature “Spend from” which lets me select the source address. (This is useful, because previously the only way I knew to select the source address was to fudge the spending and fees numbers until they exactly matched the total of a particular address, which tricked the program into using that address.)

  • On the “Send” tab, Electrum then lists each individual received input to that source address. If I right-click the individual inputs, I can remove them. WHHHAAT?!?!?

This contradicts everything I spent days reading about, which was that I had to spend the entirety of inputs at once.

Is this configuration valid? Or will there be an error when I try to commit the transaction? Or will all the other inputs to the address be permanently lost? I am too scared to try it.

Perhaps, for example, the design purpose of being able to remove specific inputs from a transaction is a way to purge “dust”, to prevent an attack whereby somebody could DoS a bitcoin address by sending it many 1-satoshi inputs, causing the address to become practically unspendable without incurring a fortune in fees. But this design would discard the unused inputs forever, or gift them to miners as fees.

If it is valid to spend only part of an address, and I won’t lose the rest, then why did I wait 3 weeks for this silly consolidation lark? And why was Electrum moronically trying to force me to spend all of the address at once, phenomenally increasing the fee when I was perfectly happy leaving the rest of the damn money exactly where it was. And why are there so many articles online explaining why you have to spend inputs all at once?

I am terrified I will lose all my bitcoin if I try this, so I would appreciate links to example transactions on the blockchain to satisfy myself that this partial inputs thingie is valid.