splistitem – Date of when a Field was populated

Is it possible to get the date of when a choice field was populated? I’m asking because we have a SharePoint list which is automatically populated by an automation and the entries are later reviewed by one of our team members. Whoever is reviewing the entry add his name to the entry through a choice field, and I’d like to get the date when the ‘Reviewed By’ field is populated. I thought about using a calculated column but I’m not sure what formula would get the results I’m looking for.

splistitem – PNP Apply-ProvisioningTemplate – The field of the SharePoint list is skipped if it is of a different type

I'm currently using Azure Build and Release Pipelines to automate deployment in a test environment. A PowerShell script is used to reapply a template.xml file for the site lists and libraries each time the version is deployed (if the site lists are updated with new fields or new lists are added to the site). the problem If the type of a list box changes, it is not updated and skipped.

for example:

List = subscriptions

Column = SourcePermissions: of the "Choice" type with display of the selection of "Checkboxes"

Update column to = SourcePermissions: of type "Choice" with selection of the display "dropdown menu"

I need to overwrite SourcePermissions with the updated type in the template.xml file

template.xml: below is the part that will be skipped.

  All ITA
    All ITA

Part of the .ps1 file used to update the site template:

#Apply provisioningtemplate 
Write-Host "Started applying template"
#set culture in case devops agent is running on a different culture
Set-Culture -CultureInfo en-us
Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Path "$env:SYSTEM_DEFAULTWORKINGDIRECTORY/_CI/sharepoint/template.xml" -Connection $newSiteConnection
Write-Host "Finished applying template"

received the warning:
Enter image description here

There was no error applying the template to just this message.

sharepoint addin – The SPListItem field is reset to zero after calling Update

I use Sharepoint 2013 with the following code:

listItem("MyCol") = " "; // Space character.
Console.WriteLine($"listItem("MyCol") = {listItem("MyCol")}"); // Here i see the space character.
Console.WriteLine($"listItem("MyCol") = {listItem("MyCol")}"); // Here value is became null.

It looks like the problem is only reproduced for spaces.

powershell – How to correctly remove RoleAssignments from SPListItem / SPFolder in Sharepoint

In the library I have ParentFolder containing SubFolder. I have interrupted role inheritance in ParentFolder and SubFolder (via the web interface).

However, when I remove the role assignment for users in ParentFolder with a Powershell script, it also disappears from the subfolder. I do not understand why it disappears when I break the role inheritance.
And how can this be prevented? How can I delete the role assignment for the user in ParentFolder but save it in the subfolder?

Here is the code:

$web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = $true
$web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = $true

I have sharepoint 2016

list – Error finding SPListItem not found by SharePoint group

Error log captures the error Group can not be found at this part of the code.

private void GetTreeView (PRDConfig.System SelectedSystem = PRDConfig.System.PRD)
To attempt
using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope ("[{0}]{1} ". FormatWith (Location, System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod (). Name)))
var filePlan = new Mensa.CommonLibrary.FilePlan ();
var FilePlanList = SPHelper.GetListByUrl (PRDConfig.GetString (PRDConfig.Config.FilePlanList, SelectedSystem));
var listCollection = SortByTitle? filePlan.GetSortByTitleFilePlan (SelectedSystem): filePlan.GetSortByReferenceFilePlan (SelectedSystem);

// Last inserted protocol
Log.LogDebug ("GetListByUrl:" + PRDConfig.GetString (PRDConfig.Config.FilePlanList, SelectedSystem), Location);

if (Page.IsPostBack)
tvFilePlan.Nodes.Clear ();

foreach (SPListItem element in listCollection)
if (item! = null)
var node = GetFormattedNode (FilePlanList, item.Folder);
tvFilePlan.Nodes.Add (Node);
catch (exception ex)
ex.PreserveStackTrace ();

I am not sure which line caused the error Group not foundSo I want to add more logging.

How can I view the groups checked after the last inserted log?

Many Thanks.