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Learn more about the structure of sprinkler sprinklers

For those working in the firefighting and combat workspace, sprinkler sprinkler heads are no stranger. But for many people, they are not very familiar with this product and do not know how this device is made. To answer these concerns below, we will provide you with useful information.

1. What is sprinkler sprinkler head?

First, we need to find out what the sprinkler is. Accordingly, this device is the first type of water that radiates to the burned areas and the fire. At present, many different types of nozzles are designed for fire with their own characteristics. When designed, the nozzle type is made based on the structure of the nozzle body.

What is sprinkler sprinkler head

2. Learn the structure of the sprinkler sprinkler

Although there are many sprinkler sprinkler heads. In terms of construction, these types of nozzles include the following parts.

2.1 sprinkler nozzles

An important part of sprinkler nozzles is the nozzle body. This body contributes to the construction of the nozzle. Since then, the nozzle can withstand high pressure during spraying and spraying operations.

The nozzle body on the top has a thermal sensor and a water tensioner. With this water block on the nozzle body, it is necessary to set the appropriate spray direction of the water.

To ensure durability and high pressure resistance, the material makes the nozzle body with good metals such as copper, chrome plating … with good rust resistance.

2.2 parts of the heat sensor

As mentioned above, the thermal sensor is disposed above the nozzle body, which consists of a glass container and contains the cashier inside the glass container. This device performs automatic operation when the temperature is above the allowable level to quickly and effectively control the fire.

At normal temperature, the heat sensor has the task of holding the ceiling to ensure watertightness. When the temperature is reached, this sensor has the function of releasing water and taking over the role of the nozzle.

2.3. Block button

The next part of the sprinkler sprinkler head assembly is the lockout button. As the name suggests, this part should ensure that the water stays inside and does not leak. In addition, the key works smoothly with the heat sensor to prevent water jetting.

If a problem is detected, this block is automatically deleted. From this point, water is sprayed from the nozzle to extinguish the fire.

2.4. instruction sheet

The next part of the sprinkler nozzle structure is the instruction sheet. This guide is installed in position on the nozzles and directly opposite the stop button.

The main task is to carry out the distribution of the spray water in such a way that the water in the fire area can spread far and the fire in the large area is ensured. The direction of the nozzles is determined by the guide plate.

3. Address offers sprinkler sprinklers

Currently, the purchase and ownership of a sprinkler sprinkler is widely used to ensure a quick extinguishment of a fire in the event of an incident. So many people want to know the price list of sprinkler nozzles in order to have a financial preparation plan and select suitable products. Through the market, many sprinklers sprinkler sprinklers such as sprinkler sprinkler head high, sprinkler sprinkler sprinkler, automatic sprinkler sprinkler head, sprinkler sprinkler appeared horizontally. In addition, understanding the price list of sprinkler nozzles helps customers buy standard products to avoid damage.

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Give Tyco nozzles the original prices for contractors

In times of social development, the topic of safety and life safety is increasingly being improved. Accordingly, the topic FPF is focused. However, with the current market disruption: rampant false nozzles, different prices, … Contractors are difficult to find a reputable provider. Come to us: Traders who specialize in delivering sprinkler sprinklers to contractors at original prices – An Phat Technology and Trading Development Company Limited.
A phat is a true distributor of Tyco nozzles with various types such as sprinkler sprinkler heads, sprinkler nozzles down, horizontal sprinkler nozzles, ceiling nozzles and nozzles. For a variety of models, make sure you meet all the features of the protected area.
A Phat product portfolio includes:

1. Standard sprinkler
This is a series of jets that meet the requirements of public areas that are less dangerous, such as restaurants, hotels, banks, shops …
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with a low average injection coefficient of K = 2.8 to K = 8.0

2. Dry nozzle for cold storage
This type of antifreeze nozzle is named after its name in high-risk environments. Dry jets are often installed in systems without water in the pipeline. Only when a fire is detected, the fire extinguishing system is activated, the valve system releases water and allows water to get into the nozzle. Open fire work.
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with an average injection factor of K = 5.6 to K = 16.8.
In addition, this nozzle line is usually coated with a coating or rust-resistant wax to serve corrosive environments.

3. Nozzles for warehouses
The warehouse spray series is designed for the protection of warehouses, large warehouses or high storage shelves. In addition, they are also used in underground firefighting applications.
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with a high injection coefficient between K = 5.6 and K = 25.2.
Nozzles usually have a protective frame or shield that acts as a trigger to prevent collisions and to activate them early in a fire.

Tyco nozzles for bearings have a long reach

4. The spray head has a wide cover
This is the copper spray line with a long range of up to 392, which is used to protect dangerous environments at low or normal levels such as restaurants, hotels, offices. Some types are used instead of sprinkler nozzles pointing up or down if the structure of the structure does not reach the pipe on the ceiling.
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with a high injection coefficient between K = 5.6 and K = 25.2.
To meet the aesthetic demands of a range of buildings, Tyco has launched a range of products with a wide range of flat or negative flat plate nozzles and an effective fire fighting concept. does not cause any loss of beauty.

5. Nozzles for residential areas
It is often referred to as an aesthetic spray line. The nozzle of this line normally has a maximum working pressure of 12,1 bar (175 psi) with a low injection coefficient of K = 3.0 to K = 6.9.

Tyco residential sprinkler jets

They have been specially developed for residential areas such as houses, apartments, hostels, hotels with high heat sensitivity and water release properties, which have been specially developed to combat fires and to increase capacity. Canopy residents

6. nozzles for special areas
In FPF work, some specialized areas such as psychiatric institutes, prisons, reeducation camps and refurbishment are relatively difficult to plan, install and operate the system to ensure healing. Firing Effectively Because every item here is in danger of becoming a weapon for individuals to attack others and hurt themselves.
To understand this challenge, Tyco has launched a special sprinkler line that is often installed in a flat design in a ceiling or wall whose color matches the color of the protected area. If you successfully complete your firefighting tasks, you can avoid the risk of damage.
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with an average injection coefficient between K = 4.2 and K = 8.0

7. Open the nozzle
This is a nozzle line without heat sensors used in foam fire and membrane fire extinguishing systems.
Their maximum working pressure is normally 12.1 bar (175 psi) with separate purge design and outlet speed.

Tyco sprinkler nozzles

Depending on the intended use. Some nozzles are coated with a rust-proofing coating or wax to serve corrosive environments.

Above you can find a list of fire extinguisher products from An Phat. For the selection of the equipment and your suppliers we would like to send you the price list of the Tyco sprinkler nozzles.

Under the motto of long-term cooperation based on product quality and prestige, we look forward to working with customers. Please contact a phat if you need advice and offer!


Price for Tyco TY4151 / TY4251 sprinkler

A Phat Company – wholesaler of sprinkler sprayers 68 degrees C – 79 degrees C – 93 degrees C – 141 degrees C nationwide, please send us the reference price of TY4151 / TY4251.

1. Upstream / Downstream Spray Nozzle TY4151 / 4251
It meets the requirements of a wide range of temperature variants suitable for a variety of applications in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as: B. supermarkets, hotel restaurants, chemical plants. , Refineries …
For use in harsh environments, the TY4151 / TY4251 can be provided with a corrosion protection coating that extends the service life. However, customers should seek advice on the suitability of anti-corrosion materials for each specific environment to ensure sprinkler performance.

>>> See also: https://www.reddit.com/user/SPRINKLERTYCO

Specifications of nozzle:
– meet the standards
+ UL, C-UL
FM and LPCB.
– Maximum working pressure: 12,1 bar (175 psi).
– Nozzle size: 3/4 inch NPT.
Spray ratio: K = 8.0 GPM / psi 1/2 (115.2 LPM / bar 1/2).
– Material coating: polyester, chrome, brass, leaded, waxed, waxed.
– Activation temperature:
57 ° C orange glass tube.
68 ° C red glass tube.
79 ° C yellow glass tube.
Green glass tube (+ 200 ° F (93 ° C)).
(141 ° C) blue glass tube.
182 ° C purple glass tube.

Construction of the nozzle:

2. Price list of sprinkler sprinklers TY4151 / TY4251

In addition, An Phat offers many types of spray from Tyco manufacturers:
– Standard nozzles: TY3321, TY3431, TY3331 …
– Jets for cold storage: TY3357, TY3358, TY5339 …
– Nozzles for bearings: TY5131, TY5231, TY313, TY323 …
– ….
For advice and sprinkler pricing, please contact An Phat Information:

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