Read before you place a new order in ssdnodes

I use Strasmore ssdnodes vps of 1+ years and in November 2018 I decided not to renew the VPS because of their service, and they do not offer what I am looking for. But my mistake I have not sent a cancellation request to support. I think it will be automatically canceled if I do not pay, but forget that it is already connected to PayPal and the money is automatically debited with the money at the renewal date. I immediately sent an email to Strasmore ssdnodes support to facilitate the refund. I do not want to renew the VPS, but the money will not be refunded. But they have refunded the money in their wallet. I also filed a lawsuit in PayPal for refund, but PayPal has sent the seller's money favor with transaction ID 7HP559061R349330N.

A few days ago I bought a new service from SSD nodes because they force me to buy. I have no other option, I bought ssdnodes 10x KVM VPS and paid an additional $ 98 because they have no plan at $ 119 for 1 year, $ 119 from the wallet and $ 98 from PayPal on January 6, 2019.

The 10x KVM VPS speed you described on your page is up to 6400 MB / s, but not more than 1000 MB / s.

On 18-01-2019 in 12 days the VPS came down for about 4 hours, I have sent many messages why the service is offline. Also, I have to specify my backup file so I can switch to another provider but did not respond during the day. But on the second day they answered my support tickets and gave me $ 20 on their wallet as compensation.

When I check the performance of the VPS over the root access, the disk speed slows from 1000 MB / s to 200, 112 MB / s and the network upload speed of 600-700 MBit / s. s up to 10, 20 Mbit / s. I immediately contacted the support, but also no response from support that day and in a few hours the VPS failed completely and my blog dropped for about 6 hours.

I lost my traffic and search engine rank in some posts.
On January 24, the VPS came online and support also responded to my ticket and gave me $ 20 in compensation.

But the same problem started in a few hours After the move online, I immediately move my blog to another VPS provider, and I asked to cancel the vps and refund my money, but they refused to refund the money in PayPal. but they refunded the money in their wallet

I have sent many emails to @.Matt Connor But the answer from them too support is now too rude days

@Matt Connor If you have a refund here, I lost my traffic and search engine rank in some posts and also earned 2 days
Now I have lost 20% of daily traffic due to downtime

sorry for my bad English

Screenshot of 10xkvm speed


I have two servers of them for a few weeks. The service had already failed for two hours twice.

While it is down, there is no status on the … | Read the rest of

SSDNODES: Do not use with important applications or data

This is my experience, others may disagree.

SSDNodes works well if you want a VPS to work with you, but it's not designed for workloads that affect your business if you lose access.

SSDNodes lack the business maturity to be hosted at a level that provides a reliable and repeatable service. You have no separation of responsibilities – customer concerns to the administration, clear escalation paths or really well-defined processes that are not TOS and can be applied as the administration team wishes. The TOS does not protect the customer in a meaningful way.

My sin was to try to debate a suspension of my server because of the violotation of the TOS. As a background, I work in the field of digital identity, one of the many areas of IT that could potentially benefit from the Blockchain (DLT). As such, I made a demo docker image of Indy and a Jupyter notebook for gaming. Indy is part of the open source Hyperledger project, which focuses on Blockchain as a business tool. More information here: Google Hyperledger, because I can not publish links. It has nothing to do with the cyrpto currency, except that the crypto-currency has brought this technology to the forefront of technology. Hashing and the underlying design of Blockchain have been around for a long time.

I was surprised when, a few days later, I received an email indicating that my server was stopped for a TOS (Cryptocurrency) breach. I thought the server might have been hacked because I completely forgot my Andy Docker image. I received no warning and had no chance to review or discuss the problem before the server was disabled. I use the server to demonstrate different software applications for my clients, and I would face serious difficulties if a demo had been scheduled that day.

I had to log a support ticket to find out what was going on – first red flag: bad communication and no way to solve problems by phone. It took a bunch of tickets to get the whole story. Apparently, my server had high CPU usage, and an administrator logged in to the server and found that Indy was active, and marked it as a Cyrptocurrency app. Second Red Flag: The admins may have accessed my server directly. I do not know how high the CPU was because I did not receive any information and the dashboard was disabled with the server. Note that the apps I run should not have high CPU usage and have not been used most of the time. I had no opportunity to research, so I can not comment on why the CPU load was high or even what is considered to be too much CPU load.

In the first support tickets, I was told that I must admit that I violated the Terms of Use and resolve the issue immediately to regain access to my server. It was all very cumbersome and one-sided. I could have said I could have agreed, but the whole process has strengthened me. In my opinion it was not professional.

In my recent communication (ticket), I reinforced the fact that Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency, and asked the admins to investigate, but I also agreed to remove the offensive app, as I realized that I had nowhere to go and needed access to the server. I also emailed Matt twice, whom I believe to be the owner, thinking that he could play the role of customer advocate, but no answer. In my first e-mail, I relayed my concerns about the server being suspended without notice, and in the second message, I was told that I would not renew the service (annual subscription).

The answer of SSDNodes was to delete my account without further communication or the ability to secure my docking images. I agreed with the TOS, as I was told, as I had agreed to remove the offensive app, but I guess I pissed it off. Not what I would call a professional answer.

I have learned not to deal with Micky Mouse hosting providers, even if they are cheap. It cost me a few hours of work. I leave this post to others as a warning.

SSDNODES: 1 DMCA = INSTANT BAN (2 years or pre-paid hosting gone)

I am sure that WHT readers now know that such posts are generally not true. They are just a retaliatory measure for offenders and rule breakers whose services are suspended or discontinued.

Your account has been terminated under our TOS for multiple violations of AUP, resulting in your IPs being listed in RBLs (October 6, 2018) and several DMCA complaints. We refer to number 3 (term and termination) of our terms and conditions.

After informing you about the last 2 DMCA complaints, you wrote this in a ticket:

Hello, I would like to know how it works when you receive a DMCA
without physical or electronic signatures.
Because I have received a few and I need to know if they are ignored (for want
valid signature) forwarded to us or enforced by you (ie: you
Delete files on our server).

I'm pretty happy with your service and I hate spamming people
wrong dmca ruin everything.

Many Thanks.

Our answer was:

We have received several abusive complaints about the IP hosted on your server. For more information, see tickets # 736862 and # 175073. You would need to fix the problem within 24 hours. We consider abuse complaints seriously. If the server does not resolve within 24 hours, we need to suspend the server.

They then answered:

Thanks, I will remove them, please allow me some time to get them all done.

"Thanks then I will remove" clearly shows that the latest DMCA complaints were valid. They do not remove anything that is not there.

However, at the same time they tried to claim that the DMCA references were not valid:

Hello, there is no physical or electronic signature (as requested by your own TOS), literally someone could have sent it.
Honestly, you already have my money, so you can do whatever you want with me, it's not like I have consumer rights.

Our very patient support staff replied:

Do you have the right to use this content on your website?

And your answer was:

Please suspend me, I have no rights, just like the dmca transmitter.

As a result, I have decided to terminate your service (under our TOS as above), because not only in the event of multiple TOS violations did you refuse to cooperate with our very reasonable support staff who attempted to resolve a DMCA issue ,