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Does anyone know where to bring my Btc Qt to credit my wallet with an unconfirmed transaction? I tried to make a transaction with Coinbase, and in a hurry I did not charge a fee. So it's stuck in mempool. I emailed Coinbase to do a CPFP, but I do not think they even know what that means. I even told them to deduct the fee from my Coinbase account. Any help would be appreciated. The transaction was executed ten days ago. Should I Just Wait If you want to lead me through the process, I can do it myself, ok. But please specify exactly what you should enter in the debug console, commands, etc. No programmer. Thank you very much.

c ++ – Print-based Debugging – Code Review Stack Exchange


const bool DEBUG = false;

void debug(Args ... args);

void _debug(Args ... args) {
    std::cout << "(" << __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << ") ";
    (std::cout << ... << args) << std::endl;

#define debug(args...) if (DEBUG) _debug(args);

Suppose you run ACM or you are in a location without a well-designed development environment. They wrote code and wondered what went wrong.

The goal is to identify the cause of the problem as quickly as possible by placing tracking prints and turning them all off together by preventing code generation for them. So you can submit your code with DEBUG = false and it will not cause any performance issues caused by calls debug(...),

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I'm wondering if there's an SMS Android app that can receive text messages and that has the ability to respond by calling a custom API, such as a text message. REST call?

It would be useful if you travel abroad where receiving SMS is always free, but sending can be expensive. Call a REST API if you only want to respond. This API sends a message as if it came from the same number.

Is there an app with this feature?

Probability and marbles – Math stack exchange

My brother brings a certain number of his marbles to play in my room. Every marble is different. He has 8 marbles in total, which are either red or blue. One day I discovered two red marbles in my room. The probability of two of his marbles (of which he plays in my room) being randomly selected and both being red is 1/2. How many marbles does he bring to my room?

I tried to do this:

Let x = number of red marbles

In order to $ (x / 8) $ = Chance to pick red marble

and then $ (x-1) / (8 – 1) $ = Chance to pick the second red marble.

$ (x / 8) (x-1) / (7) = 1/2 $, but I specified x as a decimal, which is not possible.

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I urgently need help with this problem. I have encountered the problem that there is not enough space left to load the 11 or 10. I could really use some help to design this problem and think about Turing machines in general.

Change the original input with a 1 in 11 and a 0 in 10. You must also append a 01 to the beginning of the input when it is complete. For example, if the input is 10110, the output is 011110111110.

Bitcoin Cash and Moldability – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I saw the news about the BCH protocol upgrade:

There are some things that I did not understand:

  1. What exactly does the "MINIMALDATA" mean?
  2. Is it protected against ductility without having to use Schnorr (like Segwit)?

I'm trying to use the bitcoin-core & bch-core generically, so that's exactly what I was looking for, if I did not need to use schnorr, but still protected from plasticity in bch.

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I need software to sell photos in our Christmas grotto.

My setup is:
5x Canon d600 connected to a PC with digicam control. The customer's barcode was scanned and the image is stored on a central server with the barcode, the camera name and the time stamp as the file name.
A set of images is customized with Darkroom Core via Chroma Key to create 6 images of the customer with different backgrounds.
The central server is also connected to 3 Mitsubishi CP-D70DW printers with printer spooling.

I want two or more points of sale where customers (with the help of an employee) can scan the barcode, retrieve their photos, and then buy the photos they want.

I've been thinking about using Darkroom Core for both selling and manipulating, but I'm not entirely happy with it.
Any ideas? Thanks.

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My profile is still displayed after I've deleted Facebook accounts, but no pictures after using the same method my friend used to delete their accounts, and it worked 100% for him. And I still get Facebook message alerts. I have canceled / deleted the account. more than 3 weeks ago. How do I delete Facebook completely?

Group by with Joins Database Administrators Stack Exchange

So I have 2 tables with identical structures that represent data from 2 providers ….. I would have set this up in a table, but I've lost the argument with the data type … anyway … always get one here Error message :

The column & # 39; Venor2.DealID & # 39; is invalid in the selection list because it is neither contained in an aggregate function nor in the GROUP BY clause.

Trying to just get an average "MIA" from DealID

Select A1.DealID as A1_DealID, 
        Avg(A1.Trade_Date_Current_Day_MIA) as Average_MIA,
        Avg(A2.Trade_Date_Current_Day_MIA) as Average_MIA
From  Vendor1_Aggregate_File_Stage as A1
left join Vendor2_Aggregate_File_Stage as A2 on A1.DealID = A2.DealID
Group By A1.DealID

Shortcode called twice – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I'm working on my product information with a shortcode that can automatically generate a spreadsheet with information. But it looks like the shortcode is called twice. I'm not a great backend developer, but I'm trying to learn some basics so I can build some basic PHP functions. I would be very happy about help. Thank you in advance.

My code looks like this:

function displayTable()
    echo '';
    echo '';
    $fields = get_field_objects();
    foreach($fields as $field)
      echo '';
      echo '';
      echo '';
    echo '';
    echo '
'; echo ''. $field('label') .''. $field('value') .'
'; } add_shortcode('popnagel-tabel', 'displayTable')