There will always be one member that others can not stand Forum promotion

Whenever I've ever started a community, I've always had a rule to annoy other members, to do something that bothers others, etc. It basically means, "Hey, if you annoy enough people, you can go. " Of course, this depends entirely on the administration / moderators not taking advantage of this elusive rule, but I sometimes think it's necessary. I have not been in your forum yet and I do not know your rules, but I wonder what your members would think if someone came on the forums to debate about the validity of Christianity – or a religion. Even if they are well articulated and not angry and truly share their thoughts and feelings, dealing with them can be difficult. Imagine the following – If your most annoying user suddenly invites 100 friends, would it still be the community you want? If I create a forum on Xbox and there is always someone trying to convince people to play PC games, should I lock it? Well, he may not break the rules, but they do not really add to the spirit of the rules and the community. If you invite 100 of your friends who also play only PC, I could suddenly have a PC forum instead of an Xbox forum.

That's how I like to see it … Even if they do not violate certain rules, are they keeping other members from joining? Do they derail threads or cause members to respond to them instead of contributing to otherwise solid discussion? If that's true, maybe they should go …

Every member should be treated fairly, but that does not always mean it's the same.
It's the classic "BUT WHEN THOMAS HAS HELD THAT HE SUSPENDED ONLY ONE DAY", whereupon the school principle answers, "Jimmy, this is your third disruption this year. You have agreed not to scream in class."
In Jimmy's mind, he was wrongfully suspended for a week, while Thomas was suspended for just one day – perhaps because of the same kind of disruption.
But in the eyes of the administration and other students, it would be unfair to Thomas if Jimmy were suspended for one day because of his previous incidents. I think that often comes into play when members feel unfairly punished, but sometimes it is not possible to just say "this behavior = this punishment". That's my philosophy anyway … repeat offenders are treated differently. It may not be the same on the day of the ban / suspension, but I can always try to make sure that it is fair. "Fair – not equal"

[ Politics ] Open Question: If physicians could determine if a baby was born LGBT, would more Christians stand for election or would more LGBT become a life coach?

[ Politics ] Open Question: If physicians could determine if a baby was born LGBT, would more Christians stand for election or would more LGBT become a life coach? ,

Is that the only real reason to stand up to Voter ID because you plan to cheat? What does that say about Democrats?


The reason why Democrats tend to reject this is because it is a voter suppression tool.

The electoral pass law sets a limit between persons and elections. Democrats want to encourage people, and when I say people, I mean citizens, to vote. Anything that makes voting difficult is considered suspicious.

The justification for the electoral pass laws is the prevention of electoral fraud. But the only kind of electoral fraud that it protects against is the personal electoral fraud, where someone pretends to be somebody else and cast a vote in his name. This essentially does not exist. In Pennsylvania, for example, the lawyers who defended this state's electoral card law admitted that there had never been a documented case of electoral fraud in more than 200 years of state history. However, electoral identity laws can be an obstacle to choice. In Pennsylvania, they admitted that over one hundred thousand legal voters lacked the right ID card


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BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN area
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What do I stand for and in Python?

So there was another question that confused me. Can you use a letter to signify i or n? Must it be the letters i and n? or can it be t and q? or something.

Example (Suppose I have defined the area … I am still a beginner)

for i in range (10)


for q in the range (10)

Are they the same?

Hardware – Can the stand be removed in a 21.5 "iMac by mid-2011?

I've got a 21.5 "iMac (EMC 2389) in mid-2011 and I'm trying to remove the stand, I'm trying to follow this guide, but I can not find the" bar "he's talking about, I have that An iMac of recent years has no removable stand, this is a model of 2011. Is the stand even removable (whether this way or not) and if so, how would I do that? Thanks!

Passwords – ODM perfume stand

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