Liberals say the AR-15 is a weapon of war. Which branch of military issues the AR-15 as the standard weapon? Should be easy to find?

The Ar-whatever American has done is a Break-Survival 22-long rifle. It is called a "survival rifle" because it is lightweight and easy to stow.

A bit useless, because his 22 has no knockdown, so no kill power.

Do you see that? This is much more effective at killing criminals / invaders / rapists / murders.

I thought I had a piece of rope. That's to hang weapons as trophies …

How can I enable my standard USB cable to charge my Canon camera?

Any USB cable with low resistance and a micro USB port that matches your camera's USB port should work. Very thin cables are unlikely to meet the current charging requirements of your camera. On the pin assignment of the official Canon cable is nothing special. The wires have only sufficient strength and resistance to allow enough current through them.

You need to make sure the other end is connected to a USB port that provides 5V / 2A. USB ports that deliver only 5V / 0.5A, 5V / 1A or 5V / 1.5A can not charge the battery of your camera.

USB ports that deliver more than 5 V / 1A are referred to as "high power" USB ports. The internal insulator for a & # 39; High Power & # 39; USB port is usually red (or sometimes blue on motherboards made before the introduction of USB 3.0) instead of the default black on computers that have such a port. Since USB 3 is now blue, most USB 3 devices are red.

Even with a high-performance USB source, the battery in the camera can only be charged when the camera is turned off.

Is the Korean nose correction permanent? Standard Nasal Correction Procedures – Everything Else

1. Is the Korean nose correction permanent?

Korean nose correction is one of the most popular beauty methods for the nose, especially for young people. Recently, however, a number of rhinoplasty complications have been reported in the media, which makes many people skeptical of this beauty method. So The Korean nasal augmentation is permanent?

+ Does the Korean nasal augmentation have an effect?


Korean rhinoplasty has no health effects

According to experts, Korean rhinoplasty is a simple and less invasive form of surgery that only affects the skin and soft tissue without affecting the structure and function of the nose.

In essence, Korean rhinoplasty is a method of beautifying the superior nose shape, which is capable of overcoming the condition of lower and shallow noses by applying cushioned material to improve the bridge of the nose.

Padded material used in Rhinoplasty is a kind of biological material with complete compatibility with the body to minimize the excretion Complications after surgery,


In addition, the Korean rhinoplasty is performed according to the standard procedure of the Ministry of Health, so that it can be confirmed that the answer to the question of Korean rhinoplasty is not good, because it helps you to determine the nose shape. perfect as desired.

Rhinoplasty has no effect, but why are there so many complications after a nose job? If you notice, rhinoplasty complications occur at unreliable addresses, underground activities with a team of poorly qualified doctors and unsecured facilities.

Therefore Korean nose correction goodWhich effect is no longer dependent on surgeon factor, facilities, fillers and rhinoplasty procedure. To ensure these factors, you need to find a reputable address for nose surgery.

+ Korean rhinitis rhinoplasty okay?

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	<em>People with sinusitis may still have a normal nose job without any effect</em>
<p>	Sinusitis or allergic rhinitis are common in a wet tropical monsoon like Vietnam. For this reason, many customers who come to VietCharm for advice on rhinoplasty are asking this question.
<p>	In sinusitis, the nose can be raised as usual because the rhinoplasty only affects the skin and soft tissue without affecting the airways.
<p>	Many cases of severe sinusitis have had a minor rhinoplasty effect in VietCharm, and even some cases have improved this condition after rhinoplasty.
<p><img alt=

2. Standard nose correction procedure

In order to have a perfect and safe nose, doctors usually follow the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Visit the nose to assess the condition, identify the pros and cons of the nose, and then recommend the customer to use the appropriate nose correction method.

  • Step 2: Have customers make a general health check to see if their health status matches the operation.

  • Step 3: Next, the doctors perform measurements and drawings to shape the nose so that the surgical process becomes precise and fast.

  • Step 4: Before surgery, the surgeon will administer a light anesthetic to the client to minimize pain and anxiety during surgery.

  • Step 5: Perform the operation according to the specified instruction.

  • Step 6: Close the incision and finish the nose correction.

  • Step 7: Perform a re-examination after the operation.

Rhinoplasty is also a factor that helps you answer the question of whether the nose surgery is painful. A standard rhinoplasty that disinfects and anesthetizes before surgery helps you to feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

To register a high-quality rhinoplasty service at VietCharm at a reduced price, please contact us on the hotline: 0941,939,393 – 0911,688,666 for enthusiastic advice from our staff. ,

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8 – Standard sales configuration per content type

We use a paragraph for the hero / header of our website. Within the paragraph, there are a number of different buttons to define different options for the hero.

I'd like it to be such that when the user creates content in one content type, the default configuration for the paragraph differs from that for content for another content type.

Can I create unique paragraph type configurations based on the content type in which it was inserted?

g-suite: User Management Administrator – standard organizational unit for new users

I'm trying to set up an employee as a user administration administrator for a specific organizational unit in a g-suite enterprise account.

The problem is that by default, when trying to create another user account, that person still uses the top-level org unit and can not change it to select the correct organizational unit.

It seems logical that g-suite automatically uses the organizational unit for which this employee is an administrator. It seems somewhat counterproductive to need to assign access to all organizational units if all users created by that person belong to a particular organization.

Does anyone know if there is a way to achieve this?

Standard method of communication and documentation for business analysts, designers and developers

I've been working on a personal project to standardize the way business analysts, designers, and developers in projects communicate about the issues and solutions they need to solve. While UX Design spoke of a balance between business, technology, and people (you can insert your favorite Venn diagram here), analysts, designers, and developers have no way to share information.

We do not have to worry too much about how UX designers capture information, but all we have to do is say that we produce more artifacts than the business analysts and software developers put together. Therefore, I would like to highlight a few things that business analysts and developers have used as the background to my question.

software developer

Much of the design and development of front-end software applications seems to tend toward pre-built development frameworks or other Javascript libraries for the Web, compared to some designs of back-end or enterprise applications that use a mix of functions (C, C ++) use. and object-oriented programming languages ​​(Java, C #).

Object-oriented or object-based programming languages ​​attempt to model real entities so that they can digitally replicate properties and behavior. This is no different from mathematics, which attempts to model real scenarios to solve problems. Although UML (Unified Modeling Language) is not limited to object-oriented languages, it is a standard method of gathering information to model the problem area and develop a programming solution.

Interestingly, there is an earlier question about the choice of programming language and UX, which is slightly different: choice of programming language and UX

business analysts

Traditionally, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) has been used to specify business processes in a business process model. However, as we know, the current business environment is largely in the direction of a user-driven market, and so many products and services focus mainly on the human element. This is also reflected in the latest version of the BPMN language (2.0) was used.

Given the fact that object-oriented programming already has conventions such as UML and BPMN for business analysis, why is there no standardized way for business analysts, designers and developers to communicate the problem and the solution they are working on? Or are there actually examples of UML, BPMN, or any other convention that has been successfully applied?

Question – Is there a standard used by analysts, designers, and developers?

I have not encountered anything like that, and the reason I think it's right is a combination of:

  1. In UX Design, there is not really a standard, as it is for BAs or developers
  2. There is no advantage in maintaining a single standard compared to managing three different standards (since there is no suitable solution that is suitable for all three standards). In the end, you're dealing with four instead of one.
  3. There are too many differences between the disciplines to ensure a single standard
  4. Nobody tried it or no successful attempts were made

Add an individual standard deviation for each bar in a bar chart with 3 rows of 2 columns each

So I want to do something similar and add single standard deviations to each column. Adding the standard deviation over the normal path will reveal a single STD over the blue columns, which is not the same as the STD I have for the second and third series. Please enclose a graphic explanation next to the text if possible. Thanks in advance. Enter the image description here

How is the final price calculated if we have a special price and a standard price?

I am currently reading for the Magento exam and I came across this question.
The product has a base price of $ 30 and a special price of $ 25, a graduated price discount for this product of $ 20 for 5 products and a catalog rule of 25% off.
What is the final price?

In which order are special prices and catalog rule prices applied? are both advertised? My answer was 22.5, but the correct answer is $ 15

According to my research, the special price is only used if it is below the applied catalog price rule. So, should we choose a minimum when both situations are set?

For some reason, my catalog price rules do not work. I even reindexed and emptied the cache so I could not test the scenarios.

Please explain.
Many thanks,

The standard for shared web hosting

A few years back, I remember Dreamhost and a handful of other hosts being the "standard" for cheap shared hosting, where most things were automated and you were pretty quick to deploy. I have not been in the game for a while and I do not know if the options have changed.

Basically, I need a cheap hosting plan for a WordPress site.

Has there been more players in this area for days? I know there are many smaller shared hosting providers / resellers, but I want to stick to something that has been around for a while and has "perfected" shared hosting.

Suggestions are welcome!