Exact formula for $ P_n (r) $, the probability to draw a card of rank $ r $ from a standard mixed deck at the $ n $ -th draw without replacement.

My question is pretty easy to answer, but I need a pointer in the right direction. For example, suppose you have a well-mixed 52-card standard stack that contains the following $ 4 $ Cards for everyone rank (The rank of a map is the & # 39; number & # 39; from which it is displayed $ 1 $ to $ 13). You each draw a card, z $ n $ times. Already drawn cards are Not put it back in the deck, but just set it aside. I would like to have a formula for the probability $ P_n (r) $ that a map of rank exactly $ r $ is drawn exactly $ n $-th extraction (ie after the first $ n-1 $ Cards have been set aside).
Can someone help me?

Ansible Display real-time shell standard output

I want to see the real time Bowl instead of to registerinto a variable and then display it when it is complete.

Example Playbook – test.yml

- name: Test the RUN shell command
Host: localhost
Connection: local

- Name: Runnig Update
Shell: Apt Update

standard edition

$ ansible-playbook test.yml

PLAY [Testing RUN Shell Command] ************************************************** * ******************************************************************************** ** **

TASK [Gathering Facts] ************************************************** * ******************************************************************************** ** ************
OK: [localhost]

TASK [Runnig Update] ************************************************** ************************************************** **************
changed: [localhost]

PLAY RECAP ************************************************************************************************ * ******************************************************************************** * **************************
localhost: ok = 2 changed = 1 not reachable = 0 failed = 0   

But I want to see what it feels like to let this happen suitable update in the terminal

$ sudo apt update
Ign: 1 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable InRelease
Hits: 2 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable version
Hit: 3 http://ppa.launchpad.net/brightbox/ruby-ng/ubuntu bionic InRelease
Get: 4 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security InRelease [88.7 kB]                                                           
Hit: 6 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease
Hit: 7 http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-chromium-builds/stage/ubuntu bionic InRelease
------ OUTPUT REMOVED ----------

I see that there are already discussions in the Github question and it looks like that's not possible.

Is there a trick to get the real-time standard output using a viewable callback?

magento2 – How do I add a link for the advanced search in the standard design of the magento 2 homepage?

I followed this answer


Step 1:

{{block class = "Magento CatalogSearch Block Advanced Form" template = "Magento_CatalogSearch :: advanced / form.phtml"}}

I have it displayed on the homepage (advanced search)

Step 2:

If you need to customize phtml, copy it from:

provider / magento / module-catalog-search / view / frontend / templates / advanced / form.phtml

where I can copy
My standard design in Magento

in my folders

App / Design / Magento afterwards no folder available

How can I do step 2?

(I use Magento Luma Theme)

filters – Removes status & # 39; archives & # 39; from the standard view for posts and pages

I have a page status on my WordPress platform:
All, my, designs, published and archived, as you can see in the picture below

WordPress pages status

When I go to pages, the default view is on All pages I have 62 pages in my example.

I want to hide the archived page in the default view. Soon ALL (62) I want to see all pages except the archived status pages. The archived Pages must still be visible when we leave Archived tab,

Thanks for your help.

Game theory – extension of the English standard Peg Solitaire

A complete analysis of the English standard peg solitaire was carried out. See

Berlekamp, ​​E. R .; Conway, J.H .; Guy, R.K. (2001) [1981], Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays (2nd ed.), A K Peters / CRC Press, ISBN 978-1568811307.

Consider the English standard version of the game. The center pin adjoins the center pin of the far left column of a $ 3 times $ 3 Grid of pens on the right, the center pen of the rightmost column of a $ 3 times $ 3 Grid of pins on the left side and similar neighborhood in the up and down direction from the center pin. I wonder if a variation of the game was considered, say $ 2n + 1 times 2n + 1 $ Grid in the four directions from the center pin? Many questions could be asked which were thoroughly answered for the standard game $ n = 1 $How can jumps be made so that only one pin is left? If so, how many possibilities are there to win with and without symmetry? Obviously there is $ 4 (2n + 1) ^ 2 -4 + 1 = 16n ^ 2 + 16n + 1 $ Herring in this variant.

Thanks for your time!

Email – Is there a global / ICAAN (?) DNS entry standard for a site that is rated as "Reliable"?

Take, for example, the following pseudo-quote that I have just come up with to better explain my question:

Hereby we declare that from the year 2xxx only website, the
The following DNS records make a website reliable and reliable
qualitative: one record, cname record, MX record, TXT record), the rest
the possible DNS entries are optional in our opinion.

Is there a global / ICAAN (?) DNS entry standard for a website that is rated as "reliable"? Was there such an attempt by an international internet agency?

By the way, this question is a good continuation of this question.

Algorithms – Can I Merge Standard C ++ STL Maps?

I was wondering if it's possible to merge standard STL maps with DSU tricks into O (log (n)).

Example: Map a = {{1,2}, {3,2}, {4,3}}, Map b = {{2,3}, {3,2}, {4,1}} and Map c = {{2,1}, {3,2}, {4,4}}

The resulting card is then: {{1,2}, {2,4}, {3,6}, {4,8}}

Is there another algorithm to do this in O (logn) complexity, if this can not be achieved by the DSU?

Here, n is the number of cards and the sum of the sizes of all cards is 10 ^ 5.
n can be in the range of 1-10 ^ 5.

Is SharePoint 2010 SP1 compatible with the SQL 2012 standard version?

I need to upgrade SQL Server 2008 to SQL 2012 for my SharePoint 2010 application.

Currently I have SharePoint 2010 SP1 version installed on one server and SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise version on another server / database server
I would like to know if SharePoint 2010 SP1 is fully compatible with SQL 2012 Standard Version. I need to upgrade SQL Server from 2008 R2 to 2012.

Please confirm somebody. It will be a great help.

App Windows – Nero MediaHome 2019 Standard v4.0.1108 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Nero MediaHome 2019 Standard v4.0.1108 Multilingual | 311.7 MB

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Give your multimedia files a home: Send photos and movies wirelessly from your iOS or Android mobile device and USB from external hard drives or memory sticks to your PC. Import music files or rip music from audio CDs and even add original album art thanks to Gracenote technology. With articles archived in clear categories like date, faces, locations, favorites or personal tags, you can now find all your media even faster. You can even connect directly to Windows Media Player and iTunes media libraries.
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