How do I remove star trails with Gimp?

I am quite new to photography and recently visited a place with almost zero light pollution and tried to take a 16-second Milky Way shot from my cell phone camera. However, I have seen star trails in the photo that I want to remove without removing the stars myself. I have Gimp installed and do not have Photoshop. I've tried using the Richardson-Lucy plugin in GIMP, but I'm not sure how to use it exactly. Please guide me through which tools / methods I can achieve this. Many Thanks.

Air Travel – Star Alliance – Direct Flights

I do not know where I want to go, but I know how I want to get there! I am looking for an efficient search for flights under the following criteria:

  1. Operated by a Star Alliance Partner
  2. From a certain airport – in my case LHR or a number of airports like London.
  3. A direct flight

I try to find inspiration for a short break, so I do not know the destination yet. Using Star Alliance gives me miles in maintaining my status with United. Use a selected airport because I live there. Choose a direct flight because I'm looking for simplicity.

Visiting the websites of Star Alliance partner airlines and finding their list of direct flights is probably possible, but seems to be a lot of work.

If I knew where I wanted to go, there are many decent search engines, but I do not know where to start.

value – Is a star rating more user-friendly and valuable than a simple up / down voting model?

I can not agree with the other answers, so I would argue that the main distinction factor is the time the user costs to evaluate. Tuning up or down is possible in a matter of seconds and is especially useful when there is a clear concept of up and down. This does not have to be the same, eg. For example, in Stackoverflow this is "correct answer" or "bad answer", whereas in comment parts it means "I like" and "I do not like". in the General This means that a star rating system should be used when either rating articles are rewarding to the user (eg, better recommendations) and thus worth their time, or when element scoring is rare. On the other hand, if you expect users to rate countless articles General It will be hard to convince them to use a tiered rating system, and two or even one-level (Facebook-like-button) systems will work better.

If you do not distinguish the different levels clearly enough, the user will choose only 0, n-1 or n stars. In this way, you can still get a lot of statistics (such as taking into account the average weight of users, etc.), but it's not nearly as good as when users spread their votes well. For this reason, implementing a multi-level system is much more difficult than the up / down vote option. You can improve this by labeling the rating system or by explicitly setting how the voting should work (see, they showed descriptions while hovering over stars.) or for two good examples. On the other hand, in a two-tier system, there is usually no right or wrong, it's all up to the user. Even on SE you can only downgrade bad answers and only good answers, and probably will not be banned (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there are no wrong votes in SE).

Another problem that has been raised in some articles is that the result is often shown as a score on up / down but often as an average on stars. Internally, you're likely to use the right weighting when calculating averages, but the real issue at the core is the appearance to the user.

For example, the aforementioned Dutch website assigns scores -1 to +3 to their rating system (-1 is flame, 0 is off topic, +1 is ontopic and + 2 / + 3 is excellent / exemplary), and uses average values ​​in particular the median value to decide how to render objects (objects with a median value of 2 or higher get a darker background). + 3 are so rare that they do not have to worry about how many users have chosen. On the other hand, if you're using a website like Netflix, the average star rating only shows up if you have enough data, and then you're trying to switch to a personal "forecasted rating" as fast as you can, rather than displaying averages. And the last two normal options show the number of users (really common) and the total score (the sum of all star ratings is less common, but I've seen it a few times now, where there is no such thing as star "+3615 biscuits ").

Since the OP asks for a specific case, let's look at it. When we talk about a relatively dedicated group of users, they will probably be willing to rate stars. However! I would advise you to think of this as a mass moderation tool rather than a measure of how much users like it. In other words, let's say the top level "Excellent and recommended article!" an average score "Nicely read, learned more than expected", two "stars" and so on "Found my answer" and 1 "star" would say "Needs work." (of course these are just a few sample labels). On the other hand, if you have a large number of users who just want to get on board quickly, want the answer, and want to go just as fast, you're more likely to get data with a two-tier system.

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Why do some star trails appear blue?

Last night I tried to photograph some star trails, and I noticed constantly that some stars in the top half of the photo were blue. I'm really not sure what's going on here. Can I do anything to prevent this?

  • Camera: Sony A99
  • Lens: Sigma 24-105, f4.0 (set to 24mm, f8.0)
  • Exposure: 10 minutes
  • ISO: 250

Enter the image description here

Is anyone else disappointed that rap star Travis Scott will perform in the Superbowl despite NFL treatment of black athletes?

Travis Scott explained that he and his footballer have become a symbol of civil rights. Colin Kaepernick had a heart for hearts and Scott said he had received the approval of Colin Kaepernick.

Travis Scott also agreed when the NFL donated $ 500,000 to a charity for racial equality.

However, I do not think that Scott should even be in a league where minorities have rights as much as a slave on a plantation. What do you think?


Star Wars d6 – Are there rules to play as a child?

The rulebook contains a template for creating a child character at the end of the book. I have just reviewed it and each version has the template, adapted to the current rules and with images of varying quality.

The rules are the same no matter what template you choose, or even if you have chosen to create your character without following a template. The only difference is that the child has a reduced movement, 8 instead of the usual 10.

How to Activate the Star Value Pack Rs 49 – Everything Else

Nowadays, every family is worried about the new rules for DTH plans, they do not know how to activate the Star Value Pack 49 with their current DTH provider, or what the Star Value Pack channel list is. How do I buy a Star Value Pack??

According to TRAI new DTH Rules have been introduced for the Indian family. Consumers receive selected channels and pay only for what they want to see on their TV.

Why is the star action insignificant on inner forms of split groups?

I looked at Tits Paper's "Classification of Semisimple Algebraic Groups" in the Boulder Process. After he has defined that $ * $He said that an algebraic group is called inner if the action is trivial. That should coincide with the inner form of a shared group, but I do not understand the connection.

I would also like to know more generally whether the orbits of the * action of a group are related to the orbits of the * actions of their inner forms.