Dataset – Validity range of adjustment problem start values ​​with NonlinearModelFit

I'm trying to fit two records with two functions that have the same parameters (3 parameters) and are symmetric to the y-axis.

It turns out that the output of the fitting over NonlinearModelFit is very reasonable for the initial values, i. that is, when I give the baseline values ​​that are reasonably close to my expectations (by analyzing the functions and the system), the fitting works and I get reasonable results. But if I drastically change the starting values, the results are completely unacceptable.

Am I doing something wrong or is it more likely to happen? In other words, this adaptation process is w.r.t. unstable? to select the starting values, d. H. you can not choose the initial data arbitrarily?

What is the scope of the initial values?

Start of the mixed development of the Holland Village Residences

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One Holland Village Residences is a unique concept with 3 different themes within the blocks of flats. Sereen, Leven and Quincy. A total of 296 residential units on mainly 2 skyscrapers. With serviced apartments, offices, retail and community spaces under development, residents can enjoy the convenience right on their doorstep.

Holland Village Residences prices are attractive with 1 bedroom prices starting at $ 1.35 million, 2 bedroom prices starting at $ 2.05 million, 3 bedrooms starting at $ 2.67 million and more. The prices are approximately in the range of $ 2.8 million.

Holland Village Residences Showflat is located near its development, in Holland Village's famous open-air car park. The address is 9A Holland Drive.

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Transactions – To start using signrawtransactionwithkey instead of signrawtransaction

I follow this tutorial that says to use signrawtransaction, I get:

error code: -32
error message:
signrawtransaction was removed in v0.18.
Clients should transition to using signrawtransactionwithkey and signrawtransactionwithwallet

The API call in the tutorial shows the following:

$ signedtx2=$(bitcoin-cli -named signrawtransaction hexstring=$rawtxhex2 | jq -r '.hex')

How do I do the same with the new one signrawtransactionwithkey API? I started to generate a private 256-bit key:

Now I'm not sure what to do. I think I have to do that, but I'm not sure how to define it using CLI variables and how to make sure it works.

signrawtransactionwithkey  "0200000001cfe62b9f1c52bc2998f9a0e6d6ee35430c93ec653d5691935178147a43090fee0000000000ffffffff01f0afd320766191d4c5c088ac00000000" "("cSXHtKRXWnCLWhuie8WC13cKF3qdnKL8vG3BiRpxgCXZkK2CHe9u")"  "({"txid":"ee0f09437a1478519391563d65ec930c4335eed6e6a0f99829bc521c9f2be6cf","vout":0,"scriptPubKey":"a914111111111111111111111111111111111111111187","redeemScript":"5221033d9aecbced8e776c03d283f6c0d64c6a301ad142d74d500fe8860c9b362fa4932102a4df3cb4e5286e180b7c68e323c778e32350a604d4f4a74c290d1c60c721687a52ae"})"

If I look further, I have to encode the key with base58.

Javascript – value in Inner.Html returns NaN. Previously, the subtraction returned but was done only once. Then I would start adding