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C # – I have to do a job, but I'm stuck. Is there a way to get to the result with this code start? if so show me how please

I'm starting in language now. Can I do this exercise using these codes? if so show me prq stuck there lol

A particular company has done market research to find out if people
liked it or not launched their newest product. To do this, collect the gender of the respondent
and your answer (yes or no). Knowing that 150 people were interviewed made one
Algorithm that calculates and displays at the end:

  • The number of people who answered yes;
  • The number of people who answered no;
  • The percentage of females who answered yes;
  • The percentage of male people who answered no;



int main()

    int sexo, resposta;

    int masculino_nao = 0;
    int feminino_sim = 0;
    int sim = 0;
    int nao = 0;
    int entrevistado = 1;
        entrevistado = entrevistado++;
        printf("Entrevistado Numero:%dn", entrevistado);
        printf("qual é o seu sexo?nMasculino - 1nFeminino - 2n");
        scanf_s("%d", &sexo);
        printf("%d?", sexo);
        printf("Voce gostou do ultimo produto lancado?nSim - 1nNao - 2n");
        scanf_s("%d", &resposta);
        masculino_nao = masculino_nao++;
        feminino_sim = feminino_sim++;
        sim = sim++;

    } while (entrevistado <= 150);

    printf("FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF:%dn", feminino_sim);
    printf("MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:%dn", masculino_nao);
    printf("SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:%dn", sim);

    return 0;


Windows 10 – PC restarts when I try to start from the USB stick

I have Windows 10 32-bit and want to switch to Windows 10 64-bit. I am already transferring the Windows 10 64-bit to my USB stick using the steps on the Windows side. I enter BIOS and choose Boot from USB, but when I save and exit, Windows doesn't install. Do I have to uninstall the previous version first or something? I've been struggling with it for 2 days.

My laptop is running 32 bit, but I can't install a 64 bit game processor and I have 8 GB of RAM.

centos – a stop job is executed for / nfs – server inventory in a 20-minute start cycle

I messed up the configuration on a server and put the chicken in front of the egg. After a restart, my server hangs and waits for an NFS mount that is only available after a VM was started later.

I connect to the terminal and see:

( ***  ) A stop job is running for /nfs (3min 10s / 3min 31s)

And after 3min 31s

(  *** ) A stop job is running for /nfs (3min 40s / 4min 11s)
( ***  ) A stop job is running for /nfs (4min 43s / 5min 53s)

I didn't wait more than 15 minutes

( ***  ) A stop job is running for /nfs (15min 15s / 16min 2s)

How can I end this process and continue with the system start? What is the actual timeout if this timer does not actually show anything useful?

Unit – Why doesn't scaling an object in one direction (forward) start smoothly?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Raise : MonoBehaviour
    public float maxScale = 10f;
    public float speed = 1f;

    private Vector3 v3OrgPos;
    private float orgScale;
    private float endScale;

    void Awake()
        v3OrgPos = transform.position - transform.forward;
        orgScale = transform.localScale.z;
        endScale = orgScale;

    void Update()

    private void ResizeOn()
        transform.localScale = new Vector3(transform.localScale.x, transform.localScale.y, Mathf.MoveTowards(transform.localScale.z, endScale, Time.deltaTime * speed));
        transform.position = v3OrgPos + (transform.forward) * (transform.localScale.z / 2.0f + orgScale / 2.0f);
        /*if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.S))
            endScale = maxScale;
        else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R))
            endScale = orgScale;

        endScale = maxScale;


If I use the S and R keys when I press S, the scaling starts smoothly.
However, if you don't use the buttons and start scaling while running the game, there will be some delay, or it looks like the first frame is scaling it by one like a jump effect. Then the scaling continues smoothly.

But the first image, or the first time it looks like it is scaled once and then continued smoothly, does not scale smoothly when the game is run from the beginning.

Python – How do I start Pyodide on my Gitub site website?

I have a GitHub site website where I want to run commands from SciPy. The user enters three values ​​(A, B, C), and a Python code finds the optimal non-trivial values: X, Y, Z, so that X^A+Y^B=Z^C holds.

Pyodide sounds like my best chance. However, I'm not sure how to get input from the user and how Pyodide can calculate the optimization process to get the values ​​of X, Y, Z.

Services – KDE plasma start time on Xubuntu

Thank you for your visit and thanks in advance.
I'm running Plasma KDE as the second DE on Xubuntu 18.04. The laptop is an old one with relatively good specifications and the root partition is on an SSD.4GB RAM, dual-core Intel T2080, kernel 5.3.6. I am unable to understand the delay between systemd timesync service and kuiserver renders.
Below is the excerpt from journalctl -b, but before that:

Where do the 9 seconds go when systemd-timesyncd shows the synchronization time at 04 5:14:36 ​​p.m. and then nothing happens for 9 seconds until at 5:14:45 p.m. the kuiserver reports that the service is starting. Is the system idle only or can I do something else to find out what happens?

The Systemd parsing fault for the Timesync service is 196 ms, so the time synchronization service is fine in my opinion.
196 ms systemd-timesyncd.service

04 April 17:14:36 ​​ubuntu systemd-timesyncd (466): Synchronized with time server (2001: 67c: 1560: 8003 :: c8): 123 (ntp.ubuntu.com).

04 April 17:14:45 ubuntu dbus-daemon (950): (session UID = 1000 PID = 950) enable the service name = & # 39; org.kde.kuiserver & # 39;, requested by & # 39 ;: 1.23 & # 39; (UID = 1000 PID = 1289 comm = "/ usr / bin / plasmashell")

Apr 04 17:14:45 ubuntu dbus-daemon (950): (session uid = 1000 pid = 950) Successfully activated service & # 39; org.kde.kuiserver & # 39;

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