dnd 5e – Starting with D & D: Starter Set vs Dungeon Master's Guide

Firstly, welcome to the fifth issue of D & D, the learning curve is not too steep for this system and you should be able to learn it fairly easily. Before I come to the main part of the answer, I would like to clarify something else.

Unlike other systems that publish all the important rules in a single Grundregelwerk D & D has decided to divide the rules into the three main rules. The Player's Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) and the Monster Manual (MM). In an ideal world, a DM would have access to all three, but some are more important than others.

First, you need that Player's Handbook, This book contains all the major playable races, character classes, spells, talents, and pieces of equipment. Without this book, your players can not make characters or look up their abilities. It's at my table by far the most used book of the three.

Second, I suggest getting that Monsters manual, This may be controversial, but I (and my friends, the DM) find the MM more useful than the DMG. The MM contains the statistics of all the creatures and enemies your group will encounter throughout the campaign. With only this book, a good DM can perform whole campaigns with very little preparation.

Finally there is that Dungeon Master's Guide, The DMG is the book for all other things. Rules, guidelines and DM-specific advice that players do not need to see. It includes worldwide and campaign-based advice, plus a set of additional rules and advice that you do not really need to run the base game, but that you'll need later. Personally, I rarely use the DMG at my table and only occasionally use it between sessions. I am firmly convinced that you can get along without owning it at all.

There are also the basic rules that can contain a reduced version of the three ledgers and can also be a good starting point. It contains just enough to help you decide if D & D 5e is the right game for you, but not so much that you will not have to buy the books anyway.

What is the starter set?

The starter set contains:

  • 64-page adventure book with everything the dungeon master needs to get started
  • 32-page rulebook for playing Level 1-5 characters
  • Pre-generated characters, with character sheet
  • 6 dice

These are the basics and everything you need to play D & D 5th Edition. For more information, see Difference between DnD 5e Starter Set and Basic Rules.

So what should you get?

You seem to decide between the DMG and the Starter Set, but did not mention that you have access to the PHB. In my opinion, buying PHB and MM as DMG is more important, as the starter set includes basic versions of all three versions, so this is probably a good choice. Especially if you do not have the right dice.

If you combine the starter set with the basic rules, you should be able to play for a while without major problems. If you want more options, first read a copy of the PHB, then the MM, and finally the DMG and / or other extension books.

Tails of Equestria – Spend Friendship Brands in Starter Adventure

I bought the starter set Tails of Equestria to play with my kids. On page 5 of A Dragon's Bounty, the following things are stated:

  • Each pony starts with 1 friendship point
  • You can spend 1, 2 or 3 friendship points for different effects

This raises 2 questions:

  • How do ponies get more than 1 point of friendship?
  • What does spending mean? Are you leaving the game or giving it to another pony?

I wonder if that's explained in the complete rules that I do not have.

Note: For people who only have the full rules, I should say that A Dragon's Bounty is a GM-free affair.

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dnd 5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver is impossible and for a starter kit our group of new players will put off

So far, there is no introduction to the game itself or the underlying rules, the expectations of characters to be successful. All enemies are so overwhelmed that we just continue to die and achieve nothing. As an introduction to D & D is not too good.

Do we miss something?

We have a dungeon master who goes to great lengths, but it seems impossible to achieve anything. We are constantly dying and taking the fun of what would be fun.

I'm just wondering what we're possibly doing wrong with the game, that it's so unattainable. Is it common that you do not win matches? What is the definition of wine? I assumed to defeat the opponents.

We are a group of four players: three players and one DM who has something to do with badgers and caves. The PCs are

  • A Wood Elf, Ranger, Outlander 2nd Level (2nd level in the first part of the game)
  • Gnome, Druid, Stranger 3rd Level (came into play with 2nd level)
  • a dark elf, wizard of the second level.

We almost all died in the first part. We saw a few people in the city. We went to the Tower Well where we met the Necromancer and had to discuss our way out when we were overwhelmed by the undead. We left now to take the orc because he has a bounty, but we're back with two members because the third one must have it. We are simply unable to assert ourselves against the enemy, as described in the book.

Obviously, we misinterpret the rules or do something wrong.

What other approach is there to get involved in D & D? I played a starter pack a few years ago with an earlier edition that seemed to work, and I was interested in getting it right now that I have the time. I understand that this is not a place for conversation, so the question is where would a good place be to gain a better understanding.

The DM suggests we should be more creative, but that does not help if you do not know what to expect. I suppose we need to gain more experience as a player in order to get into the game more easily. Is there a better starter kit that can help beginners?

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