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java – Stop audio when another song starts in Android Media Player

Good night, I have a problem with my MediaPlayer on Android. I have an activity with two buttons, one of which opens another. Activity to select the song you want to play (using radioButton). and the other plays the chosen song. However, if you select a song and then want to change it, MediaPlayer continues to play the previous and selected song, ie you play both at the same time.

I found another problem on the website that was suggested and that still did not work. Media Player, stop the sound before playing another one


public void tocar(View view) {
        Intent i = getIntent();
        Uri uri;
        mp = new MediaPlayer();
        if (i.hasExtra("musica1")) {
            uri = Uri.parse("android.resource://br.edu.ifgoiano.moodledanielle/" + R.raw.musica1);
        } else if (i.hasExtra("musica2")) {
            uri = Uri.parse("android.resource://br.edu.ifgoiano.moodledanielle/" + R.raw.musica2);
        } else {
            uri = Uri.parse("android.resource://br.edu.ifgoiano.moodledanielle/" + R.raw.musica3);
        try {
            mp.setDataSource(this, uri);
        } catch (Exception e) {
        mp.setOnCompletionListener(new MediaPlayer.OnCompletionListener() {

            public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer mp) {


    public void releasePlayer() {
        if (mp != null) {
            mp = null;

2012 Mac Mini with Fusion Drive Starts only in verbose mode

I have a Mac Mini 2012 booting up only in full mode. During normal booting, the fan icon will be displayed for a few seconds and a loop will be executed.

I have re-installed a time machine and also replaced and rebuilt the hard drive of the fusion drive.

That's why I'm at a loss as to why this is happening.

Suggestions appreciated

mavericks – iMac 2008 24 "3.06 starts ONLY in Windows SafeMode

In Mavericks I get after Verbose immediately a restart on the gray screen. In safe mode, hold down the Shift key.
Starts the destination screen. (But you do not have a compatible computer to connect to)
Run ASD from USB and only display the sound card on the motherboard that will be displayed on most computers.
Does not allow a bootable OSX USB to be reinstalled for Mavericks (well, once upon a time, but crashed soon after.) Disk util did not report any errors in this attempt.
If single users run more, fsck -fy says that the first run has been changed, and then everything is fine. Changed again after the next reboot)
Windows 7 does not start, crashes when details are entered on the login screen.
WILL run the safe mode of Windows 7 stable! I ran away overnight and I'm fine.
Starts Hiren's boot CD, but crashes during tests. Runs Linux and Mini XP from CD.
Does not start Diskwarrior from eDrive (USB external hard drive)

Any ideas on how to get my iMac up and running? The strangest thing is that the safe mode of Win7 works perfectly.

Many thanks

Windows 10 – switching between starts with batch file / bash script

I'm new to coding scripts (both bash and batch) and trying to figure out if what I'm trying is possible at all. I want to create an application that simplifies the dual booting of Windows and Ubuntu. Basically, the app will have two parts (Windows 10 part and Ubuntu 18.04 part), on the Windows side I want to run a batch file that restarts and boots in Ubuntu while the Ubuntu page restarts and with bash in Windows boots.

Basically, I want to know which operating system boots after the reboot. I suspect the script must change the boot order in the UEFI settings and then restart the computer. Can you do that with Bash and Batch?

How does a Lightning transaction work when a party starts without Bitcoin and without a wallet?

Let's say Alice wants to give Bob 1₿ and Bob does not have a regular Blockchain wallet address yet.

The classic example assumes that Bob himself locks Bitcoin in the Blockchain and Alice and Bob both finance a channel between them. But what if Bob does not have Bitcoin yet and Alice wants to give him some about Lightning? Then he could get Bitcoin from Alice, do transactions with other parties on the Lightning Network, and only do a slow expensive Blockchain transaction when he's ready to make a withdrawal.

I know this is possible because I was able to test this with two separate Lightning apps with separate wallets. I have financed a Lightning wallet and opened another app with 0 credits and no regular wallet. I was able to charge the second wallet immediately. But I am not sure what will happen.

Ubuntu installation complete Restart your PC … The installation starts over

This completes the installation of Ubuntu and informs me that the PC needs to be restarted. After restarting, the same screen will be displayed as the first time I use the bootable USB stick.

I have the ability to test Ubuntu without installing it, installing Ubuntu, installing OEM (for manufacturers), and checking the CD for defects.

View post on imgur.com

I went through it twice without success. If you select Install, Ubuntu restarts the installation and ends with the restart, which restarts the cycle.

I'm not sure if I miss something or not?