Authentication – integrity check when switching on VS. Safe start-up

Can we consider the integrity check when switching on and the safe start for security reasons to be equivalent?

Safe start-up The point is that only trustworthy software is started on the processor. A chain of trust can be created as a result of the sequence of securely booted software components:
for example:

  • The boot loader authenticates the operating system.
  • The operating system authenticates the application.

Let us imagine that a system delivers one Integrity check when switching onThis means that when the device is switched on, the stored data (boot loader, operating system, application) is hashed and the new hash is compared with the old stored hash of the same data. In this case, the integrity of all saved software components is checked together. Then booting is only permitted if the integrity check was successful.

Does it make a difference to check the integrity / authenticity of the software one after the other? (Safe start-up) or do an integrity check for everyone when you switch on? In other words, when can we consider the integrity check and the safe start to be the same?

AppSec – Cybersecurity Startup (Vulnerability Research & Red Team)

If I wanted to move from an independent to a good plan to build a startup based on what I was basically working on at companies penetration testing, some red team engagements, but I've been in for a few years vulnerability research, but I also want to apply for business. Of course I can't start with everything, but how do companies make offers? vulnerability research Sell ​​the service without a product like Metasploit, core impact or sell exploits to the government? The closest to this area is application vulnerability analysis/product security that it ranges from the web app to the software, looks for loopholes and remedies. Depending on the setting restrictions, the following things may also be affected

reverse engineering
protocol analysis
data injection
target application binary analysis and debugging
session manipulation
flow analysis

Java – How to request administrator privileges on startup? And check their availability

I would like the program to request administrator rights at startup and to check them. You must do this in the class itself (maine), but not in a separate file. If there are ways to increase your rights without being asked, how can you do so? Maybe you can somehow do it from the Windows command line? (Please for administrator rights)

Bitcoin core – is it safe to skip the initial block check at startup?

The longest step in Bitcoin core initialization is "checking the last 6 blocks at level 3". The number of blocks checked at startup decreased from 288 in 2014 to 6. So, to speed up Bitcoin core initialization, I'm thinking of lowering that number to 2-3 with that checkblocks Possibility.

However, I wonder how risky it is? Isn't it unlikely that the last 6 blocks will be damaged if the Bitcoin core doesn't shut down properly? Are 2-3 blocks not enough?

linux – Run f.lux at system startup (Debian)

I want to use the command at startup to activate f.lux:

xflux -k 2200 -l 41 -g 175 -nofork

I tried a few methods. Nothing worked. Now I'm trying it and it doesn't work either:

Paste the command into your crontab file. The crontab file on Linux is a
Daemon that performs user-edited tasks at specific times and events.
Open a terminal to edit the file and enter "sudo crontab -e" to open it
Your crontab file in the standard text editor. Available for the first time
Line, enter "@reboot xxxx", where "xxxx" is the command you want
Run. Save the file and exit.

Why doesn't it work? How can I activate f.lux at startup so that I don't have to start it manually every time?

bitcoin core – automatically loads all wallets on startup

Every time I restart mine bitcoindall wallets must be reloaded:

$ bitcoin-cli listwallets
$ bitcoin-cli loadwallet test01
$ bitcoin-cli listwallets

So I wondered if there were any ways to automatically load the entire wallet under path /home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/testnet3/wallets at the start? I tried adding a configuration in bitcoin.config, but everything didn't work for me:




Bitcoin core version: v0.18.1

macbook pro – How do you fix the prohibition symbol on startup?

I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2012 with an SSD installed. A version of OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) was running on the laptop. The computer froze while I was working on it and I had to hard reset using the power button.

problem: Prohibition sign at start.

  • Cannot start in single user or safe mode
  • Containers cannot be checked or repaired. Disk Utility indicates that the storage manager is an invalid error.
  • Media cannot be checked or repaired. Disk Utility displays an EFI partition error.
  • It is not possible to reinstall OS X by any type of recovery.
  • fsck apfs does not work, returns the same errors as Disk Utility.

My solution: Transfer data from a damaged drive to the new drive.

  • Replaced SATA cable
  • Follow user Klanomath's instructions from related posts to fix the EFI issue. (Space Manager error still exists)
  • Reinstall OS X on a brand new SSD
  • Started the new SSD from an external hard drive as a startup disk
  • Installed Catalina on the damaged drive with an external start.
  • I have transferred most of my important files from the damaged drive to the external drive.

When I try to swap the drives, the damaged SSD in an external case becomes unreadable.

I feel that I have exhausted my attempts to determine what is wrong based on my experience and my knowledge. I'm assuming the drive is broken, but I wanted to try redeeming what I have because there were some files I couldn't access (notes, system files, etc.).

gnome – Ubuntu 18.04 crashes due to a startup application

I am new to Ubuntu and have run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Dual Boot with Windows 10.

I've just installed touchegg and added it in startup applications like this:

After the restart, the desktop will not open as soon as I want to log in. there black screen with the message: "Error loading /home/$user/.xprofile found:"

Enter image description here

Is there a way to prevent the application from running at startup or to prevent the crash? Any help is appreciated.

Unity – Wait for the IEnumerator startup function to finish

  • I load a scene asynchronously (Scene Loader).
  • This scene has a MonoBehaviour derived script with a startup function with an IEnumerator return type. private IEnumerator Start()
  • My problem is that the scene is displayed before this start function is completed.
  • The function is waiting for data to be loaded etc. so I used it yield return null; If the data is not available to avoid freezing the game.
  • I read that private IEnumerator Start() means that Unity is not waiting for the start function I called to complete yield, which causes the update function to be called, which apparently means the scene is rated as loaded, which is causing my problem?
  • I tried to add enabled = false; So the update function is not called in the start function? But that didn't work.
  • Is there any way to load the scene asynchronously, but wait for it private IEnumerator Start() finish before the scene is shown?