samsung – Messages for web not updating with new texts and statuses

I am trying to use Android Messages for web. I am able to connect to the phone using the QR code, but after the initial connection, I do not get new messages automatically or any notification – I have to reload the page to see them.

When I send the message, the “Sending…” status remains and is not updated to “Distributed” either.

I have tried in Firefox and Chromium. I am using Ubuntu. The computer and phone are on the same network, and I tried with the computer using a cable or WiFi. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the app is allowed to run in background (no battery optimisation).

I have had the problem for quite some time now, I couldn’t say if it used to work in the past.

7 – What is the difference between the “complete” and ” checkout complete” order statuses?

I am using the Drupal 7 Commerce module. I would like to execute a special code when the payment of the order is completed.

What is the difference between checkout complete and complete?

I googled and I found suggestions for these hook implementations.

First option

function mymodule_commerce_order_update($order) {
  if ($order->status == 'completed' ) {
    // ...

Second option

function my_module_commerce_order_presave($order) {
  if ($order->status == 'completed' ) {
    // ...

###Third option

I found some suggestions to implement hook_commerce_order_updated().

Fourth option

function mymodule_commerce_checkout_complete($order) {
  if ($order->status == 'completed' ) {
    // ...

sharepoint designer workflow – Send email if hasn’t been updated in last 7 days based on multiple Statuses

I’m relatively new to building workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013. I’ve set up a primitive “ticketing” system to track enhancement requests for several of our apps. My boss would like it to send a once daily reminder email if the “ticket” hasn’t been updated once in the last seven days, but only for seven of the twelve possible statuses.

I have figured out how to send email based on the status. And I’ve found, I think, how to use the Pause function to wait for 7 days. There are two things I cannot, however, determine.

1/ Is there a way to do an If Status In “New, Assigned, WIP, Pending, etc.”, then send email without having to do it over and over for each status, as this message will be the same, no matter the status if it fires, unlike the notifications currently configured?

My code currently looks similar to:

If Current Items:Request Status equals Assigned

If Current Item:Modified equals Today

Pause for 7 days, 0 hours, 5 minutes
then email Current Item: AssignedTo

At the moment, I have that block seven times, once for each status he cares about. I feel like I should be able to collapse it into one. I just can’t figure out how to do it.

2/ Is there a way to get this to refire daily if they don’t go in and update their ticket? Thinking along the lines of a repeat until updated or closed kind of thing, but I’m not finding anything like that in the list of Designer commands nor in the knowledge base.


web app – How should I display a list of items with different statuses?

I’m working on a web based platform that is about asking for, giving and getting feedback on assignments. When requesting feedback, your request is parsed as an item in a table where you can see a status of this feedback. The table contains 3 different columns – status of feedback, #tag and date of last creation (if the item gets updated). When requesting feedback, the status is “Waiting for feedback”. The different statuses include also “Received and unread feedback”, “Read feedback”, “Feedback given & sent” (you can also give feedback if someone request for you to do that).

Now the problem is that there isn’t really any differentiation between statuses besides some pastel colors, which are hard to understand, especially when the table has many items. How should I make such table more comprehensible? Colors, icons, prioritization, fonts? Or perhaps completely another approach e.g. something similar to a Kanban board?

P.S. In near future there will be a feature of adding different classrooms, so perhaps also a differentiation and filtering based on a classroom should be taken into account?

formal languages ​​- is there a PDA with a maximum of 3 statuses for each CFL?

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Ease of Use – Handling Multiple Statuses When Tagging Items

Currently the tag feature is working for a results page.

  • The user must be able to mark and deselect results
  • The page may contain active filters that exclude results based on tags

Which pattern can I use to allow the user to edit a group of selected elements with a mix of tags (for example, 5 elements have only 3 "day 2").

Ideas that I've studied:

Easy dropdown
A simple drop-down menu listing all available tags. If the items are tagged, the message "Untag" appears in the drop-down list as you move the pointer. This idea stops as soon as you have a selection of elements that do not all share the same tags.

Check box and undetermined condition
A list of check boxes in a drop-down list that displays all available tags. If a tag contains mixed selections, it will be displayed as undetermined status. The user can enable or disable the desired tags and apply them as a single function.

Two separate drop-down buttons, one for "day" and one for "untag". The user can make selections and add or remove tags at will. The elements of the drop-down menu are not affected by the selected elements in any way. This option no longer works if you include the exclusion filters. If the first action I should take causes the copies to disappear, I can not do the second action.

Dropdown with indeterminate state
This would be a simple drop-down list of indeterminate states. If a drop-down menu item has mixed states and does not display "untag" on the hover, the user will only have access to the "untag" hover if all selections have that tag.

I prefer the checkbox option, but look for additional opinions or thoughts on my approach.

Bottom up!


post status – Provides a list of all registered and built-in ALL statuses

I've searched high and low for a way to get ALL status, built-in and inches. However, I was only able to retrieve a few other registered states of an installed plugin and built-in WPs. The other build states can not be found.

Am I missing something?

My code is as follows:

global $ wp_post_statuses;

// var_dump ($ wp_post_statuses);

foreach ($ wp_post_statuses as $ status) {
echo $ status-> name. "-". $ status-> label;