Safety – If I stay in Leuven for Werchter 2019, how can I get from the train to my hotel?

I have booked a hotel near the city center of Leuven. After the end of the show in Werchter there is a shuttle bus to the train station of Leuven.
It's about 1.5 km to my hotel, and I'm worried about safety. If I return late in the evening (2-3 o'clock in the morning), can I walk without worry or use buses?
Waiting for taxis at the station at this time? Or Uber?

Many Thanks.

sweden – country hopping to stay longer in the EU?

My girlfriend and I have a situation and we are not sure how to find the answers …

She is from Argentina and I am Swedish. We're talking about marrying, but we want to wait a little longer so we can not use the spouse visa method yet.

We have decided that we want to live together in Portugal. And I'm about to rent an apartment in the city that we have selected. I am an EU citizen and could therefore move there immediately and live there permanently. And back in Sweden I still have free space in my parents' house. And there are also nice hotels to get some variety.

What is the best way to get as much time together as possible?

Could we do the following?

  • We travel together to Portugal and she stays the maximum time allowed in this country.
  • Then we take a flight to Sweden and stay the maximum time.
  • Then back to Portugal.

Is it possible to hop like that to stay together in Europe?

We do not like Argentina because they target white Europeans like me (because of fraud, robberies, corrupt police, etc.) and it's not safe for me there at all and they do not want me to risk it. So we're trying to find a way to spend time together without involving Argentina.

For hints we would be very grateful. All of these immigration / travel rules are brand new to us … and we hardly know what information we need to look for!

Thank you all!

Legally, if you are married and your spouse does not want a person living in your house, but you give him permission to stay?

What is the law about this? If I give someone permission to stay in my house that I bought with my name on it, can my wife kick him out legally?

What difference does it make if I sign a lease that gives them the right to stay in my house? A lease before my wedding with my wife?

I am a man from the ground up. If I tell someone that he can stay somewhere, he can do exactly as I said. Even if it is no longer pleasant. As a man from the ground up, I do not think it's right to throw someone out of my house just because my new wife does not like it when he lives with us. My roommate / tenant rights have lived here for years and at the moment have no way to go where. I understand now that I'm married. My wife has over half of my rights. And I respect her opinion and agree that the house would be better for me and her. However, I have given my word to this man that he can live here for the underlined time that the treaty provides. Which will expire early next year.


Visa for a longer stay in France: Should Myself and I create two separate online applications?

I apply for a visa for a longer stay in France (in the Talent Pass category). In my application online, I mentioned that my wife will accompany me. Should my wife file a separate application before making an appointment? Should she arrange a separate appointment afterwards?

Many Thanks.

Overstaying – If I only stay one day in Thailand and pay the fine of 500 baht, will I still get an "overstay" stamp on my passport?

I am currently in Thailand with an extended tourist visa for 90 days. If my visa expired, I should leave Thailand to issue a student visa and then return to Thailand.

Due to an error in the Immigration Department (29 days extension instead of 30 days extension), my visa expires 1 day prior to my already booked trip before the visa was extended to the Immigration Department where the extension error was made.

Possible solutions:

  • Pay 1 day 500 Baht fine for more than 1 day.
  • Contact Thai Air Asia to book my ticket just one day earlier, or cancel it and rebook it (which would increase the price slightly).
  • Go back to the far away immigration office sometime in the next two months to get a new extension stamp (it could mess up my already messy stamped passport, but maybe the stamp is on the same page and will not). The driving back and forth costs about 300 baht and takes several hours in a traffic jam.

Suppose I pay 500 fines at the end, I'm afraid of an overstay stamp.
should I get an "overstay" stamp if I only travel one day?

Can I stay in Canada for a few weeks after quitting my job due to a closed work permit?

My job is based on India and I am currently working Canada for the last 4+ years for the same employer (their Canadian unit) under closed Work permit.

My closed Work permit is valid until July 2020 and visa also have the same expiration date.

Since this is a closed work permit and is linked to the current employer, I have I can not switch jobs within Canada.

For personal reasons, I plan to drop my current job in Canada and find a new one in India.

In this case, the day on which I cancel my work permit becomes invalid (in my understanding) , but I am not sure about the visa.

But it takes me at least a week to 10 days to book a ticket to India and close things like bank account, rentals and others.


So, Can I stay in Canada for 2-3 weeks after my resignation? from my job based on a closed work permit? Is it legal?

Has anyone had the similar experience?