magento2 – Data Migration – EAV Step error – SQL syntax error

Magento v 2.3.5-p1; data Migration Tool v2.3.5

I created a custom module for setting up the config.xml for migration.

The migration for settings went ok.
At the data migration I encountered the following error:

enter image description here

Does anyone have any idea how to fix or what to check in order for the migration to be ok?

The rest of the data is migrated fine (products, orders, cms etc), but some attributes doesn’t show the value on the product view in admin.

unity – can no longer drag post processing profile into CenterEyeAnchor in OVRCameraRig -> TrackingSpace, is there an alternative step?

The video shows a step where I need to drag a newly created post-processing profile into the CenterEyeAnchor section. I am aware this video is the demo using an older version of the Post Processing Stack package, so one can not longer add it as a component into anywhere. But I do not know an alternative to achieve the same step?
Is it not even necessary?
I am very noobie in Unity.

I am using

Unity 2019.3.14
Post Processing 2.3.0

simplifying expressions – step by step evaluation of rearranging algebra to desired form

Are there any functions on Mathematica that can rearrange equations to a desired form and show steps. It would output the working/steps required to change one equation to a desired form

for example:

After implicit differentiating this:

enter image description here

I get this, (where y=f(x)):

enter image description here

I would like Mathematica to convert the previous form to this form while showing steps:

enter image description here

Is there any function that would show a step by step algebra rearrangement from one form to another desired form?

werewolf the apocalypse – Can objects step sideways by themselves?

In my Werewolf game, the players have to assassinate someone. A rank 1 theurge wants to shoot the target with a sniper rifle.

But they want to make the bullet a talen that enters the Umbra when it’s fired, then exits just before it hits its target. Their theory is the bullet will be invisible and can pass though walls.

As this sounds like a very Glass Walker or Weaver tech thing to do, is there anything in the core rules or supplements that would allow or disallow this (like a variant of the rank 4 gift “Grasp From Beyond”)?

My instinct is to rule “no”, but I’d prefer to have concrete grounds for doing so, as I hate being an arbitrary judge.


neutral density – step up ring for multiple filters

I saw that there is a technique to use a square holder for nd filter and then place in it x stop filter + graduate folter.

Since it is pretty expensive I was wondering is there is something like this for circular filters where I can use 2 filters at the same time.

To be more particular Im looking for 4 stop nd with 3 stop graduate filter in front and I have sony a6500 + sigma 16mm/1.4.

Thank you!

Time step unit How does Time.smoothDeltaTime work?

I can't seem to find actual information about what Time.smoothDeltaTime is doing or how it works.

I would assume that it needs a moving average of the previous deltaTimes, but how does it do that? Is the average asymptotic? How sensitive is it to outliers? What is the actual use case?

If someone could explain how it works or refer to a resource what it does, it would be really helpful.

Calculus – Confused with a step to solve the differential equation y = = ay-b.

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Step – How do I create a network in code?

The documentation actually contains an article that I found when I wrote the question. Basically, key points and indices are saved in MeshDraw Instances, which are then assigned to the Mesh.Draw Property.

A short example shows this quickly using automatically generated network data:

MeshDraw meshDraw = GeometricPrimitive.Sphere.New(GraphicsDevice).ToMeshDraw();
Mesh mesh = new Mesh { Draw = meshDraw }; 

The other more detailed example uses custom vertex data, exactly what I wanted:

// Create vertex buffer.
VertexPositionTexture() vertices = new VertexPositionTexture(3);
vertices(0).Position = new Vector3(0, 0, 1);
vertices(1).Position = new Vector3(0, 1, 0);
vertices(2).Position = new Vector3(0, 1, 1);
Buffer vertexBuffer = Buffer.Vertex.New(GraphicsDevice, vertices);

// Create index buffer.
int() indices = { 0, 2, 1 };
Buffer indexBuffer = Buffer.Index.New(GraphicsDevice, indices);

// Create the mesh with a MeshDraw instance.
Mesh mesh = new Mesh
    Draw = new MeshDraw
        PrimitiveType = PrimitiveType.TriangleList,
        DrawCount = indices.Length,
        IndexBuffer = new IndexBufferBinding(indexBuffer, true, indices.Length),
        VertexBuffers = new()
            new VertexBufferBinding(vertexBuffer, VertexPositionTexture.Layout, vertexBuffer.ElementCount)

And then you would just add them Mesh Instances too Models you put in ModelComponents:

// Create the model with the mesh.
Model model = new Model();
Entity.Add(new ModelComponent(model));

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