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About the best stocks

Best Shares is an industry leading investment company. If you want to increase your returns to make up for retirement assets or to make up for losses you suffered during the economic collapse, you should place your funds with us. We are a private investment company that wants to put our clients first. Why? Because our customers want the greatest returns and achieve these returns, we are driven to the top of the industry.

To cope with the huge profits that trading enables our company to pay to our customers, we have hired some of the best traders in the world. Our 50:50 pipe! Strategy provides the diversification and security you need. Finally, we make it incredibly easy to invest by offering a variety of money transfer options including e-currency.

Why invest in FOREX?
FOREX stands for foreign exchange market. It is foreign currency trading. FOREX offers several advantages over stock market investments:
1. Trading around the clock: The FOREX market is always open. This means that you never have to worry about losing money because half of the world happened while you were sleeping. There is also no waiting for a deal while insiders do business after hours. Finally, you can withdraw your money at any time as positions can be closed quickly.
2. Liquidity: Liquidity is a measure of how quickly you can access your money when needed. Because FOREX trades in currencies and it is not difficult to sell assets, business can almost always be done immediately. This enables a quick reaction to changing market conditions and the possibility to receive additional money if necessary.
3. Protection against losses: FOREX trades currencies against each other. In contrast to the stock exchange, not all currencies can fall at the same time. To avoid losses, investments can be spread across multiple currencies and short positions can be used to hedge losses. Short sales also enable profits in falling markets.

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is fundamentally different from a fiat currency that is backed by the full trust and credit of its government. Issuing fiat currencies is a highly centralized activity that is monitored by a country's central bank. While the bank regulates the amount of currency issued in accordance with its monetary policy objectives, there is theoretically no cap on the amount of this currency issue. In addition, deposits in local currency are usually insured against bank failures by a government agency. However, the value of a Bitcoin depends entirely on what investors are willing to pay for it at any given time. This price depends on news and other situations.
We use situations and changes in the Bitcoin price to make as much profit as possible in a short time.

Our 50:50 pipe! strategy

At Best Shares we take advantage of all of these benefits and make sure they work for you. Our professional dealers use your funds in a diversified portfolio to get the best returns.

All investments are made with our 50:50 pipe! Strategy. For diversification, we place 50% of the investments in FOREX and 50% in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market. We also spread the risk across several countries. This includes both large and growing economies in countries such as the UK, Spain, the United States and China.

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	<strong>Investment plans:</strong></p>
<p>	– 200% after 20 minutes <br />
	– 225% after 30 minutes <br />
	– 260% after 1 hour <br />
	– 303% after 2 hours <br />
	– 440% after 1 hour
	<strong>Investment amount:</strong></p>
<p>	– Minimum $ 10<br />
	– A maximum of $ 10,000,000
	<strong>Payment accepted:</strong></p>
<p>	– Perfect money<br />
	– Counter<br />
	– Bitcoin<br />
	– ether
	<strong>Referral commission:</strong> 5%
	<strong>Program functions:</strong></p>
<p>	– GC HYIP script<br />
	– SSL certified by COMODO RSA<br />
	– Secure DDOS protection hosting<br />
	– Immediate deduction
	<strong>Participate here – Best Shares –</strong>
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PHP products with different stocks

Along with the greeting, I tell you that I am designing a small e-commerce system (knowing that there is a market, a Prestashop, an OpenCart, etc.). I only do something that is tailored to my own business.

Today, when I had to create the database, I kept turning around a topic that I couldn't solve.
When I have the jeans product that has 3 size variations (S, L and M) and within these 3 variations there are 2 different colors (red, blue).
How can I have a separate inventory and control it?
For example I have 5 red jeans size S and 2 red jeans size L, 6 blue jeans size S etc.

Any ideas on how to model the database?

I work procedurally in PHP and MySQLi.

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iPhone / iOS 13 stocks show the display density

On my iPhone, the stock app shows stocks as follows:

Enter the image description here

However, I have seen that the stock app shows shorter lines without the company name on other iPhones, which means that more lines can fit on the screen at the same time. I'm pretty sure I got this option the first time I used the app, but I can't find a setting for it anywhere, and reinstalling the app doesn't give me this option.

Can you change that?

Forex stocks –

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About us,


If you are looking for reliable investment guidelines and want to achieve a stable income for a long time, you have come to the right place! Our company prides itself on offering high quality trust management services and managing your wealth effectively to maximize your benefits. Forex Shares has been trading on both Forex and securities markets since 2015. During this time, we have only proven ourselves with the best hand and won the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. Today the company is open for you too! Use our knowledge and extensive experience to multiply your investments. Our professional dealers are available every day, regardless of the circumstances in which we make profits 7 days a week.

Your money works for you all the time while you have an active deposit! The minimum investment package of $ 8 is acceptable to everyone of you! Free registration, 24/7 service and fast payments are advantages and features of our company. Without a doubt, we will offer the best cooperation conditions in the financial services market. The return on your investment is guaranteed, no matter what! Success is only a few steps away! Go through a quick registration on our website and choose one of the most successful investment strategies.

IPB Image

Investment plans:
– 270% after 6 hours
– 310% AFTER 10 HOURS
– 550% after 14 hours

Investment amount:
– Minimum $ 10
– A maximum of $ 10,000

Payment accepted:
– Perfect money
– Counter
– Bitcoin
– ether

Transfer Commission: 5% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 1%

Program features:
– GC HYIP script
– SSL certified by COMODO RSA
– Secure DDOS protection hosting
– Immediate deduction

Participate here – Forex Shares –

How can I uninstall Apple's MacOS / System / Programs like TV, Music, Find My, Stocks on macOS macOS v10.15 (Catalina)?

I tried to uninstall it from LaunchPad but it was not possible.

I tried to delete them from /Applications The menu operation for "Move to bin" is not displayed in the directory.

I tried sudo rm -rf /System/Applications/, Operation prohibited. I tried to run chown and chgrpI can't edit them at all.

Is there any way to delete Apple's applications in? /System/Applications/ what I don't use at all?

Covariance matrix in Google Sheets for stocks

I try to use a template to see what it says about my stock portfolio. A covariance matrix with the data from excess returns is used. The template instructions state that an add-on should be used to calculate the matrix, but the add-on does not work. I tried a formula but it didn't work. =MMULT(TRANSPOSE('Excess Returns'!B3:F252),'Excess Returns'!B3:F252)/251

I have 5 shares and 249 data. In a video I looked at how to create a matrix that says the 5×5 matrix should be highlighted, and holding down the Shift key applies the formula to the grid, but it doesn't work.

Doesn't anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how I'm doing better?

Ford Stocks – – HYIPs

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Ford Shares is the UK based investment holding company.
The most important thing for us is to give our customers a stable and fair profit.
Our experts select the most profitable stocks and earn daily profits.
Our strategies are balanced, stable and secure

Nowadays, anyone without experience can make steady and tremendous profits.
Private investment companies are closer to online investors.
Ford Shares has more than 27,000 satisfied customers around the world. Do not waste time – invest with real professionals.

IT startups
1-300 $: 102.1% after 1 day deposit and profit back;
301-750 $: 103% after 1 day deposit and win back;
751-2000 $: 105% after 1 day deposit and win back;
2001-5k $: 108% after 1 day deposit and win back;
5001-10k $: 112% after 1 day deposit and win back;

1-300 $: 115% after 5 days deposit and win back;
301-750 $: 119% after 5 days deposit and win back;
751-2000 $: 130% after 5 days deposit and win back;
2001-5k $: 155% after 5 days deposit and win back;
5001-10k $: 190% after 5 days deposit and win back;

1-300 $: 200% after 15 days deposit and win back;
301-750 $: 250% after 15 days deposit and win back;
$ 751-2000: 310% after 15 days deposit and win back;
2001-5k $: 400% after 15 days deposit and win back;
5001-10k $: 550% after 15 days deposit and win back;

Payments manually, up to 24 hours.
Minimum quantities: 1 $, 0.0014 btc, 0.01 eth, 0.05 ltc

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (no conversion for Crypto)

Ref commission 2%

Unique script
Dedicated server
SSL Sectigo

Date: 27.11.2013 16:31 clock
From / to the account: U21457174
Amount: -301.00
Currency: USD
Batch: 291138648
Note: shopping cart payment. Deposit in Ford shares.
Payment ID: 1016

Ford shares