unity – How to stop the double jump in the following script?

I have a script that controls a 2D jump:

public float jumpForce;
private int extraJumps;
public Transform groundCheck;
public float checkRadius;
public LayerMask whatIsGrounded;

void Start()
    extraJumps = 1;
    rb = GetComponent();

void Update()
    if (isGrounded == true)
        extraJumps = 1;
    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.UpArrow) && extraJumps > 0)
        rb.velocity = Vector2.up * jumpForce;

void FixedUpdate()
    isGrounded = Physics2D.OverlapCircle(groundCheck.position, checkRadius, whatIsGrounded);

I can not stop the extra jump. What corrections do I need to stop a double jump?

Security – Whose intent is it to stop coin bank developers from charging all accounts and running away with the money?

The same kind of business confidence and legal things that run a stock market or a bank, I suppose.

There has been an exchange in the past that did exactly what you said, and they were just as legally prosecuted as any other business that cheats on its customers.

Here are some links: https://www.coindesk.com/six-arrested-over-cloned-crypto-exchange-that-stole-e24-million


In addition, at least in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the currently two most valuable crypto, and the more money they can hope for, the harder it is for them to transform that crypto, back to fiat with every transaction in the blockchain.

You also need to keep in mind that most experienced crypto users advise new users not to exchange their coins and instead store them in a safe off-line location, owning our money and replacing the bank, which is one of the ideas behind cryptocurrency The problem you are describing is one of the reasons.

Force Close – "Google Play Services Stop Time and Again"

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gui – Unity "Text Mesh Pro UGUI" component rewrites my text! Make it stop?

I have this terribly annoying issue where my text is overwritten by Unity. This happens regardless of whether I use tags or not.

Here's what I want to show (more or less, I do not think this example uses the tag):

Enter image description here

And here's what happens when I try to insert a monospace tag:

Enter image description here

Since you may not see it here, I entered the following text


This works for regular TMP objects that are the other 3 (and use) with FINE. I'm trying to implement dropdown menus (and left and top and right).

You can see that Unity overrides it as "Option A", as if it had an idea of ​​what I'm doing. What can I do?

Can I stop Lightroom from creating a TIFF file when exporting to Photoshop?

Whenever you choose to edit with Photoshop and the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) versions do not match, you'll have the option "Render with Lightroom" or "Open anyway." First, upgrade to Lightroom and Photoshop and download the latest version of ACR for both. Once synced, photoshop editing should be seamless.

If, for some reason, you can not get synchronized versions of ACR for both applications, there are still some options available. The first option is "Open anyway," which will open the RAW image in Photoshop as it is. Often the differences in ACR engines are small and apply only to certain image formats. The ACR version check does not check if the differences in the versions actually affect the RAW format for your particular camera, but only displays the warning.

If you experience significant differences in appearance compared to Lightroom when opening in Photoshop, you can try to manually select the RAW processing engine in Lightroom first. In development mode, you can select the process in the Camera Calibration section. You can try the 2003 process if you are using an older version of Photoshop instead of the 2010 version. This will only really help you if your version of Photoshop / ACR is quite old.

If all this leads to unwanted results, your only real option is to render with Lightroom, which will create the current snapshot and create a TIFF file from it.

After all, you might try to invest in a blur burner. I have a 4TB NetGear ReadyNAS NVX on my network where I can back up all my content. In general, however, it is not advisable to use a NAS RAID device as the sole backup. I regularly burn archive photos onto 25 GB Blu-ray discs and store them in a multi-page DVD case. I also try to create and print an index card that belongs to each CD and identifies the photo sets that are burned on it. The archiving life of bluray is more stable and usually longer than with a network backup device. However, it is recommended to rewrite the content to new media every few years to ensure a long life.

How do I stop this 1st? kkkkk

from time import sleep
class Gato:
    __Humor = 50
    __Fome = 50
    __Energia = 50

    def __init__(self, Humor, Fome, Energia):
        self.__Humor = Humor
        self.__Fome = Fome
        self.__Energia = Energia

    def Stop(self, Humor, Fome, Energia):
        if self.__Humor > 100:
            self.__Humor = 100
        if self.__Fome > 100:
            self.__Fome = 100
        if self.__Energia > 100:
            self.__Energia = 100
        if self.__Humor < 0:
            self.__Humor = 0
        if self.__Fome < 0:
            self.__Fome = 0
        if self.__Energia < 0:
            self.__Energia = 0
        print("33(1;33m Humor: ",self.__Humor,"33(1;35m Fome:", self.__Fome,"33(1;92m Energia:", self.__Energia, "33(0m")
        Gato.Morte(Gato, +0, +0, +0)

    def Morte(self, Humor, Fome, Energia):
        if self.__Humor <= 0 or self.__Fome <= 0 or self.__Energia <= 0:
            print("33(1;31m SEU GATO MORREU 33(0m")

    def ver_atributos(self, Humor, Fome, Energia):
        print("33(1;33m Humor: ",self.__Humor,"33(1;35m Fome:", self.__Fome,"33(1;92m Energia:", self.__Energia, "33(0m")

    def ser_assustado(self, Humor, Energia):
        self.__Humor -= 50
        self.__Energia -= 50
        print("33(1;31m MIAUUUUUUUUUU 33(0m")

    def Brincar(self, Humor, Fome, Energia):
        self.__Humor += 30
        self.__Fome -= 20
        self.__Energia -= 30

    def Comer(self, Fome, Energia, Humor):
        self.__Fome += 30
        self.__Energia += 10
        self.__Humor += 10

    def BeberEnergetico(self, Energia, Fome):
        self.__Energia += 30
        self.__Fome += 10

    def Dormir(self, Energia, Fome, Humor):
        self.__Energia += 40
        self.__Fome -= 20
        self.__Humor -= 50

print("33(1;34m ********Gatinho Virtual******** 33(0m")
print("Brincar = 1 / Comer = 2 / Beber Energético = 3 / Dormir = 4")
count = 0
while Gato:
    Gato.Stop(Gato, +0, +0, +0)
    acao = int(input("Ação: "))
    if acao == 1:
        Gato.Brincar(Gato, +0, +0, -0)
    if acao == 2:
        Gato.Comer(Gato, -0, +0, +0)
    if acao == 3:
        Gato.BeberEnergetico(Gato, +0, +0)
        count += 1
    if count >= 3:
        Gato.ser_assustado(Gato, +0, +0)
    if acao == 4:
        Gato.Dormir(Gato, +0, +0, +0)

while acao != 1 or acao != 2 or acao != 3 or acao != 4:
    acao = int(input("Ação: "))

Website Design – Should we remove the site and stop the site shortly while we are redesigning?

"It depends" is probably the correct answer.

Is the old site inaccurate or misleading? Take it down.
If the old page is ok, but a redsign is being done, keep it up.

If you provide more information about redesign, the validity of the old site, the timescale, traffic, and the impact on the business, if you do not have a site, etc., you can provide a more complete answer

Google Settings – Stop Chrome by opening each web page in a new tab

When I looked at my partner's phone, Google Chrome had dozens of tabs open (I do not use it). This must have an effect on the memory!

Each time you click on a link, a new tab opens.

How can this behavior be changed to open links on the currently opened tab by default? (that is, replacing the page on which the link was clicked).

Some other complaints about this behavior have occurred during the search (an example), but so far no effective solution.