ssl – Windows 2012 R2 – IIS Stopped working for Chrome, Edge, Firefox. (Safari is good) Seems to be a TLS issue?

Our server suddenly stopped working today for Chrome and Edge users. It still works fine on Safari. It seems to be an HTTP(s)/ SSL handshake issue?


Qualys SSL Labs Results:

The DigiCert SSL chain seems to be intact and can be viewed here:

Here are the Schannel settings of the server and Cipher Suites enabled:


Cipher Suites

macos – Localhost has stopped working on Chrome and Safari since upgrading to Big Sur – how do I get this to work again?

I use localhost to develop WordPress websites locally but since upgrading to BigSur, I cannot get localhost to show my local websites.

My set up is MacBook Pro with Big Sur v11.4.
I use MAMP software v6.3 for my local server environment
I have tried to open local websites on Safari 14.1.1 and Chrome Version 91.0.4472.101
There’s been brief intermittent success in an incognito Chrome Window and in Safari when I first tried to use localhost:8888 but that was only when I was able to use http and not https (when unsuccessful it redirects to https: and fails).

With MAMP running…

When I type ‘localhost’ in either browser – I get “it works!”

https://localhost:8888‘ returns
On Chrome: “This site can’t provide a secure connection localhost sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

On Safari: “Safari can’t open the page “https://localhost:8888″ because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server localhost”

I try to type in http only but it always redirects to https: in both browsers

When I use an incognito window in Safari – the website displays as expected but

In Chrome incognito – it returns “This site can’t provide a secure connection localhost sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

It seems like it’s https: causing a problem but I don’t know if that’s a correct assumption or how to fix it. Can anyone help to identify the problem and how to fix please as it’s really impacting my ability to work.

I have asked Apple for support but as it’s not clear where the issue lies they haven’t really taken this on as their problem.

spam – very specific emails stopped arriving to my address

I have had an account with a specific financial institution for several years now. The email on file is a address.

Any time I wish to do a financial transaction through their online service, they use 2FA via email to confirm that I genuinely requested the transaction. This has always worked, never been an issue.

A couple of months ago, these emails stopped arriving. They don’t go to spam, they just don’t arrive. I have no such issue with any other communication from them such as marketing emails, etc. The problem is strictly with these specific emails. On their end, they think everything has gone just fine and that the emails were sent. I have no issues with any other emails sent to this address from anyone at all.

I’m wondering if has started flagging them for some reason as spam, and is blocking them before they ever reach me at all. Is there some way I can validate/invalidate this idea?

I don’t want to initiate a change of email address as I would have to go through their entire KYC/AML checks again (I’m in the USA) and it’s a big pain, hoping I can just find the issue with the emails and solve that directly.

taskbar – Windows Start button and task bar have stopped responding

Ok, I admit I may be partially at fault for this one. The history of this problem is that my laptop has a hybrid drive, with a lovely big 1TB HDD (as advertised), and a pathetic, tiny little 138 GB SSD system drive. And of course, every blasted program wants to install itself and all its program data on the C drive, which meant that every week I had to do a manual cleanup of the cached files to stop my computer complaining that the C drive was full, while I had fully half a terabyte free on the D drive. So I did some skulduggery on the C:UsersmeAppDataLocal drive, making it a junction pointing at the D drive, and now I have a nice 20 GB cushion of free space on the system drive. Phew.

Only…unintended consequences. I can’t 100% be sure, but I would guess this was when my Windows “Start” button stopped working. Whether I try click on it with the mouse, or push the “Windows” key on the keyboard, the Start menu simply does not appear. Furthermore, right-clicking on any item in the task bar no longer works (though left-clicking does), and I can’t get the “Network” pop-up from the system tray to work at all, even from the Windows “Setup” form.

What might I have broken that could easily be fixed now, to get my Start menu working again?

vpn – hogs Mac CPU but cannot be killed or stopped from launching. Nothing online works so far to solve this

MacBookPro16,1 running Big Sur 11.3.1 (20E241)

This job consumes huge amounts of CPU off and on (see attached image from my Activity Monitor), often causing my laptop fans to engage to cool the processor. This is generally when the App itself (Anyconnect) is not running. The program launches automatically and relaunches every time I kill it, restart, etc. I have tried fancier things like removing the Cisco elements from launch directories etc, but it does not have any effect.

There are several discussions online about this problem, but none of the proposed solutions have helped me:

Stop Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client from starting up automatically

I’ve tried all the solutions I’ve found online (including those in the above links), but nothing stops it. Only uninstalling AnyConnect works, but I need the Cisco VPN to work remotely with my organization.

Anyone worked this out (for real?)

cpu usage

How can I successfully SSH into my Ubuntu 20.04 server after password stopped work?

I have a Raspberry Pi that is running Ubuntu and it has been working fine until I tried updating the WiFi network name and password (sudoedit /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml). After doing so, I was no longer able to SSH into the server, but my scheduled scripts are still running, so the server seems to be operating normally, all considered. It’s like my username/password combination just stopped working.

Does anyone know how I might be able to reset the ubuntu password or if there is another way of logging in? I should mention that this is a “headless” setup and that I have installed xrdp which allows me to ‘rdp’ into the server; it still works but the user/password combination does not.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide for you so that I can be successful in finding a solution.

magento2 – Magento 2.3.6 All emails stopped working even though Magento says it’s being sent successfully

I’m running Magento 2.3.6 with PHP version 7.3 and recently my Magento emails have all stopped working. I’m able to run a PHP script from the server to send emails through the mail function and they’re being received, but inside Magento all emails have stopped working.

I’ve tried looking in the system.log and debug.log, but there are no references to any email errors because Magento fully believes that all emails are being sent correctly. My configurations are set correctly, Disable Emails is set to no, Async email sending is set to disable. All my orders say that confirmation email is sent. Magento thinks everything is fine, but I’m just not getting any emails.

I’ve also tried installing Mageplaza SMTP extension to bypass any Magento mailing and I’m able to successfully send a test email, but again all other emails do not work.

Hope anyone has ideas, thanks.

macbook pro – Samsung B2330H Stopped Working as Dual Monitor

I have been using a Samsung B2330H as my second monitor for about two years now, and today it suddenly stopped working, displaying:

Not Optimum Mode / Recommended Mode / 1920x1080 60Hz / HDMI

I’m running a 2019 16″ MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.7. I’m not aware of any changes to anything in the OS before this stopped working. All I did was pull the monitor cable out to take a call from the other room, and when I plugged it back in — as I’ve done dozens of times before — the setup stopped working. I’ve tried three different HDMI cables and two different HDMI adaptors. I’ve also tried a bunch of different settings in System Preferences > Displays, although none of them are 1920×1080 @ 60Hz.

The monitor works in mirror mode, but will not work as a separate display. I can’t tell if this is a hardware or a software problem, but I feel I’ve ruled out quite a bit on the hardware side. Any thoughts?