Google Play stops the download at 98 percent

I recently bought a new Android phone. Everything was perfect until Google Play stopped working. It downloads apps up to 98 percent and stops! I can still install apps with third party apps.

(I did something that might select the problem. I changed the region to India to use all the features, but changed it back to Iran. Maybe that's the problem.)

My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 8 with MIUI 11

Passwords – I want to know when Microsoft stops mounting our computers and taking over files that they have no right to

Do you know how impossible it is to disable Windows tracking? Most think that only a few settings have to be postponed and done. There are currently over 100 GPO settings that must either be turned on or off. Then GPO must be applied to the computer. Forget that the firewall's Microsoft servers are hard-coded in the operating system. You have to deactivate all tasks. Go to broadcast information about Regisitery Disable Termaml Server Setting Start to 4 and if this is not enough, you have block access to RDP, FTP, because there is active FTP server weather on all computers or is not installed and an active http Server now we have other problems remote cmd, remote power shell. All Office shipments are sent to Microsoft servers. There are currently over 7,000 data centers, some of which are shared with Apple and Cisco. Microsoft accepts passwords, usernames, and label certificates. I have protocols that show that they do just that. You've tied Linux better to Windows. To access bouth os, where servers get information online and offline, over time they can review your hole system and do everything you do, and they can see what you do do and save it that allowed Micrsofot to hack nsa they wanted to remove the remote desktop but when they got past they found a new way to access all the computers. What's worse, not only does nsa receive all of your information, most have contacted chana. They all knew that all of the code was written in chana is Apple and Cisco, and we're asking why it's so easy to get hack, this hustle and bustle would never pay off to have hack-proof software since I gave them a chance offered to do so. This system would be totally trasparnet, but then Microsoft couldn't get the files eather, so like Microsoft beating its own game, I find Microsoft certificates and remove remote access and access to the encryption system and to athenacattion, but they can access any server or PC and they have found what to undo. Just about everything, why am I trusting Microsoft now? I can prove that Microsoft has been targeting my network for two years. I have protocols to prove this. It wasn't a hacker. Microsoft itself said they are in my network logs to prove it. With Cisco it will be difficult to block them. Now I want to know why Micrsooft is constantly changing the Sercruty settings in my network. I have remote login certificates and IP addresses there and they assemble all the GPO settings. Why, you all have no right to this information. So why? you take it, so again why trust Microsoft

The microphone stops working when the video is activated in a signal / WhatsApp call.

I am using Android 10 on an Essential Phone that has been updated to the latest Android platform build (QQ1A.200105.032). When I call Signal or WhatsApp, my microphone is working properly and the other person can hear me. As soon as I activate the video, the other participant can see me but can no longer hear me. I downloaded a microphone test app that shows three options for the microphone: standard, microphone and camcorder. It records audio for all of these.

It is also strange that I record a video in the Signal or WhatsApp, it records audio and video correctly. The audio does not work with the video only for calls. Both apps have all correct permissions (microphone and camera)and I cleared the cache in both applications and reinstalled both.

What could it do? How else can I debug that?

dnd 5e – Where is a tethered and carried creature placed when the gripper stops moving?

The grappled state states (from the grappler's point of view):

Moving a Grappled Creature: If you move, you can drag or take the Grappled creature with you, but your speed will halve unless the creature is two or more sizes smaller than you.

I have no problem with how to move with a creature, but when you carry the creature, where is it at the end of your turn?

Can the Grappling PC place the worn target on any square in the range it chooses?

I have some problems with that, the ability to easily put the attacked creature in danger. Imagine moving to the edge of a cliff and just holding the captured creature over the edge and then releasing the gripper. It seems too easy.

Other options are to keep them in a fire, to throw them into a known trap, etc., or simply to say that you have lifted the captured creature over your head and put it on the other side of you so your allies can attack it ,

None of this seems right to me, but I find something that explicitly states how to deal with wearing a tethered creature.

I'm really looking for solutions that are supported by the core books, if any, but I'm also open to tested solutions that people have used in their games to fix this.

Medix’s comment below contains three related questions that offer different solutions, and the third corresponds to my initial thoughts:
How does moving a captured creature work?

United States – United States continental routes that require more than 2 stops?

I'm trying to find a pair of cities in the lower 48 states of the United States requires more than 2 stops. Is there such a pair of cities and is there a search engine that I can use to find them?

Note: It is possible, for example, to fly with 3 stops (MSP, MLI and DTW) on delta from INL to GSO, but That doesn't count because there are also routes with two stops (MSP, DTW).

The SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow is paused until the action stops working when one of the two fields is blank

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013.

I have a workflow that sends email notifications at the following times:

After creating the list item, I used pause until the start date / time.
1: An email will be sent on the start date / time of the task.
Then stop until the end date / time.

2: An email is sent at the end and at the end of the task.
If I then pause for 5 minutes and then send an email

It works when both start date / time and end date / time elements are filled in, but no email is sent if either of these two values ​​is empty or not filled in.

I also add screenshots. If someone knows how to fix it if one of the two fields above is empty, an email will still be sent. It’s going to be great.

Thank you very much.

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