applications – Samsung Galaxy M11 and Samsung Galaxy M01s not able to install 64bit apps from google play store even while having 64bit chipsets

Samsung Galaxy M11 has a Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 chipset while the Samsung Galaxy M01s has a Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 chipset. Going to their websites, on Qualcomm and Mediatek respectively, shows that they both support 64bit. However as mentioned in the title, the two phones are unable to install 64bit apps from the Google Play Store. I am suspecting that the reason for this is because their OSs might be 32bit. (I can’t check personally because someone else has the phones and I am trying to solve a problem for them.) If that is the case, is it wise to flash a 64bit OS to the phones to be able to run 64bit apps?
Below are the links to the chipset specs on their respective websites:

magento2 – Magento 2: How to redirect to current store url with parameters in url from `controller_action_postdispatch` observer [Google search index issue]

When I enter my site’s internal URL for example-
It redirects me to the home page and also shows the error in
Google Search Console showing URL is not available to Google as
shown in the screenshot.

What I want is My Url should be redirected to the current store URL(not base URL) and also not show an error in Google Search Console.


I’m redirecting to a different store following way which is not the correct way to redirect to store Url, Also it’s redirected as expected but shows the error in google search

$storeId = 1;
$urlInterface = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance()->get('MagentoFrameworkUrlInterface');
$redirecturl = $urlInterface->getCurrentUrl();
$redirecturl = str_replace($this->storeManager->getStore()->getBaseUrl(), '', $redirecturl);
$redirecturl = explode('?', $redirecturl);
$observer->getControllerAction()->getResponse()->setRedirect($store->getBaseUrl().redirecturl(0)."?geoipss_redirect=1&gipss_store_id=".$storeId); //redirecturl(0) == 'women/tops'
return $this;

I have tried adding a static URL that works fine in setRedirect()
but I need to redirect to a specific store’s current URL(not base

I have also tried with
$this->storeManager->getStore()->getCurrentUrl() it shows error in
google search.

Let me know If anyone has any idea.

wallet recovery – Is it safe to store seed phrases (private keys) in a bank vault?

The best thing to do is use a secure passphrase in addition to your 12/24 word phrase, and keep the passphrase in a separate location, or even no location at all but your head and maybe share it with one or more family members.

Using BIP-39, the same 24-words with a different passphrase will create completely disjoint wallets which cannot be linked by outside observation. You can keep reusing the same words and have different wallets by using different passphrases. Make sure passphrases are a reasonable length and complexity and not dictionary words or birthdays. However, brute-forcing these is difficult because PBKDF2 is used for hashing, so you don’t need to go overboard and use a passphrase you might forget.

It might be a good idea to include a small amount of bitcoin in the wallet using your 24 words, but with no passphrase. This can serve as a ‘decoy’ wallet, which can be monitored for activity to discover if your 24-words have been compromised. It also serves to allow plausible deniability to the amount of bitcoin you own, because if you are under duress from a person (the State for example) trying to force the information out of you, they cannot possibly know how many wallets are created from the same 24 words. You can plausibly claim that what is in the decoy wallet is all the bitcoin you own.

Since both the 24-word phrase and your passphrase are necessary to access your funds, the security of the 24-word phrase is not as paramount as without the passphrase. You should keep a copy on a steel plate to resist natural disasters, and keep a written paper copy in another location which is more accessible to you, but which can be safely disposed of with fire.

how to sell cloud store


i want to sell cloud store
a customer pay monthly amout to get a store in the cloud (prestashop or opercart)

there is a script or … | Read the rest of

Programatically download all the apps under a particular category (e.g. Educational) to PC from Google Play Store [closed]

I want to crawl and download all the apps from Google Play Store for a particular category (e.g. Educational

  • Is it possible that we can download all the apps from a particular
    category from Google Playstore?
  • Is there any work done in the past, such that we have a database for the list of the
    all the apps and their package name for a particular category of

magento2 – Applied Theme not showing on store

I have created 2 custom themes for the site, and applied one of theme as the theme store.
But my webpage/store is loading the layout of the theme which is not been applied. I have been struggling with this since 2 days, still no luck.

I have tried to modify the theme table from the db as well where I made all the types to 0. cleared caches n number if times, removed pub/static/frontend folder, Even if I delete the theme it is not loading the layout of the applied theme.

Anything which I have not tried yet?

magento version: 2.4.1